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Prezentacja PSLO na konkurs

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. Świętokrzyski Region from thePerspective of High School Students
  2. 2. Entertainment
  3. 3. Legends of the Świętokrzyski Region• If you enjoy witches, herbalists, goblins, evil-spirits and demons, you must visit the Bieliny commune. In this village you can see real magic and combining scientific experience with amusement
  4. 4. Krystyna Jamróz Music Festival• This festival organized every year in Busko-Zdrój is regarded as the most important musical event in the Świętokrzyski Region. It starts on the first day of July and lasts for a week. For this Festival many famous musicians, directions and singers arrive from all over the world.
  5. 5. Indoor Swimming Pool “Rawszczyzna” in OstrowiecŚwiętokrzyski• Inaugurated In 2004, a 50 meters long indoor swimming pool ‘’Rawszczyzna” is one of the most modern facilities. There are 10 lanes and seats for 1500 spectators. From these seats spectators can see International Swimming Competitions. Polish Olympic Games Champion – Otylia Jędrzejczak often exercises in this indoor swimming pool before competitions.
  6. 6. Rollercoaster• It’s a brand new offer of entertainment in Bałtów. This rollercoaster is 400 meters long. The speed is controlled individually. If you want to feel adrenaline, try all those curves, rolls down – 382 meters and climbs – 135 meters.
  7. 7. Air Sports – Pinczów and Masłów• If you enjoy fresh air and adrenaline, this sport is for you. You can try to fly on gliders, para-gliders, hang-gliders, motor-gliders or even take part in training courses organized by Aeroclubs.
  8. 8. Racing Track in Miedziana Góra• A car racing track is organized every year in Miedziana Góra near Kielce. It’s a Polish only track of that type with mountain sections. Car racing contests attract motor- sports fans from all over the worldll
  9. 9. The Konecka Setka and Sielpia eXtreme Marathon.• These marathons are long-distance hiking events organized in Sielpia between August and September. In the Konecka Setka Marathon participiants have to cover a distance of 75-100 km by 27 hours. Whereas in Sielpia eXtreme Marathon participiants have to cover a distance of 25-50 km by 11 hours. More and more people take part in these rallies every year.
  10. 10. White Madness• Mountains in Świętokrzyski Region aren’t so high as the Alps, but many tourists adore them. Near Kielce there are about 20 ski lifts, catering facilities, sports gears and ski-schools.
  11. 11. Castles
  12. 12. Castle in Chęciny:• The panoramic view of the town is dominated by a picturesque ruin of the royal castle raised on the hill around 1300.The ghost of Queen Bona, its former resident, is said to still haunt the ruined construction. Knights’ tournaments are frequently organized on the castle premises. In the past, battle scenes were filmed here for the production of the movie ‘’Pan Wołodyjowski’’: an attack on Kamieniec Podolski is in fact the acquisition of the castle in Chęciny.
  13. 13. Castle in Bodzentyn:• Bodzentyn Castle was built in the second half of the fourteenth century, it is still in a state of ruin. One of the special events in the history of this castle was the visit of King Wladyslaw Jagiello. The King spent here two days in 1410 on his pilgrimage to Święty Krzyż before the historical Battle of Grunwald.• There are legends of rich Krakow bishops, gathered in Bodzentyn. Archaeological work preserved documents confirming that the castle was equipped with unprecedented splendor.
  14. 14. Castle in Sandomierz:• Castle in Sandomierz was built as a fortified castle on the hill in the 10-11th centuries. In 1146-1166 it was the seat of Boleslaw - Prince Henry of Sandomierz. After the third partition of Poland Austrian invader built it as a prison in 1795 and established court there. It had not been closed down until 1959. Currently in the restored rooms of the historic building there is located District Museum in Sandomierz.
  15. 15. Castle in Kielce• The Palace of Cracow Bishops was founded in 1637-1641 by bishop Jakub Zadzik. It was biult as a mansion with defensive construction. During the ‘’Swedish deluge” the whole city was burnt. The only saved parts were the palace and the church on the Karczówka Hill. In 1816 Stanisław Staszic adapted the northem part of the palace for the Academy and Mining School. Since 1971 tha palace has been a National Museum.
