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Jim Suderman Reference 04-05-2009

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Jim Suderman Reference 04-05-2009

  1. 1. fh~TORONTO-------- 5 April 2009 To whom it may concern: City Clerk's Office- Records And Information Management Suite 21, Metro Hall- 55 John Street, Toronto, Ontario- M5V 3C6 I am pleased to recommend Phil Primeau as an excellent asset for the successful completion of any project. Phil has worked for me as a Business Analyst over the past year on a complex project. That experience has been uniformly positive for the following reasons: Phil actively seeks clarity on the objectives of the project because he wants the organization to succeed; to have its capabilities and capacity increased by the end of the project. He willingly and candidly shares his own insights and experience, considerably enhancing the pool of knowledge and skills of the group responsible for bringing the project to a successful conclusion. Phil brings his own experience to bear through his interest in understanding the organizational context of the project. In short, his commitment to projects that he accepts makes him a good listener. His suggestions for dealing with the inevitable challenges that arise in any project are well integrated to the project's context. In the course of his work, Phil not only learns about the organization, but is also capable of learning new concepts and practices quickly and thoroughly. In his project work for me he merged two Records Management requirement standards into one, and then facilitated consultations and reviews of organizational processes to identify where the combined standard still fell short of the project objectives. The result was a custom set of 800+ requirements that is contributing policy, architectural, and system requirements to meet the organization's needs. Through his work, Phil has demonstrated to me his ability to work effectively with concepts, people, processes, and technologies. Phil has stepped up and completed project tasks that arose when there were no other resources available, e.g., when other resources could not be put in place in time to meet a particular deadline. He has also gone beyond the strict definition of his responsibilities where his skills and knowledge can contribute to the success of the project, including developing and delivering relevant training I orientation materials. This project, in which Phil played such a central role, was completed on time and within budget. Throughout our working relationship, Phil has maintained a thoroughly professional attitude. I look forward to future opportunities to work with Phil. Yours truly, Jim Suderman, Manager- Client Services Records & Information Management