Municipal Sludge Treatment Plant


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Municipal Sludge Treatment Plant, DEWATS, Borda

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Municipal Sludge Treatment Plant

  1. 1. MSTP | Municipal SludgeDecentralized Wastewater Treatment Plant Treatment Solutions An innovative solution to cope with the problem of septage sludge disposal and treatment within a decentralized sanitation approach MSTP | DEWATS Service Package Developed and disseminated by BORDA & BORDA BNS Network
  2. 2. Improper disposal of urban sanitation sludge spreadsdeadly infections at alarming ratesA challenge to sanitation Improper disposal of sludge BORDA BNS Networks MissionImproved sanitation still remains an All on-site treatment facilities, inclu- With a mission to improve the liveli-important challenge to the Millen- ding septic tanks and open pit la- hoods of disadvantaged groupsnium Development Goals, which aim trines, require regular removal of within societies and to sustain theto greatly alleviate conditions for the sludge. The removal of this potenti- functioning of eco-systems throughWorld’s impoverished people. In ma- ally valuable waste is often neglected dissemination of demand orientedny dense urban areas there already causing dangerous overflow or im- Basic Needs Services (BNS), BORDAexists sanitation facilities, but they proper disposal into water supplies. (Bremen Overseas Research andcan be neglected and poorly main- The results can be deadly through Development Association) and itstained without a central disposal site. the rapid spread of cholera, worm BNS Partner Network develop andThe results are sanitation systems infestations, hepatitis, and diarrhoeal disseminate innovative solutions forthat fail to safely dispose of sanita- diseases. On-site desludging is not facilitating the access to BNS.tion sludge because of inadequate or an option in areas of dense popula-inefficient infrastructure. This endan- tions and scarce land - a commongers public health and pollutes the situation in slum areas outside theenvironment. A recent UN report reach of centralized sanitationestimates 15% of basic sanitation fa- systems.cilities lack proper separation of hu- Proper disposal of septage sludge isman waste from human contact. The not promoted and existing treatmentconsequences are sanitation facilities facilities lack adequate capacitiesbecome a transmitter of infectiousdiseases and environmental pollu-tion, a direct contradiction of theiroriginal purpose.  Neglected maintenance contradicts original intentions and design of sanitary facilities DEWATS Service Packages One Basic Needs Service is DEWATS, an effective, efficient, affordable and proven wastewater treatment solu- tion for (sub-) tropical regions and Open disposal can overflow in heavy rains causing runaway spread of diseases low-income countries. DEWATS stands for “Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Solutions”, but it is much Sustainable sanitation, long-term more than just a technical approach. Disposal of sludge into water supplies is action DEWATS Service Packages include increasing infection and pollution rates According to BORDA, “What cannot not simply the construction of hard- be sustained should not be built.” ware but a whole set of integratedGaps in centralized sanitation DEWATS municipal systems for measures which are combined accor-Currently, 95% of worldwide waste- sludge treatment innovatively and ding to demand. The Sludge Treat-water in is discharged, is insuffi- efficiently dispose of on-site sludge ment Plant (STP) is one of theseciently treated or completely un- by using sustainable mechanical and DEWATS Service Packages that aimstreated. The majority of residential biological treatment modules without to improve the sanitation conditionsareas and new real estate com- electrical energy, chemicals, and in small to medium sized cities byplexes, mostly in developing coun- imported materials. providing a central location fortries, rely on septic tanks and other sludge treatment and disposal.decentralized systems.
