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Inform Solutions Insight from Maximo Data


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Inform Solutions presents on emerging ideas on how to gain insight from data at the Western Canada Maximo User Group conference.

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Inform Solutions Insight from Maximo Data

  1. 1. Deriving Insight from DataWCMUG Meeting23 November 2010presented by Richard Hoath and Craig
  2. 2. data
  3. 3. connecting the last mile
  4. 4. SHIFTING FROM REACTIVE TO PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS what has happened• pre‐canned reports  move between extremes what is happening • reporting against  business outcomes • indicators set on  emerging problems • drill down • lots of reports! what will happen problem solving • regular analysis for  changes in key indicators • use of statistical analysis focus on drivers of  business outcomes reactive sense and respond predictive
  5. 5. Maximo Out of the BoxDiscovery tools within Maximo: • Current query -> KPI • KPI manager • Start Center KPI portlets
  6. 6. Create KPI from Current Query within any App
  7. 7. KPI Manager
  8. 8. Display KPI Results
  9. 9. Display KPI Trends
  10. 10. Equipment Repair and Runtime Hours
  11. 11. Equipment Repair and Runtime Hours
  12. 12. Repairs by Equipment Class andOperations Volume
  13. 13. Research/Emerging Ideas• External large data sets • massive, unstructured, disconnected • quality, relevance? • w3c open data project, xhtml standards• “web 3.0” semantic web • push for open and more structured data • “accessible, interoperable, valuable” for example, • close gap between human and machine readable web content• discovering patterns in connected networks • identify and gain feedback from the 30% of nodes at core of networks• cleaning “messy data” • tools like Google refine are emerging
  14. 14. Increasing range of linked open data sources • “Linking Open Data cloud diagram, by Richard Cyganiak and Anja Jentzsch.”
  15. 15. Information Problem? … Information Opportunity?reactive? responsive? predictive?
  16. 16. Bay Area Rapid Transit• Information Opportunity• Open data
  17. 17. Safety Incident Counts
  18. 18. Incident Distribution
  19. 19. Safety Incidents - WeatherGoogle Motion Chart on safety incidents, precipitation over time
  20. 20. Word Cloud generated from 4000 Maximo work orders (using IBM Many Eyes)
  21. 21. Thought leaders on Insight from public mass data setsTim Berners-Lee • inventor of the www, W3C Linking Open Data project, “make public data public”Hans Rosling • fact based world view through use and understanding of public statistics , creator of now named Google Motion Charts • Ted Talks presentations www.ted.comNicholas Christakis • discovering connections within social networks, public health determinatesOpen Data InitiativesBay Area Rapid Transit Knowledge Archive Network Tools used in PresentationGoogle Motion Charts many eyes
  22. 22. Deriving Insight from DataWCMUG Meeting23 November 2010presented by Richard Hoath and Craig