  16. 16. SandomierzSandomierz is called ‘’Smal Rome’’. Probably because of the fact it is situatedon the seven hills – just like Rome. Besides both in Rome and in Sandomierzunderground labyrinths stretch there. –.In Sandomierz there are formermerchants cellars and legendary dungeons. And finally, both of these townshave turbulent and beautiful history.The most atractive places in this city include:* Opatowska Gate*Town hall in Sandomierz*Market square*Needles eye*Castle in Sandomierz*Pepper Mountain
  17. 17. Town Hall inSandomierz Market Square OpatowskaNeedles Eye Gate Castle in Sandomierz
  18. 18. Nature
  19. 19. Holy Cross National Park• It has been established in 1950 and occupies an area of 19 thousands acres. Holy Cross NP has taken under protection the central part of the Holy Cross Mountains: Łysogóry with peaks: Łysica (621 m) and Łysa Góra ( 595 m). In the park there are protected 82 plant species and 29 animal species.
  20. 20. A Siberian iris, a globe flower and an ostrich fern are very rare and valuableplants. Parks flora mostly consists of fir and beech forests, it has an endemic fir- tree and 647 nature monuments. Its home up to 260 lichen species, 190 species of bryophytes, and 700 species of vascular plants. The post-glacier gołoborza- small, totally deforested areas covered with boulders and stripped of green vegetation are worth particular attention. .
  21. 21. Ponidzie, or the Świętokrzyski Region Steppe Its one of the most sun-heated territories in Poland. Thats where there is aspecial microclimate and well find vegetation characteristic for steppes there:xerothermic grasslands, halophyte vegetation as well as splendid riverside and alder forests. The picturesquely meandring Nida River draws in tourists for kayaking rallies. The addition of Ponidzie landscape are karst inselbergs, rockdomes and gypsum outcrops. The protected species of birds and animals have safe habitat there. That region is very popular for anglers because of a great variety of fish in warm water of the local streams and rivers.
  22. 22. Górna Krasna Floral and Ornithological Nature Reserve The wild River Krasna was included into European ecological network ofprotected areas Nature 2000. It encompasses such different habitats as large marshes, wood peatbog and areas of mountainous character. The floral and ornithological reserve established here in 2004 was to protect rare animalsand plant species f. ex. beautiful Polish orchid (heleborine), carnivorous greatsundew and seventeen others. Its a real paradise for ornithologists, one can see hazel grouse, black grouse, black stork, northern hobby, lesser spottedeagle, Montagus and marsh harriers, colourful kingfisher, penduline tit, and six species of bats. Corn crake, species threaten with extinction:
  23. 23. Paradise Cave – Jaskinia RajParadise Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Poland and one of the mostpopularattractions of Świętokrzyskie Mountains. It’s situated near Chęciny, on the SouthWest from Kielce. There you can rave about picteresque and rich forms of mineralkarst which look like original patterns. You can also see local exhibition containinghistory, geology and artifacts of the cave. In third-rate there were living prehistorichumans.
  24. 24. Valley of Reptiles• Tour of the Kielce exotarium, which is located on the premises, can be very emotional for some visitors as they have a rare opportunity to face the biggest reptiles of the world from Africa, Asia and remote Australia: spectacled caiman, Yemen chameleon, Indian python, Chinese water dragon, bearded dragon and frilled lizard. Very interesting are monitor lizards, snakes and endangered species.
  25. 25. Geopark• Very well- known inanimate nature reserve is Kadzielnia that contains the Rocks of Geologists, various fossils of corals, cephalopods and rare Placoderms and brachiopods, which are kept here under protection. There you can observe interesting examples of tectonic, mineralization and Polands most attractive forms of mineral karst. There is also a splendid amphitheatre picturesquely situated amidst rocks. The Ślichowice reserve shows peculiar fragment of Hercynian tectonics. The Wietrznia reserve situated in the eastern part of the Kadzielnia features limestone containing remnants of prehistoric fauna. Surrounded by forest the Biesak - Białogon reserve protects also many amazing tectonic phenomena.
  26. 26. Museums• Do you think the same as I do, namely that visiting museums is the most boring option of spending our free time? If you think so, I will take you by surprise, because despite the fact that Im not a fanatic of museums, I found some really interesting places here. I have to write you something about Museums in Świętokrzyskie. Lets start!
