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codEnfocer is a cloud based system for source code analysis and improvments. System provides recomendations for source code architecture improvments. Can be used from our cloud server or can be installed on corporate server and can be connected to repositories based on GitHub, SVN and TFS. Have powerful functionality for source code analysis and documentation development. Try codEnforcer at

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codEnforcer 2013

  1. 1. codEnforcer Enterprise Quality Software Development Environment & EcosystemAnywhere | Anytime | Analyze | Control | Check | Improve| Optimize | Modify | Re-factor | Reengineer | Document
  2. 2. codEnforcer in 30 secondsWhat is codEnforcer codEnforcer core features codEnforcer is a Corporate Quality Software  codEnforcer makes source code analysis andDevelopment Environment targeted on review providing clear and concrete verbalincreasing source code quality, code recommendation for improving source codeoptimization, reengineering and refactoring  Visual automated intellectual source codewith minimization of time and efforts refactoring tool Provides complete Enterprise Ecosystem for  codEnforcer provides in total 225 metrics forintegration into one stream line process of C#, C++, Java, and PHP used for source codesource code quality control, source code quality analysisimprovements, source code checking ,  Flexible architecture allows adding support fordocumentation and development new programming languages, metrics, checking Automated intellectual source code rules and algorithmsmodifications, refactoring and reengineering  Various reports, statistics, quality development Provides tools for working with source code trends, optimization and improvement forecastsonline from anywhere at any time.  API with documentation for integration with codEnforcer is available as cloud solution or third party solutionsversion for corporate cloud (corporate server-  Integration with Visual Studio, Eclipse, andbased version) NetBeans codEnforcer provides great ROI in only 2-3  All necessary tools for source codemonths, while saving minimum 1800 hours for documentation and users manuals developmenta team of 150 members per year  Integration with SVN and TFS
  3. 3. How to save time and money with codEnforcer?Using codEnforcer you can save minimum 1800 hours for a team of 150 members peryear. It becomes possible because you save time for code review and improvements.Please note that this is our estimation for time saving which may vary depending oncertain real conditions.
  4. 4. Why use codEnforcer? Improve quality of your  Reduce support time software  Earn skills of your Increase productivity of your development team development team  Save time and money with Increase clients’ satisfaction codEnforcer every day
  5. 5. Advantages of codEnforcer in comparing with competitors Unique on the market platform which cover all needs for resolving all tasks related to source code analysis, review, improvements and refactoring One solution for working with many programming languages (C++, C#, Java, PHP) Cost effective because installed on corporate servers or in cloud Provide strategies for source code modifications and improvements Automated intellectual source code modification and refactoring basing on recommendations and strategies Provides verbal recommendations for source code improvements, changes and optimizations Special reporting system which shows level of achieving goals in sense of quality, stability, reliability, speed, team productivity Provides access to source code from any place where exists internet Necessary tools for source code documenting
  6. 6. Who can use codEnforcer and why?I need to have, to do, to know… •What is going on with the source code of our software projects? •Where do we need to take metrics for CMMI model? CIO/CTO •Did our company meet the particular IEEE standards? • We want to have scalable, optimal, reliable source code. • How to have fast real picture about progress of software development on source code level? • Do my developers follow object oriented paradigm? How?Project managers • We have large source code and do not know anything about it. • How to improve source code on which we are currently working? • I want to have documentation for source code compiled into document and I need users manual. •All questions that any project manager may have. •We need to do refactoring and reengineering of source code developed by other developers. •How to define best ways for source code improvements?Architects/Team •How to assign tasks for developers right during code review? leader • Where can we find time for source code review when we are close to deadline? • We need control rules for source code conventions, documenting/commenting. • We want to have complete source code documentation. • We want to have tools for source code checking and verification. • What general architecture of the solution on which I work? • Does my code meet the requirements for best practices in software development? • I need to make many similar changes in code very fast. Programmers • I want to have prompt recommendations for source code improvements. • I need to reorganize some hierarchy of classes and methods. I need do this fast. • I need to make changes in a few lines of code and my colleagues will be able to build software. But I am away traveling and only have iPad with Internet connection.
  7. 7. Possible solutionsStandard way Way with codEnforcerTO DO: TO DO: Find tools for: source code analysis, review,  Install and configure codEnforcer on server in yourchecking, validation, verification, company OR take online accountoptimization, source code documentation  Make 2 hours training for your employees Invest a lot of time and money  Launch the system into workResults: Results: In many cases you will not cover your needs  ONE tool for covering all needs for supporting source code quality control and software improvements process Your developers will spend a lot of time for  Employees save a lot of timeadditional work  Company saves a lot of money with codEnforcer Quality of source code will be improved but  Development of quality source code by default!there is no guarantee that you will cover all  Fully controlled quality of source codeaspects  Significant improvements of source code  Measure development speed and quality!Decisions  Developers may have access to source code from You know all things described above and everywhere!you will never go by this way You don’t have other choices and you’ll go Decisionthis way to have at least SOME RESULTS  This is really NEW approach for software development! Give it a try!
