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Future software-open-source-programming-languages


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Future software-open-source-programming-languages

  1. 1. Future of Software & OpenSource Programming Languages Presented By Ankur PateL
  2. 2. Why am I Qualified to Talk?• BE Electronics & Communication – 1999• Master degree from Utah State University, USA – 2001• Worked in Chicago, New York & Came back in 2003• Worked in Software companies and handled hundreds of Open source programming projects• Corporate Trainer of PHP/Perl/Ruby on Rails & Trained people at: IIM Ahmedabad, Nirma University, Wipro, HCL, Mindtree Consulting and many more companies
  3. 3. Future of Software is Web Based• Desktop Software is becoming Obsolete• Example: Google Docs/Google Drive/DropBox• In Simple terms - Cloud Computing = “Web Based Software”
  4. 4. Future of Software is Mobile• More SmartPhones than PCs/Laptops• Because of Technology advancement, Internet is available on Mobile Phones• SMS can even trigger Web Based Application• Demo: SMS based Registration
  5. 5. Open Source Programming Languages• Big Companies like Google/Yahoo/Facebook are using Open Source Programming Languages like : PHP Perl Python Java Ruby
  6. 6. Which Language is used Majorly at -• Google? Options: PHP/Python/ASP.NET• Yahoo? Options: PHP/Python/Java• Facebook? Options: PHP/Python/Perl
  7. 7. What is Open Source?• Open Source = Free• Free = Open Source?• Free is Viral & Free = BIG business Opportunity
  8. 8. Open Source Business Model• Basic Free Web Based Software• Premium Web Based Software• Example:
  9. 9. Thanks for You Time• Ankur PateL 93761 33927