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PShellExec - Secure and Execute Powershell Scrips


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Protects Any PowerShell Script
Stops Sensitive Data Leaks
Controls Who Executes Scripts Using Passwords
Provides Secure Script Parameters
Freely Distribute Protected Scripts

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PShellExec - Secure and Execute Powershell Scrips

  1. 1. Secure and Execute PowerShell Scripts Anywhere – For Free PShellExec
  2. 2. • Protect Any PowerShell Script • Stop Sensitive Data Leaks • Control Who Executes Scripts Using Passwords • Provide Secure Script Parameters • Distribute Protected Scripts Freely • ShellServe Scripts With Your Browser – Anywhere – For Free TM
  3. 3. Protect Your Intellectual Property Script is executed in memory - users can not view it or change it.
  4. 4. PShellExec Setup is Fast 1. Select a PowerShell script file. 2. Encrypt the PowerShell script file with a password type of your choice. 3. Execute the protected script with optional parameters. 4. Distribute freely your protected script. © infoSpectrum Inc. 2010-2018 [Click for a Free Copy] ShellServe scripts anywhere – for free