  27. 27. If you want to see one of the best-preserved historical monuments ofarchitecture from the Vasa dynasty times – come here! • It wont be a boring trip. Why? Because it will be an educational travel. This place is a palace that today houses the National Museum. Once belonged to the Cracovian bishops. The upper floor rooms have original interior decorations with beam ceilings, ceiling frescoes on walls. In this museum there are many exhibitions including period interiors (17th-18th cc.), old European and Far East arms and weaponry. If you want to acquire knowledge about one of Polish Marshal Józef Piłsudski you can learn something about him in memory room which is devoted to him. To the National Museum in Kielce you can come from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6pm.
  28. 28. If you would like to remember or learn how children used toplay, come to Toy Museum in Kielce! • This museum was opened in 1979! It changed its name and location in 2006. Its fame reposes on the collection of old toys. The following are the most precious items: a German wax doll, dolls with porcelain heads in costumes from the turn of the 19th century, lead soldiers, furnished rooms for dolls, miniature sawing machine. Besides old items, there are also folk toys and modern entertainment exhibits such as Afternoon Tea, In Grandmas Attic as well as temporary exhibitions: Made in Poland - cultic toys from the Polish Peoples Republic. Do not miss the chance to check if these toys would make you satisfied! This museum is open every day except for Mondays from 9 am to 5 pm.
  29. 29. If you would like feel like children and play with porcelain come! • Life Museum of Porcelain is the first of this kind museum in Poland. This museum is located in the little town Dmielów and it is famous for their high quality figural porcelain. The masterpieces of this place you can admire in the art galleries of New York, Chicago, Paris, Moscow and in many other capitals of European countries. The factory offers a possibility of active participation in the production process and even opportunity to make your own figure. No wonder that the place is very popular with children. I think it can be a great adventure!:)
  30. 30. If you want to feel like a real soldier and get behind the wheel of a realtank – come here ! • The White Eagle Museum occupies the former building of the Refow steelworks(19th century) administration. The museum permanent displays show items connected with World War II, including soldiers equipment and uniforms. A large part of exhibition was placed outdoors there, so visitors can admire guns, armored vehicles, helicopters, aircrafts and tanks. The museum owns one of Polands biggest collection of heavy armaments dating back to World War II and manufactured during the postwar period.
  31. 31. Towns of poets and writers
  32. 32. Oblęgorek• The palace in Oblęgorek was a gift for Henryk Sienkiewicz from Polish people in order to commemorate the 25thanniversary of his literary career. He lived in the palace from 1902 till 1914. Some of his pieces were written there, for example: "Dwie łąki", "Na polu chwały", a school set book "W pustyni i w puszczy" and excerpts from "Legiony". Now in Sienkiewiczs palace there is a Museum. We can admire there an exhibition which tells about life, journeys and non-literary activities.
  33. 33. Kielce• Stefan Żeromskis life was linked to the Kielce region. He attended to one of the gymnasiums in this amazing city. Now this school houses the Museum of Stefan Żeromskis school year. We can see pictures of his family, friends and youthful loves and fascinations there. Almost in every of his literary works we recognize elements of the Śwęitokrzyski region. Descriptions of landscapes linked to this places are found in "Syzyfowe Prace", "Dzieje Grzechu", "Ludzie Bezdomni" and "Puszcza Jodłowa".
  34. 34. Nagłowice• Mikołaj Rej is called the father of Polish literature, he was the first one to use Polish language in his writings. The well known Polish poet and writer of the Renaissance period is an author of, for example : "Wizerunek własny żywota człowieka poczciwego", "Zwierzyniec", "Krótka rozmowa między trzema osobami, Panem, Wójtem a Plebanem". Today in Nagłowice there is a Mikołaj Rej Manor with the Mikołaj Rej Memory Room showing the poets links with this town.
  35. 35. Bodzechów, Doły Biskupie• This town is a place where Witold Gombrowicz spent his childhood. This region and his amazing landscapes were an inspiration to many scenes found in : "Pornografia", "Ferdydurke" and "Zlub". Every year, in June, in Doły Biskupie there is organized Witold Gombrowicz Picnic where performances and exibitions are presented. The tourist can learn more about this artist when they overcome trail for bikes and cars known as the Świętokszyski Literary Route.