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Don't spend a dime white paper in pdf 1-1

  1. 1. Dont Spend a Dime On Infrared Thermal Imaging Until You Know What Youre Getting Origin . . . A Brief History of Thermography Thermography, also known as Infrared Thermal Imaging is relatively new to the public sector. This technology dates back to the 1950s, and was used by the military for detecting targets through the use of infrared thermal imagers. These cameras produced night vision which could pick up the heat signatures (temperatures) of a target in the dark that was invisible to the human eye. Fast forward sixty years, and you are seeing Infrared Thermal Imaging cameras being used all around you in your everyday life: 1) Medical Field uses digital infrared for breast exams. 2) TV Weather Man uses infrared maps showing rain locations 3) Auto Makers like BMW offer infrared night vision options 4) Airports used it to locate travelers with the Swine Flu.INFRAVISION LLC 170 WATER ST MILFORD, MI 48381 (888) 954.1115
  2. 2. 5) Building Industry: found many uses including finding missing insulation, drafts, leak detection, find water leaks in a roof, broken pipes in walls, overheating equipment (before it reaches failure), and mapping hidden moisture in structures that can cause destruction of buildings -from the inside out- as well as health issues such as MOLD How Does It Work? Thermography is the act of usingInfrared thermal a high-tech infrared thermalimagers can see imager (camera) tothe infrared rays photographically portray the(heat) that the surface temperature of an object.human eye cannot. HUH? Okay, Ill explain. Science 101: Everything on earth radiates energy. Even an ice cube. but, we cant see the actual energy that is being radiated. A glass of HOT water with ICE added Think about it like this. You are at the beach, and you are getting sunburned. You FEEL the heat of the sun on your shoulders. But, since the infrared spectrum is invisible to the human eye, you cant SEE the heat, Infrared thermal imaging cameras work because they see the radiation that our eyes cannot. They take (2) pictures simultaneously. ne is a visual image like you cell phone camera takes. The other is called a thermogram. Think of it as a page out of your kids coloring book – but, MINUS the outlines it originally had – JUST THE COLORS. Lets say that your are looking for a hard-to-find water leak from a broken pipe in the ceiling. When you look in the viewfinder of a thermal imager, the image you see is a collection of colors that represent different surface temperatures:. 1) the WARMER COLORS represent the warm temperatures of your drywall that is registering 72 degrees because your furnace is on, and this particular area of the ceiling is still DRY (unaffected)) by the leak. 2) the COOLER COLORS represent the cooler temperatures of building materials (like your drywall ceiling and the insulation behind it) that have become cooler due to the (56 degree) temperature of the water, and the evaporative process.INFRAVISION LLC 170 WATER ST MILFORD, MI 48381 (888) 954.1115
  3. 3. Seeing Is BelievingNo more expensive Some Infrared Thermalguesswork and Imaging companies haveeducated guesses invested in specialfrom contractors. software that enables them to make a custom report. This gives you hard-copy evidence of what your issues are – whether you are doing an infrared survey to find missing insulation, water leaks in walls that can lead to MOLD, or even electrical hotspots is walls (or your electrical panel) before they become expensive, destructive, dangerous, or begin to threaten your health. Infrared thermal imagers allow you to SEE root causes and the (hidden) location) of issues that were invisible to your eye, That is powerful! Now you are empowered to accurately asses the LOCATION, the EXTENT, and the CAUSE of your issues. No more costly guesswork and educated guesses of contractors. Who Do You Call ? If youre sick, you go to the doctor. If you need heart surgery, you look for a specialist. Maybe you interview a few. Then, you choose one that has the experience and is up on all of the latest procedures and technology to ensure your success. Ditto for thermographers. Infrared thermal imaging has fast become the Gold Standard for inspections in the Building Industry – and the word is spreading. For that reason, lots of newcomers are jumping on the bandwagon – looking to make a buck. These instant experts are not equally qualified or equipped to ensure that you are successful in finding (and resolving) the hidden issues in your structure that you are looking for. Bottom line, you need guidelines on how to determine who is the right one for YOU.INFRAVISION LLC 170 WATER ST MILFORD, MI 48381 (888) 954.1115
