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SharePoint migration software is to perform SharePoint to SharePoint migration including database, documents, sites, list, libraries with Copy Paste or Drag Drop features. Demo version of SharePoint Organiser is free of cost tool which let you learn the steps of migration.

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  • SharePoint Server Recovery software is very simple to use and has some really efficient features to repair and recover all your files from corrupt SharePoint databases or SQL Server files.
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Sharepoint organiser

  1. 1. Attributes of SharePoint Migration Quickly Migrate bulk SharePoint offline or Online database in other SharePointor Office365. Transfer Multiple files/folders at a single click. “Copy & Paste” option aid to copy source items i.e. sites, documents, lists,folder & their permissions and paste them in destination SharePoint hierarchy. Free Evaluation version let you migrate up to 50 items only Offline SharePointto its new version or to Online SharePoint . Single as well as multiple no. of senders and receivers enable to mapped ata time. Arrange the migrated data in Hierarchical order.
  2. 2. Working Steps of SharePoint Migration Enter Source & Destination URL, User Name & Password and Click on “Get User” button
  3. 3. Working Steps of SharePoint Migration Enter Source Credentials and Click “Login” to Connect
  4. 4. Working Steps of SharePoint Migration Now, Enter Destination Credentials and Click “Login” to Connect
  5. 5. Working Steps of SharePoint Migration Software will display the Detailed Preview of Source & Destination items in explorer view
  6. 6. Working Steps of SharePoint Migration Use “Copy & Paste” or “Drag & Drop” options to move Source items in Destination path
  7. 7. Working Steps of SharePoint Migration Now, Verify the selected migration options: Migrate dates, permissions, versions,Overwrite folders, files. Then, choose “User Mapping file location” and click on “OK”
  8. 8. Working Steps of SharePoint Migration Software will display the Progress Status: Targeted location of SharePoint, Job NameNo. of files, files in process, No. of errors, completed, pending etc
  9. 9. Demo Version of SharePoint Organiser The demo version of SharePoint Organiser let you know some simple steps to performSharePoint to SharePoint migration task. It display the even a single step of data migrationfrom SharePoint or Office 365 to SharePoint or Office 365. You can migrate only 50 itemswith this demo version.Download - Full Functional Version Grab Full version of SharePoint Organiser at reasonable cost and enjoy unlimitedbenefits to migrate SharePoint database from source into destination (other SharePointor Office 365 version).Purchase -