The Smart Choice for Smart Meter Analytics


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Utilities are overwhelmed by the volume and velocity of meter data and they need to use it effectively to ease cost, consumer and ecological pressures. Big data solutions are the key. Read on to learn more.

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The Smart Choice for Smart Meter Analytics

  1. 1. The Smart Choice for Smart Meter Analytics Choosing the right solution to drive operational and business efficiencies December 11, 2013 © 2013 Infotech Enterprises. All Rights Reserved. We deliver Global Engineering Solutions. Efficiently.
  2. 2. If you are a utility, consider this…  Smart meter installations will reach 1 billion by 2020  The U.K. alone plans to have 53 Million meters installed by the end of the decade at a potential cost of $19 Billion  Electric utilities possessed 194 petabytes of data by 2009 and more terabytes of data have been arriving every day So, how do you plan to leverage this data? Sources: © 2013 Infotech Enterprises
  3. 3. Ever thought about these?... Are you leveraging smart meter data to manage your assets? Is your meter data helping you operate efficiently? ? Does your meter data help you manage outages? © 2013 Infotech Enterprises ? ? 3
  4. 4. Or… Does your meter data help reduce power theft? Does your meter data help you plan power distribution better? ? How can you use meter data for better business results? © 2013 Infotech Enterprises ? ? 4
  5. 5. Invest in analytics solutions for answers The market is familiar with the solutions from meter vendors and IT vendors. However, they are unsuitable for near real time data from smart meters. It is better to Invest in a costeffective Big Data solution which can provide operational and business insights besides analytics from meter data. © 2013 Infotech Enterprises
  6. 6. Big Data analytics platform Advantages of an analytics platform  Highly cost-effective  Scalable  Standards based architecture for versatile event processing Business benefits to the Utility  Efficient network management   © 2013 Infotech Enterprises Bottom-line enhancement  Big Data Solution Architecture Asset optimization Better customer insights
  7. 7. Read more about why Big Data platform solution is the smart choice for your smart meter analytics About Infotech Infotech Enterprises provides leading-edge engineering solutions, including product development and life-cycle support, process, network and content engineering to major organizations worldwide. Our Big Data Analytics Center of Excellence builds upon over 20 years of rich data management experience, continuously developing competencies on Hadoop based Big Data platforms as well as prudently chosen niche products from industry leading ISVs. We offer the following smart solutions for the utilities industry: Optimizing asset usage and maintenance, predictive outage management, operational efficiency improvement, framework for intelligent operations (FiOPs), and IT and OT services for the smart grid. For more information about us, please visit © 2013 Infotech Enterprises
  8. 8. Thank You © 2013 Infotech Enterprises. All Rights Reserved. We deliver Global Engineering Solutions. Efficiently. 8