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Heterogeneous Network (Hetnet)


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Heterogeneous Network (Hetnet)
Servicing data hungry smartphones

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Heterogeneous Network (Hetnet)

  1. 1. Monthly PetaBytes (1015 bytes) Heterogeneous Network (Hetnet) 4,000 Servicing data hungry smartphones 2015 Watching streaming videos, uploading pictures and using cloud-based services will make high demands on mobile networks. At the same time more devices will be connected. Macro base station Heterogeneous Networks will play an important role to create 3,000 Powerful base stations, often installed on an optimal customer experience, especially in crowded areas. rooftops, cover large areas and many users. This is the backbone in the Heterogeneous Network solution. DATA: 2014 MOBILE PCs/TABLETS Wireless transmission 2,000 Small, powerful transmission 2016 link between base stations and In 2016 there will be more the rest of the network. 2013 than 8 billion mobile subscrip- tions in the world. Indoor Pico base station Mobile Broadband subscrip- Takes over the connection when tions expected to reach close 2012 moving indoor. 70% of traffic is to 5 billion by end of 2016. generated indoors. 1,000 Overall mobile data traffic is expected to grow 10-fold by DATA: end of 2016. 2011 MOBILE HANDHELD 2010 20092008 VOICE 2020 Wi-Fi Ericsson envisions that there will be 50 billion connected Used as a complement devices by 2020. in small indoor/outdoor hotspots. Micro base station A small base station with full features that can be used to cover indoors 3 steps and outdoor crowded areas. TO A HIGH-QUALITY 1 2 3 MOBILE USER EXPERIENCE Improve existing macro cells - this Densify the macro network with a small Add small cells and dedicated indoor solutions, Heterogeneous Network involves a mix of radio involves improving macro cells with more number of strategic cells to improve which may be based on 3GPP standard (micro technologies and cell types, working together seamlessly spectrum, advanced antennas and advanced capacity. In dense urban areas, inter-site cells, pico cells, or low-power Remote Radio Unit to deliver the additional capacity and coverage needed. RBS processing within and between nodes. distances could be as low as 100 meters. (RRU)), as well as WiFi.