  4. 4. HERE ARE THE “5 RULES TO SUCCESS” Certification RULE #1:In any industry, CERTIFIED THERMOGRAPHER.there are 2 kinds of Do NOT entrust your home or businesscompanies: those structure to anyone without the trainingwho play checkers to be a Certified Thermographer.and those whoplay chess. Go You would never think of going to yourwith the one that Chiropractor for an elective surgery.plays chess! And, you shouldnt rely on handyman with a camera and a caulk gun to solve your complex roof leak issues. Structures today are a complicated combination of interconnected, interdependent systems that make up the whole. When you mess with” one facet of the structure you are affecting the entirety. Spend a little more for the right guy today – and youll spend a lot less on Aspirin for the headaches coming tomorrow. Experience RULE #2: QUALIFICATIONS Dont reach for a hammer when you need a screwdriver. No matter how nice it is. You need the right tool for the job. Find a Thermogapher whose past WORK EXPERIENCE has built a good translates into a fine foundation for the Building Performance Inspection you are asking for. If the career highlights in his Resume turn out to be teaching Tae-Bo exercises, or working in the Circus hes probably a better (more interesting) candidate for being a dinner guest than your contractor. All kidding aside, find someone with a foundation of experience andINFRAVISION LLC 170 WATER ST MILFORD, MI 48381 (888) 954.1115
  5. 5. knowledge that will make him serve him well when you entrust him with the inspection of your structure. WHAT TO LOOK FOR: 1) UNDERSTANDING OF BUILDING SCIENCE 2) DECADES OF FIELD EXPERIENCE / CONSTRUCTION 3) WENT TO SCHOOL / GOT LICENSED (as a builder etc) 4) BUILDING ENVELOPE EXPERTISE These are all good skill-sets and valuable experiences that will translate into a better Infrared Inspection and the ability to articulate the findings. Remember, anyone can buy a camera. But, you cant buy experience. Type of Equipment RULE #3:Infrared thermal DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK.imaging camerasare NOT all the Youd never hire your Weddingsame. Photographer without checking out his work and his EQUIPMENT. You wouldIts like buying a never put up with someone using hisflat panel TV. cell phone to do your Wedding video.High quality This is no different.units have betterresolution. That Do not be misled.superiorresolution equals ALL INFRARED THERMAL IMAGING CAMERAS ARE NOT THE SAME.BETTER DATA. The vast majority of Infrared cameras bought by thermographers are at That translates the entry level - ranging from under $2,000 to $7000 . They dont want tointo MORE spend too much in case things dont work out.ACCURATEINFORMATION THERMOGRAPHERS SETTLING FOR A LOWER PRICE CAMERAfor litigation or results in inferior images – and that becomes YOUR problem. “Fuzzydefining the scope images – or, worse yet, missing small temperature differences and minorof repairs. nuances altogether - results in inferior data collection. WHY SHOULD YOU SETTLE, TOO ? Better Tools Yield Better Results. Its like buying a flat-panel TV. If you want a true HD viewing experience, be prepared to shell out some more money for more Pixels. Youll be glad you did.INFRAVISION LLC 170 WATER ST MILFORD, MI 48381 (888) 954.1115
