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Trish Marszalek Reference 08-22-2005

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Trish Marszalek Reference 08-22-2005

  1. 1. Trish Marszalek 08/22/2005 06:26 PM To: Phil A Primeau/NonAEXP/SVG/AEXP@AMEX Subject: Phil Primeau Phil Primeau worked for me as a Business Systems Analyst in 2005. Phil brought a well rounded skill set to the job that resulted in his producing excellent results and adding a lot of value to our team. The project he supported was a large, multi-year, multi-million dollar initiative with many deliverables and a highly aggressive schedule. During his first 2-3 weeks on the job, Phil took the time to understand the project. During that time, he made no assumptions and asked a lot of questions. Once he had a better handle of the project scope and the complexities in delivering the expected results, he really dug in and started driving the process forward. He brought a solid understanding of technology and its impact on the business requirements, a keen interest to learn more, an eagerness to share his best practices, and natural people skills that resulted in his becoming an integral member of the team. Over the course of a few months, Phil was able to jump in to support other aspects of the projects by filling in for his teammates at crunch time. He is articulate, intelligent, and a true pleasure to work with. I would hire Phil Primeau to work for me again without a moment's hesitation. Trish American Express Technologies Director