School Based Sanitation


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School Based Sanitation, DEWATS, Borda

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School Based Sanitation

  1. 1. SBS | School Based SanitationDecentralized Wastewater Treatment Solutions A promising concept to improve hygiene and health in schools SBS | DEWATS Service Package Developed and disseminated by BORDA & BORDA BNS Network
  2. 2. School children are threatened by a high risk of infection & a lack of privacy and security Threat to public health Assault on privacy and security BORDA BNS Networks Mission The fact that about 2.6 billion Insufficient sanitation facilities With a mission to improve the liveli- humans around the world, especially threaten or ignore privacy and hoods of disadvantaged groups in Africa and Asia, suffer from a lack security needs of school children. within societies and to sustain the of access to proper basic sanitation Due to insecure toilets, which can’t functioning of eco-systems through reveals the necessity of acting inno- be locked, there are often cases of dissemination of demand oriented vatively. Without sufficient sanitation molestations and sexual assaults Basic Needs Services, BORDA people have to face not only an un- towards boys and girls. As a result of (Bremen Overseas Research and worthy and polluted environment, fear, substantial absenteeism or even Development Association) and its but also a high risk of infection as dropping out of school distracts BNS Partner Network develop and well as a deficiency of privacy and pupils, mainly girls, from appropriate disseminate innovative solutions for safety. education. facilitating the access to Basic Needs Services (BNS). Environmental pollution Most wastewater from schools is dis- DEWATS Service Packages charged untreated into the surroun- One Basic Needs Service is DEWATS, ding environment. This additionally an effective, efficient, affordable and threatens the health of residents who proven wastewater treatment solu- live near schools. tion for (sub-) tropical regions and low-income countries. DEWATSWHO/Unicef, MDG, mid-term assessment 2004 Investment for the future stands for “Decentralized Wastewater The improvement of the situation for Treatment Solutions”, but it is much today’s school children has to be more than just a technical approach. seen as an important contribution to DEWATS Service Packages include In considering the state of public the Millennium Development Goal 7, not simply the construction of hard- health, it becomes clear that in par- which aims to halve the proportion of ware but a whole set of integrated ticular children are afflicted with life- people living without basic sanitation measures which are combined ac- threatening sanitation conditions – by 2015. cording to demand. SBS (School most notably at school. According to BORDA’s guiding prin- Based Sanitation) is one of these o Over 980 million children under the ciple - “Facilitating Basic Needs DEWATS service packages that aims age of 18 do not have access to Services – thinking long-term, acting to improve the sanitation conditions adequate sanitation (UNICEF). now!”- up scaling the access to suffi- in schools. o Due to unhygienic toilets, hundreds cient sanitation for school children is of millions of school children are needed as an investment for the infected with parasites and worms future. (UNICEF). o 5000 children a day die from diar- rhoea which is caused by poor sanitation (UN-Water). Secure? Private? Healthy? Conventional school sanitation e.g. India, Zambia and Indonesia
  3. 3. The DEWATS SBS Service Package guarantees hygiene,dignity and basic sanitation in schoolsDEWATS School Based Sanitation o Planning, financing, implementa- o Good hygiene behaviour, due toDuring the process of DEWATS SBS tion and management of the Health and Hygiene Education andimplementation in schools, BORDA project with participation of all the availability of hygienic sanita-and its partner organizations coope- stakeholders tion facilities for children and teen-rate with willing local partners to o The construction of a well-built and agers, is improved in a sustainablereconcile the interests of all stake- inviting sanitation centre that manner at school, but it is alsoholders (e.g. school maintaining provides fresh clean water and transferred to home - from chil-body, municipality, target group) to toilets that meet basic hygienic dren to parents. Thereby, socialconstruct sanitation facilities that standards as well as separate dissemination of upgraded hygienicmeet the needs of children and young facilities for males and females customs is initiated.adults. The on-site underground