  6. 6. When a Business invests $20,000 or more in their Infrared Thermal Imaging it tells you that they take their business seriously, and that they are striving to give you the best service that can be had. THE DIFFERENCE IS CLEAR - and, its YOU are the beneficiary. 1. BETTER RESOLUTION. (crisper images clearly identify issues) 2. BETTER DATA COLLECTION (more accurate information) 3. BETTER REPORTS (for Hard-Copy Evidence / and repairs) 4. INFRARED VIDEO DOCUMENTATION (easier to understand) Dont Stop There No one goes to the doctor to get a HALF OF A DIAGNOSIS ? In fact, if the initial physical exam doesnt find anything – he may suggest taking X-Rays or an MRI. If you still arent getting to the bottom of the problem, he may want to do a Biopsy to see whats going on inside. Thermography is no different. Initially, a Physical Inspection ( Visual Inspection ) is performed by using a trained eye and Building Science. Next, a non-invasive, Infrared Scan is performed to enable you to see things otherwise invisible to the human eye without being destructive. Some cases require another layer of testing. Forensic Building Defect Diagnosis is performed as a more Invasive Test called Destructive Testing. Similar to our example of a doctor doing a site-specific Biopsy, this targeted invasive inspection opens up the suspect area identified in the scan, and reveals what is going on below the surface. So, make sure your thermographer is experienced & fully equipped to finish the job (give a diagnosis) – hes not just a point & shoot guy . . . Full Service RULE #4 IS HE EQUIPPED TO DO IT ALL? Every inspection starts out being non-invasive. Many need to expand into a deeper investigation requiring another level of knowledge, equipment, and methods to ensure that you capture the results that you deserve. Consider the following:INFRAVISION LLC 170 WATER ST MILFORD, MI 48381 (888) 954.1115
  7. 7. DESTRUCTIVE TESTING (DT) is sometimes necessary to get to the solutions that you are looking for. Were NOT talking about demolition here. (DT) is a carefully executed , minimally invasive FORENSIC method to gather information without randomly and destructively removing massive amounts of building materials or wall coverings. BORESCOPES are a tool for inspection professionals that allows them to look inside of walls, floors, or building envelopes after a very small hole is bored to facilitate access of this snake camera. Images and even VIDEO can be seen in REAL-TIME of the inspected area on the viewfinder of the borescope. SPRAY RACKS and calibrated Spray Guns are often needed to re-create a water event ( an EXTERNAL water leak or water intrusion into your structure) by doing a SPRAY TEST. Leak Detection Professionals find these SPRAY RACKS Indispensable because they eliminate our relying on Mother Nature to return at our convenience. In short, the SAVE MONEY, TIME, and MESSES (due to eliminating unnecessary demo) SPRAY RACK WATER TEST INSPECTIONS help you find issues PROACTIVELY – So, you save your structure, the contents, and the occupants HEALTH from harmful, moisture-related issues like MOLD.INFRAVISION LLC 170 WATER ST MILFORD, MI 48381 (888) 954.1115
  8. 8. HYGROMETERS are an essential tool to the professional ThermographerDont settle for a because they perform an important1-TRICK PONY ! role in the CONFIRMATION ofFind yourself a anomalies that the Infrared ThermalThermographer Imaging Camera sees.that has investedin continuing Is the cold thermal pattern that is seeneducation – and is merely cold (air) infiltration? Or, is itwell-versed in truly the cooler temperature of waterseveral areas. behind the wall? The hygrometer can read the actual moisture content of the material that shows a particular thermal signature. It is also an important tool in the Professional Thermographers toolbox for dong MOISTURE MAPPING. As you know, latent moisture in a structure can be a precursor to MOLD. 1) The Thermographer uses the Infrared Thermal Imager to scan large areas quickly - identify thermal signatures along the way. 2) HYGROMETERS can then measure the moisture content as he maps these areas (saving hours of time) and determines if the pattern (and moisture content) is heaviest in one area – and what the DIRECTION of the moisture is (which leads to causation) One-Stop Shopping RULE #5 DONT SETTLE FOR A 1-TRICK PONY Find thermographers who keep investing in continuing education. They are up on the latest techniques, and have become fluent in many different disciplines using Infrared thermal imaging. There is a lot of value in working with one party for all of your needs versus having to hire and coordinate 2 or 3 different thermographers when a project takes a turn – and new issues arise.INFRAVISION LLC 170 WATER ST MILFORD, MI 48381 (888) 954.1115