  3. 3. DEWATS STP efficiently treats sludge from manydecentralized sanitation facilitiesDEWATS Municipal Sludge areas where centralized sanitation o The biological treatment of waste-Treatment Plants systems do not serve water without technical energy in-As with other DEWATS solutions, a o Allows on-site waste to be dis- puts by DEWATS applicationsSludge Treatment Plant is designed posed of properly and on-time makes wastewater meet environ-with innovative technology that can without unnecessary environmen- mental standards and advancesbe built by local craftsmen and engi- tal degradation and human health the living conditions of densely po-neers using locally available resour- risks pulated areasces. The municipal based STP is an o An open-system and demandaffordable solution for the regular based approach within the fiscalmaintenance of all onsite treatment reach of municipal governmentssystems. This ensures the existence o The proper implementation of aand sustainability of safe sanitation. locally-adaptable, central sludgeIt enables cities to set up a regula- treatment facility includes thetion framework and a management option for compost packaging andplan for decentralized sanitation at biogas generationtheir own pace. Resulting benefitsKey MSTP features These measures which are coordina-DEWATS MSTP is an efficient and ted by BORDA’s regional offices andfinal treatment solution for sludge implemented with local BORDA BNSwaste that utilises sustainable and Partner Organizations provide a mul-adaptable technology to implement tiplicity of benefits:the following key features: o An expandable solution to sanita-o Low investment and operation tion challenges by providing a final Investment costs are low because DEWATS MSTP is designed with locally available materials costs treatment facility to dispose high and built by local craftsmen and engineers.o The high load capacity and efficient loads of sludge design allows DEWATS MSTP to ac- o The reduction of transmittable di- commodate the demands of small seases and unsanitary conditions to medium cities at a low invest- through routine and proper main- ment cost tenance of on-site sanitation facili-o The municipal-based sludge treat- ties ment plant can accommodate high loads of organic industrial waste as well as septic sludge from residen- tial septic tanks, open pit latrines, and other DEWATS CBS solutionso The construction of a central sludge treatment plant fills gaps inLong-lasting design and non-sophisticatedmaintenance allows for continual operation
  4. 4. DEWATS STP - a proven solution Additional benefits Sanitation Mapping Today, BORDA and its BNS Partner o The biogas that is generated Locating decentralized sanitation fa- Network, have already achieved the during sludge treatment is cilities and solid waste dumps has sustainable operation of more than captured and can be used for been made easier with the sanitation 900 DEWATS solutions. This demon- lighting, cooking or water heating. mapping soft-ware, DEWATS strates that DEWATS Sludge Treat- o Compost is a naturally occurring SanMap. It allows local governments ment Plant is a proven and affordable and beneficial fertilizer produced to systematically collate and analyse solution to combat sanitation grie- through the treatment process that available data on the local sanitation vances in small to medium cities. can be distributed directly to farms situation. Using this tool helps them STP costs around $100.000 USD de- o Non-sophisticated maintenance to develop plans for up-grading mu- pending on the load capacity and re- allows for continual operation and nicipal STP’s and sanitation infra- gional conditions. Implementations low operational costs structure. are found in Aceh and Mojokerto Municipalities in Indonesia. A proven solution For over 10 years BORDA has led the way in innovative sanitation facilities. Municipal Sludge Treatment Plant Left: Biogas tank Above: Sludge stabilization and separation tankDEWATS Service Packageso Treatment Systems o Emergency Sanitation o Health Impact Assessment &o Community Based Sanitation o Sanitation for Prisons Hygiene Educationo School Based Sanitation o Sanitation for Real Estates o Capacity Developmento Sanitation for Hospitals & Hotels o Sanitation Mapping o Standardisationo Wastewater Treatment for Agro-Industry o Municipal Sludge Treatment Plant o Research & Development DEWATS – Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Solutions Developed & disseminated by BORDA and over 20 BORDA BNS Network Partners in South and South East Asia & Southern Africa With support from: Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association 02MSTP_Okt2010_HBV3 BORDA Germany BORDA South East Asia BORDA South Asia BORDA SADC Head Office Programme Office Programme Office India Programme Office fon: + 49 - 421-137 18 Indonesia fon: + 91 - 80 41 52 75 54 e-mail: fon: + 62 - 274 88 82 73 e-mail: fon: + 255 – 22 2600 234 e-mail: e-mail: