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How can i get pregnant


Published on This website is has a golden information on how to get pregant. It is very useful to the couples if you are dreaming a cute baby in your life.

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How can i get pregnant

  1. 1. How Can I Get Pregnant?Getting pregnant is not as easy as it sounds, sometimes you may find yourself to bepregnant when you really don’t want to be, other times you will have a hard timegetting pregnant even if you try. It may sometimes be tough, but the rewards aretremendous. Having children is like nothing else in this world, they will bring you thehappiest moments of your life.Why Can’t I Get PregnantWhy can’t i get pregnant is a frustrating question which is asked by millions ofhealthy couples each year. Although you or your partner may have some type ofinfertility problems which have stopped you from conceiving, for many people it is just amatter or trying consistently. Even for young and healthy couples it can take some timeto get pregnant. Statistics taken say that 80% of couples in the United States willbecome pregnant within the first 6 months of trying to conceive. However after the firstyear that number increases to 90%. If you are reading this after 2 or 3 frusttatingmonths of not getting pregnant, don’t worry and keep on trying. I suggest you tryconsistently for a year and if you still don’t get pregnant you may want to consult yourdoctor.
  2. 2. You Need To Learn About OvulationWhat many people do not know is the if you don’t have sexual intercourse during a veryshort period before and during a woman’s ovulation, there is not much chance of herconceiving. For people who have lots of spare time on their hands this is usually not aproblem because they can just have regular sexual intercourse of a daily basis, makingsure they have sex during the window. However for busy people it is not that simple.What Is Ovulation?Many couples who are seeking to have a baby don’t even know what ovulation is. WellIf you want to pregnant you had better learn about ovulation, because if you do, yourchances of becoming pregnant will become much higher.Ovulation is a process that usually happens once every month in which a matured eggis released from a females ovary. A female ovary produces quite a lot of ova during thecourse of a cycle, but it is only once a month that the largest egg is released into awoman’s pelvic cavity and pushed into her fallopian tube.This egg is a woman’s best chance for getting pregnant and fertilizing it with cheapoffers a healthy woman a 25 percent chance of becoming pregnant There is no regularpattern which will dedicated which ovary will release an egg on which cycle.The released egg offers a woman a window of time in which to be fertilized. Althoughthe period of time from when the egg is released to when it is gone is only 12 to 24
  3. 3. hours, the time when a woman starts to be fertile is actually a few days before this.The reason for this is that semen can last much longer than a female egg, it can last upto 4 days. Thus you can have semen waiting to fertilize an egg even before ovulationoccurs. An unfertilized egg will be pushed through the reproductive tract duringmenstration which usually occurs around two weeks after ovulation. Please visit the link below to get your full version NOW!
  4. 4. How to get pregnant fast: Avoid these 7 major fertility mistakesTo get pregnant fast and have a healthy pregnancy, there are a few important stepsyou should follow to maximize your chances of conception.1. Timing is everything - Having sex at the right time is key if you want to knowhow to get pregnant fast. You only get pregnant when your egg meets yourpartners sperm, so its important to have sex during this time of ovulation.2. Stop stressing - Take a deep breath and relax. Stress is not good for you or yourbaby -- before, during, or after pregnancy. Too much stress can increase the risk ofpreterm labor, low birth weight and possible miscarriage. A positive attitude toward theprocess of trying to conceive can be just as important as your physical health.3. What your man can do - Heres a simple technique that your man can use to helpbuild up his sperm count, so that the day before you ovulate he can deliver themaximum number of healthy sperm. Try abstaining for 3-5 days before you ovulate.Building up sperm count before ovulation and having sex during ovulation time cansignificantly increase your chances of getting pregnant fast.4. What position is best - When it comes to getting pregnant fast, not all positionsare created equal. Having your man on top is best for conception for the simple reasonthat sperm is helped by gravity to find its way to the cervix. Immediately after sex, youmay consider propping up your hips with the support of a small pillow to help the spermrest in the cervix for a short period of time.5. Preventing miscarriage - If you tend to miscarry, avoid getting pregnant if youovulate past day 15 of your menstrual cycle. Late ovulation can increase your chancesto miscarry since the endometrial lining isnt optimal to allow for implementation. Lateovulation can also carry a higher risk of miscarriage because the older egg may not beas viable, and the corpus luteum may be unable to produce enough progesterone (thehormone that prepares your uterus for pregnancy and prevents you from getting yourperiod).
  5. 5. 6. Hold the latte grande - In this day and age, it should really go without saying thatyou should avoid smoking or drinking alcohol while trying to conceive. But many peopleoften overlook a few other no-nos that can also negatively impact your chances ofgetting pregnant fast. Women with sensitivity to caffeine will find that eliminating itfrom their diet can often add an immediate boost to their fertility. As for your man,consider skipping the hot tub since heat can harm the production of sperm.7. No skinny jeans - If youre like me, you probably struggle sometimes with yourweight. But theres a common misconception about how weight affects your fertility.When youre trying to figure out how to get pregnant fast, being the correct weightor a little overweight is better than being too skinny. Studies have shown nearly two-thirds of women who were underweight struggled with infertility while being slightlyoverweight actually appears to help enhance your fertility.You want to get FULL VERSION on how to get pregnant? Please visit the link below to get your full version NOW!