  9. 9. AN EXPERT IS ABLE TO HELP YOU IN THESE AREAS: ENERGY INSPECTIONS Infrared Thermal Imaging is a great tool to identify areas of of heat loss and causation of excessive cooling bills. An expert can even use his high-end infrared camera to do INFRARED VIDEO to SHOW YOU DRAFTS in real time. LEAK DETECTION Infrared Thermal Imaging has become the gold standard for professionals that do do leak detection. No more guesswork- and no more needless, costly Demolition. MOLD INSPECTIONS Its no secret that latent moisture in a structure can be a precursor to mold. Left unchecked, it can cause structural damage to a building, damage contents and be harmful to those living inside. By utilizing Hygrometers for moisture- mapping techniques; scanning for hidden moisture with infrared thermal imaging cameras; and collecting readings from a certified mold inspectors equipment; issues like toxic mold are – not only identified – but, traced to their source and causation.INFRAVISION LLC 170 WATER ST MILFORD, MI 48381 (888) 954.1115
  10. 10. HVAC INSPECTIONS Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, and Government buildings have enormous amounts of duct- work that carries the conditioned air through- out the building. The Depart of Energy says that up to 30 PERCENT IS WASTED due to leaky ducts. Periodic Infrared Scans help you to see whats happening, make repairs and harness savings that more than pay for them. ELECTRICAL INSPECTIONS Hotels , Hospitals, Schools, and Lumber- Mills are but a few of the buildings that are REQUIRED TO HAVE INFRARED SCANS on their electrical distribution panels by their insurance company. Millions of dollars are saved annually because you are able to CATCH DANGEROUS ISSUES EARLY that could lead to fires (applies to commercial buildings and residences too) PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE PdM or Condition-Based maintenance saves you money by monitoring your equipment for issues that cannot be seen by the human eye. By catching anomalies early, one can prevent the overheating of motors and pumps that leads to failure, unscheduled shut-downs loss of revenue and the potential loss of collateral damage caused by fires.INFRAVISION LLC 170 WATER ST MILFORD, MI 48381 (888) 954.1115
  11. 11. R&D THERMOGRAPHY Engineering companies that specialize in R&D dont normally own a high-quality thermal imager. An R&D session can be set up onsite (at their facility) to utilize the thermographers technology to capture anomalies, data and document issues in Real Time. The smallest of temperature differences would have been difficult to uncover – and may have been missed altogether (image to right is a heated seat) The Bottom Line Summary DONT BE FOOLED BY LOW-BALL PRICING It will only lead to disappointment. Dont let some rookie practice on your home or workspace. Not all Thermographers are equally qualified. Do your homework ! Be Sure To Look for: 1) Areas of Expertise 2) Years of Experience 3) Quality of Equipment Used 4) Certification & Licensing 5) Referrals & Testimonials Most of all, dont forget the “5 RULES” OF SUCCESS on the preceding pages of your free E-Book, “Dont Spend A Dime On Infrared Thermal Imaging Until You Know What Youre Getting”INFRAVISION LLC 170 WATER ST MILFORD, MI 48381 (888) 954.1115
  12. 12. FINALLY: Ask For a FREE CONSULATION BEFORE You Hire Anyone. Follow these guidelines, and you will ensure that you are getting the energy-efficient, safe, structurally-sound, and healthy living-space or workspace that you deserve.1. INFRAVISION LLC Call the Pros: (888) 954.1115 We Get The Picture USGBC Green Certified Certified Thermographers Family-Owned for Over 30 Years A-Plus Better Business Bureau Rating Michigan Builders Dating back to 1978 Nominee: 2011 Michigan Green Leaders Award Web: Email: jacktarry@infravisionllc.comINFRAVISION LLC 170 WATER ST MILFORD, MI 48381 (888) 954.1115