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Cardiff 2002 Application of the Year Award for Government / Seward Presentation

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Cardiff 2002 Application of the Year Award for Government / Seward Presentation

  1. 1. The City of Calgary Presented by Phil Primeau, Business Development Manager Seward Consulting Ltd.
  2. 2. Canadian Province of Alberta
  3. 3. Alberta Industries
  4. 4. Seward Consulting Ltd.
  5. 5. The City of Calgary
  6. 6. The City of Calgary
  7. 7. Calgary Civic Government
  8. 8. Calgary Business Units
  9. 9. Assessment Business Unit
  10. 10. Previous Assessment Methods  Home owners identified for properties across the city.  On-site visit scheduled to inspect premises.  6 full-time staff conduct on-site assessments.
  11. 11. Challenges:  Home owner availability.  Inaccurate assessments.  New annual assessment cycle.  Management of historical records.  Administrative Nightmare!
  12. 12. The Problem:  Assessment methods were expensive and labor intensive.
  13. 13. City of Calgary’s Goals:  Identify and acquire technology to streamline the process.  Find a solution to handle group scheduling, and document management.  Look at alternative for collecting information.  Capitalize on web technology.
  14. 14. A Project Team is Assembled
  15. 15. Product Research
  16. 16. Pilot: Products Used
  17. 17. Pilot: Home Owner Survey
  18. 18. Pilot: The New Process  Assessment information is responsibility of the home owner.  Minimal on-site assessments.  1 Part time assessor instead of 6 full time assessors.  Streamlined scheduling and administration.
  19. 19. Pilot: Results  Overwhelming SUCCESS!!  Process reduced from a 13 month cycle to a 4 month cycle - a 9 month time savings!!  Cost savings of $200,000 dollars!!
  20. 20. Continued Success
  21. 21. Product Implementation
  22. 22. The Next Phase  Re-deployment of homeowner survey to 250,000 respondents in spring 2002.  Enterprise-wide rollout of RightFAX for desktop faxing.  Expansion of TELEform to Police Services and the City Clerk’s Office.  Rollout of TELEform PDF & HTML modules to the city web site.
  23. 23. Seward: Key Ongoing Roll
  24. 24. Results  Projected cost savings of $1,000,000 dollars for 2002.  Doubled productivity.  Increased ability to manage, route and archive critical documents.
  25. 25. "Without these technologies, our productivity would be cut in half.” Martin Wong, Project Manager Assessment Business Unit The City of Calgary
  26. 26. For more information: City of Calgary - Pilot Case Study mages/Calgary_Case_Study.PDF Cardiff TELEform and Kofax VRS - Press Release
  27. 27. Information Resources The City of Calgary, Civic Government Travel Alberta Government of Canada, Department of Natural Resources
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