  8. 8. Enterprise Quality Software Development Environment & Ecosystem codEnforcer creates new Corporate Software Development Environmentwhere software development team can minimize their time and efforts spenton tasks not related directly to source code development Automated intellectual source code modification and refactoring Increase software quality with decreasing time for source control procedures Source code quality control comes as an integral and automated part ofsoftware development process Provides set of tools for refactoring and reengineering Tools for source code review, optimization, checking, etc. You can work with your code from anywhere at any time Documenting comes as an integral part of development process Abilities for working with source code from anywhere at anytime Secure and reliable Special API with documentation for integration with third-party systems Integration with Visual Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans
  9. 9. codEnforcer deployment models Anywhere. Anytime
  10. 10. Ordinary source code development process Source code Source code Source code improvements Final code Source code development review and review documentation optimization In this process, tools for source code review are not used in many cases, or too many tools are used for some particular tasks It is time consuming to use many tools and in many cases developers refuse from these tools Key problem consist in fact that using many tools in any case requires from developers a lot of time for working with these tools and then changing the code As a result, in many cases white box testing means using a few tools and source code review; but real improvements in architecture on source code level are made only when developers are faced with some huge problems
  11. 11. Development process with codEnforcer 1In most cases with modern Source codeapproaches for software developmentdevelopment independent fromparticular development processmodel (Agile, SCRUM, Extreme, etc.) 5 2such stages as 2, 3 and 5 involve Control and Documentationmany different applications and checkingrequire additional efforts fromdevelopers. In many cases a lot ofefforts. Stage 4 is not present now atall. Stage 5 still requires additionalattention as far as different tools and 4 3systems need to be selected. Automated or Getting semiautomatic recommendations changes in source for improvements code and optimization
  12. 12. codEnforcer features map Centralized web based access to the whole system. System accessible in public or in corporate clouds Automated Working with source Source code checking intellectual source code Team work Documenting code modification Integration with Visual and refactoring Studio, Eclipse, Source code checking Automatic documentation Providing possible ways NetBeans* Creating projects groups basing on schedule generation basing on source how to optimize, Web based tools for code* Metrics calculation for improve classes, source code review Users management analysis and building hierarchy and classes/ Source code coverage by methods structure Web based tools for documentation checking*improvements scenarios Projects management source code editing Proposing scenarios forCode convention checking Assigning tasks for Team productivity Tools for visual code modification developers statistic documentation building andCode checking basing on Automatic source code editing user’s rules modification basing on Integration with SVN Tasks completion report Features for team work on selected scenario. Now and TFS Code validation* available semi automated users manuals Source code statistics Manual indication of Measurements and Reports Export of manuals into PDF, collection scenario and inserting of CHM and HTML recommendations Source code statistic Source code Recommendations for directly to code including weekly and optimization forecast for Web based project source code monthly analysis different scenarios* documentation and users improvements Proposing optimization manuals portal scenarios for increasing Source code quality Metrics calculations and Performance, Reliability, development trend their changes dynamics Size* Performance, Reliability, Size analysis for source* Features which will be available in next versions code and forecasts for possible modifications*
  13. 13. Automated intellectual source code modification and refactoring Automatic analysis of source while providing to user possible ways how to optimize or improve classes hierarchy, structure of classes and methods Proposing to user few scenarios for source code changes If user agrees with some proposed scenario, he/she clicks the button and the whole source code will be reorganized automatically User can select manually classes and their hierarchies which will be restructured. After this system will make these changes automatically Proposing optimizations scenarios for increasing Performance, Reliability, Size
  14. 14. codEnforcer overview
  15. 15. codEnforcer. User profileList of projects Source code snapshots
  16. 16. Source code improvement recommendations Clear recommendations for source code improvements Analysis on different levels: packages, classes, methods, code in methods Recommendations divided into importance levels Abilities for indicating what parts of code do not have to be checked because they are not completed Abilities for checking code of applications developed on different programming languages in one time
  17. 17. Automated intellectual source code modification and refactoring codEnforcer makes changes in thestructure of source code basing onintellectual analysis of source code During analysis codEnforcer providesuser with a list of recommendations forsource code improvements whichshould be done by developer Changes in source code take minutesinstead of hours required for manualchanges All changes in source code structureprovide visualized way and user canreview the code before changes aremade can indicate some changesmanually Recommendations for source codeimprovements inserted into sourcecode directly
  18. 18. Code checkingCode convention checkingCode checking basing on user’srulesCode validation
  19. 19. Code review Built-in tool for source code reviewand assigning tasks for developers Decrease time for review andassigning tasks You can see implementationprogress Appropriate information available inreports
  20. 20. Source code editing Built-in tools for source codeediting Allows users to make changes insource code from any place and atany time Has necessary tools for workingwith source code (syntax highlight,editing features, code checking,convention checking)
  21. 21. Source code and users manuals Source code documentation developmentintegrated into software development process Users manuals documentation developmentintegrated into development process Large set of tools for visual documentationbuilding and editing Large set of features for team work on usersmanuals and documentation Export of ready-to-use manuals into PDF,CHM and HTML Creating web based project’s documentationand users manuals portal accessible fordevelopers and testers
  22. 22. Measurements and Reports Source code statistic including weekly and monthly analysis Calculation of source code optimization forecast. System shows developers what goals can be obtained in case if changes will be applied Source code quality development trend
  23. 23. codEnforcer system management Creating projects groups Users management Projects management Team productivity statistic Tasks completion report Projects checking schedulemanagement
  24. 24. Thank you for your attentionTry online