o The implementation of a decen- o Privacy, security and dignity of thewastewater treatment system pro- tralized, sub terrestrial and locally school children are ensured by thevides state-of-the-art technology. adapted wastewater treatment new toilet facilities. In conse-Education, evaluation and training system, including the option for quence, absenteeism and schoolprogrammes complete the DEWATS wastewater re-use and biogas dropout rates are lowered obser-SBS Service Package to assure the generation vably, especially for girls.right handling, reliable maintenance o Health and Hygiene Educationand, therefore, the sustainability of (HHE), Health Impact Assessmentthe whole SBS project. (HIA) and maintenance training for the preparation, implementationKey SBS features and management of proper SchoolIn order to combat the consequences Based Sanitationof poor school sanitation, namely thehigh risk of infections, insecurity andenvironmental pollution, the followingmeasures are taken during the imple-mentation of DEWATS SBS: Three girls are exploring the new Sanitation Centre at the Iman Poworejo School, Indonesia o The biological treatment of waste- water without technical energy Housekeeping, operation & maintenance training inputs by DEWATS applications is included in the SBS Service Package makes wastewater meet environ- mental standards and advances Resulting benefits the living conditions in the school’s These measures which are coordina- surrounding area. ted by BORDA’s regional offices and implemented with local BORDA BNS Water tanks guarantee the provision of Partner Organizations provide a fresh water multiplicity of benefits: o Thanks to clean toilets and theo The willingness for appropriate provision of fresh water, the participation of potential schools is hygienic conditions are improved, assessed by a demand-based se- which leads to a significant reduc- lection process. Within this process, tion of health risk and infection. the ability of co-financing and the assurance of satisfactory house- keeping have to be documented.
  4. 4. DEWATS SBS - a proven solution Additional benefits A proven solution o The biogas that occurs from waste- Today, BORDA and its BNS Partner water treatment can be used for Network, have already achieved the cooking in the school kitchen. sustainable operation of more than o The school garden can be irrigated 900 DEWATS plants, including the by the treated water from the successful realization of over 30 SBS DEWATS plant. projects. This demonstrates that DEWATS School Based Sanitation is a proven and affordable solution to combat sanitation grievances at schools. Project costs vary between 10.000 and 30.000 Euro depending on the number of pupils (on average Pupils in India meet a Sanitation Centre with 200-500) and regional conditions. toilet facilities suitable for children Major maintenance, when required (e.g. desludging every two years), is distributed to professional organiza- tions. Compulsory monitoring is car- The biogas, generated by the DEWATS plant, is used for cooking in the school kitchen ried out during the start-up phase and optional whenever there is an assumption that the system does not Operation & maintenance work correctly. training The benefits of DEWATS SBS can The DEWATS modules for physical and biological wastewater treatment in schools are: bio diges- only be assured through permanent ter, sedimentation chamber, anaerobic baffled and attentive housekeeping. That’s reactor and discharge to drainage ditch. why the DEWATS SBS Service Package integrates a special opera- tion and maintenance training. It enables students or housekeeping staff to run the facility indepen- dently, which is crucial for its sustainability.DEWATS Service Packageso Treatment Systems o Emergency Sanitation o Health Impact Assessment &o Community Based Sanitation o Sanitation for Prisons Hygiene Educationo School Based Sanitation o Sanitation for Real Estates o Capacity Developmento Sanitation for Hospitals & Hotels o Sanitation Mapping o Standardisationo Wastewater Treatment for Agro-Industry o Municipal Sludge Treatment Plant o Research & Development DEWATS – Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Solutions Developed & disseminated by BORDA and over 20 BORDA BNS Network Partners in South and South East Asia & Southern Africa With support from: Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association 01SBS_Okt2010_HBV3 BORDA Germany BORDA South East Asia BORDA South Asia BORDA SADC Head Office Programme Office Programme Office India Programme Office fon: + 49 - 421-137 18 Indonesia fon: + 91 - 80 41 52 75 54 e-mail: fon: + 62 - 274 88 82 73 e-mail: fon: + 255 – 22 2600 234 e-mail: e-mail: