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Success with women


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If you are looking for ways to get beautiful women then this ebook will give you guidelines to getting almost any women you like.

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Success with women

  1. 1. Success With Women (Manual)
  2. 2. © Copyright How To Easily Get Women - All Rights Reserved. No part of this report may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any informational storage or retrieval system without expression written, dated and signed permission from the authors. DISCLAIMER AND/OR LEGAL NOTICES The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in the creation of this report, notwithstanding the fact that he does not warrant or represent at any time that the contents within are accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet. While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, the Publisher assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein. Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or organizations are unintentional. In practical advice books, like anything else in life, there are no guarantees of income made. Readers are cautioned to reply on their own judgment about their individual circumstances to act accordingly. This book is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or financial advice. All readers are advised to seek services of competent professionals in legal, business, accounting, and finance field. Know Anyone Else Who Would Want This Exclusive Guide! You are granted full rights to give away or distribute this report to your friends, customers, subscribers, as a products, gift to your website visitors or/and gift on your newsletter.
  3. 3. Please Start By Reading This - Then Pass It On - "The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win." Roger Bannister - "The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the things that endure. These qualities are so much important than the events that occur." Vince Lombardi - "Success in our calling is the result of a person's love of and belief in the work he has undertaken. Earnest and conscientious labor often accomplishes more in the end than the brilliant genius." Anonymous - "Food offered without affection is like food offered to the dead." Hindu Proverb - "What you have to do and the way have to do it incredibly simple. Whether you are willing to do it, that's another matter." Peter F. Drucker - The best motivation is self motivation. The guy says, "I wish someone would come by and turn me on." What if they don't show up? You've got to have a better plan for your life. Jim Rohn - "How does one measure time? No, not in days, months, or years. It is measured by the most precious of all things: Love. Without which all beings and things whether brave and/or beautiful would perish." Irish Blesshin
  4. 4. Tables Of Content: - Getting High Quality Women...........................................................................................5 - Body Language Signs of Attraction..................................................................................6 - Signs Of Attraction...........................................................................................................7 - Those Dating Services......................................................................................................8 - Good Online Dating Sites To Get Beautiful Women.......................................................10
  5. 5. Getting High Quality Women If you aim to attract high quality women to develop a relationship then you would necessarily have to build a high quality lifestyle yourself. Surely, this does not imply that you should have a high IQ but definitely possess something that she can perceive as remarkable and will keep her interested. This of course is a matter of individual opinion which ought to differ amongst women, but there are some areas of you life, if enriched, might make a high quality woman fall for you head over heels. Character: You must have a strong and impeccable character. If your lifestyle involves mingling with roadside thugs, handling dubious business deals or leading a generally sub-standard quality of life, chances of drawing the attention of a high quality woman is zero. Showing to women that you are truthful, sincere, respectful and is remarkably honourable can just do the trick. Standard of Living: The means by which you deal with your life tells so much about the kind of being that you are like how reliable you can be. As an illustration, you are less noticeable for high quality women if you are a man who frequently spends time at the bars, strip clubs and the like especially during weekends. However, if you visit nice venues, listen to quality jazz bands, or get involved with honorable activities such as Habitat for Humanity or some other charity work, then you can be sure the right type of women will notice. Appearance: Okay, so you are interested in a beautiful woman, someone who takes tremendous care of the way she looks and dresses! This is alright but she is also expecting something from you in return and remember good looks has a lot to do with personal hygiene and how much care you take about your body. Dressing as if you are important, keeping your nails trimmed and cleaned, and making sure nose hairs are gone are small things but important things. Recall the old saying that birds of a feather flock together – the same holds for women too as most of them who are go-getters and would go to any extent to realize their dreams, would ultimately find those men who hold similar beliefs. It is as simple as living a life with a higher quality to effectively attract high or even higher quality women. Of course you can not continuously pretend to be someone you are not, but at least you could make several changes in your present quality of life. Utilizing your existing quality resources signifies a life of a high quality that is worth living. You can focus on things you enjoy to keep things real but choose ways of bettering yourself to make you more desirable by high quality women. This may include going back to school, taking up a new hobby, getting involved with a local charity, and so on.
  6. 6. Body Language Signs of Attraction How should someone display their attraction for some other person without telling him or her, and how can one see that they're definitely interested? The answer is 'Body language' as it's an clear method of telling someone the way that they feel and the things they want to say. Your eyes, facial expressions, and the movements of your body will really show that you wish to engage in a tender or intimate relationship with another. What The Eyes Might Show – A person's eyes are powerful indicators of romance or even physical attraction because they can express, flirt, and occasionally be more seductive than words. Eye contact may not indicate anything if it only occurs for a short time, although once it lasts for an extended time and with a consuming look, then they are definitely into you, though winking can additionally be good, but it does requires right timing. Another strong proof of interest is when an individual looks at you, looks away, then looks at you once again, although, if they looks away and never looks back again, it is a clear signal that they're uninterested. The Smile And Facial Expressions - The smile is one of the greatest signals that a person likes you, though ensure that you realize the way to discern a fake smile from a genuine one. Raising the eyebrows, though often unaware, has also been observed to be done by people flirting with one another. The Magic Of Touch – Occasionally, moving moving in the direction of one another just isn't adequate though getting closer is much better as a light tap or stroking of the arm can send electric signals to another person. Most people will make pretense that there's something on their face or something foreign on the clothes to get an excuse to touch. Variations between Both Sexes – In comparison to men, females are able to send signs of attraction five times stronger since they've many more flirting tendencies than men and most of them are preformed intentionally. They love to preen, play with their hair, tossing the hair over the shoulder, and play with something in their hands such as a glass. Most women are also quite good with seduction men, especially when they involve their lips. Biting and licking their lips, putting on lipstick, eating or drinking slowly are the normal moves of an interested female. In contrast, men normally attempt to seem masculine in order to display their adeptness to the females that they are attracted to by trying to stand straight, squaring their shoulders, and sometimes hooking their thumbs into the belt for that macho aura. They also unconsciously touch their tie or their shirt collar, and that indicates that they think the woman is attractive.
  7. 7. Indications of an Invitation – You will also determine if an individual likes you if they present these signs: long eye contact, raising of eyebrows, smiling back, laughing with you, leaning, bridging the game, imitating movements of the partner, making contact, making themselves look attractive, and the like. If you received those signals, it indicates there's a big possibility that you could move the relationship to the next level. Signals Indicating "No!" – A person is most likely uninterested if they never glances back at you. One may additionally determine that person is starting to get bored or even disinterested in you when their eyes start to wander, sigh, yawn, have a passive or neutral expression and things like that. The signals of body language in terms of romance and even attraction are elementary to detect if you know the way to translate one's actions. Understanding motions as well as body movements of another individual will definitely help you know ahead of time if you are able to be familiar with one another or be denied. Signs Of Attraction It's quite normal for men to whine that women are difficult to read since women don't usually tell how they actually feel except when they are directly confronted. All the same, did you know that females give off signals of body language five times as strong as men? You will find that the woman's body language is easy to comprehend. Look for a single sign – look for a lot of signals. For example, you cannot determine if a female is attracted you by an eye contact alone, as it needs to be followed with a smile, preening, and all the other things. That one sign might have been a habit that she has gotten accustomed to, therefore don't interpret it immediately. Is She Flirting? The more typical signal that a woman is being flirtatious with you is in the main, preening. She'll invariably enjoy looking her best for you and will play with her clothing, check her buttons, or smoothen her skirt etc. She additionally plays around with her hair, twirl her finger into a couple strands, and even throw it around particularly when she could show some bare skin. If you are across the room from her, you will realize that she's attracted to you as well if she keeps glancing over. The eye contact she makes is usually much longer than it should be and then would glance downward with a timid or embarrassed smile. Women also do a good job with capturing their men's attention with movements of their lips and a strong lip flirting signal is when she'll bite or even lick at her lips very slowly and deliberately. It additionally functions as she sips from a glass or even consumes in a slow way, but make sure this is done while she is glancing at you, and not at somebody else! The greatest sign of flirtation is when she laughs at the jokes you make and makes physical contact with you occasionally, even pretending to brush passed you accidentally to get that magic touch. Other signs of flirting that she will provide is crossing one leg over the other, moving in and whispering, drooping her heels on her toes, and constantly smiling.
  8. 8. It's a true indication of invitation if she continues to look back in your direction. You'll realize she's into you if she maintains the eye contact while she is playing with an object in her hand, such as her glass or even her hair. There's a specific glow within the woman's eyes and a facial expression if she enjoys the company of a particular individual, but another sign is when she will step closer to you or touch you. The strongest sign that a female is annoyed, uninterested, and is annoyed by you is an annoyed look with her arms folded. Nonetheless, there's females that are nice enough to be merely civil, especially during a blind date with someone she is not attracted to. Look at her eyes, check to see if that glow is there or if they are dull and inexpressive, even when she smiles (the smiles are normally faked). If there's eye contact, but she keeps on breaking it and tries to look about the room, she might be contemplating excuses to head home earlier than expected. If you know what a female is thinking, then you'll know which step to do: to talk to her or to try your luck with somebody else. Those Dating Services Traditionally, hooking up was the way to introduce single men and women to each other. This usually involved getting two eligible single people you knew together. Hooking up was not always the answer to a happy future so people started turning to professional help. Professionally managed companies now offer a host of dating services. With the wide spread use of the internet, the most common dating service today is online dating service; this service requires users to register and fill out a form, thus creating a profile for those needing a date to browse the database for dates. These may also involve exchanges of messages or emails, and a few days or weeks to wait. Even though online dating can potentially be fun, it is still very wise to exercise extreme caution when you are providing your personal information to other people. Often people could seem honest and one hopes after knowing the person, that when sensitive data is given it is not put to unscrupulous use. Telephone dating service is another popular service especially with the wide spread use of the mobile phones, its use has grown dramatically. Phone services are often cheaper than the websites which charge more and at the same time more convenient and faster. All that you will have to pay for this service is your regular fee charged by your mobile operator for the text message you send. Mobile phones have a greater advantage as it is handy and you can have easier access to the profiles and the messages that you receive and send unlike your computer or laptop which cannot be carried anywhere you like. You have probably also seen video services which are advertised on TV. Here's how it works: you go to the office of the video dating services company and make a personal ad. You can project yourself depending on your preference. This video is then seen by other clients who would contact you via the service provider, company or the telephone provider.
  9. 9. Speed dating is another type of dating. After meeting everyone, each of them fills out a form to indicate which people they connected with the most. If two people match on this form with the same ideas then they plan a second meeting to talk or then a date. This kind of dating service companies advertise in the yellow pages, with ads on TV and online. Today, the Net plays such a large role because it is so wide in its reach. However, it is definitely because of the wide scope it offers, this platform has become an ideal place for scammers and you must be very cautious of anyone who demands money. All said and done, there has been a great change in dating thanks to these services. In the past people would be wary of asking for professional help to meet future companions. Because our lives and everything around us moves at a more rapid pace, we need to keep up with the times and this is why professional match making companies continue to multiply as the days pass. When you wanted to get someone a partner in the years gone by, you just hooked them up. This usually involved getting two eligible single people you knew together. This was not however, a recipe for happiness and very often ended sadly, which called for the need for professional help. These companies provide what we call dating services. Online dating service is the most common one, and it works by completing a registration form, creating yourself a public profile and searching through the company's database for some potential dates. These may also involve exchanges of messages or emails, and a few days or weeks to wait. One word of advice though: you have to realize that it could be dangerous in the virtual world so be careful. Most of the time, they are going to appear trustworthy, but you can only hope that you know them good enough for them not to try to use your information for unnecessary reasons. Phone dating service is another common type of dating service and it is gaining popular in the past few years. Phones services are very convenient, cheaper and faster. The only thing that you are going to have to pay for is the standard rate for each text message. Mobile phones have a greater advantage as it is handy and you can have easier access to the profiles and the messages that you receive and send unlike your computer or laptop which cannot be carried anywhere you like. You have probably also seen video services which are advertised on TV. Here's how it works: you go to the office of the video dating services company and make a personal ad. It's all up to you what kind of an image about yourself you want conveyed. This video is viewed by other clients, and when interested, they would contact the service provider to make contact. Speed dating, is also a dating service, where groups of women and men get together to interact with one another for a certain period of time. Once every one in the batch has been interacted with, a form is filled out, indicating the most interesting ones or those with whom a certain connection was established. Then, the ones who connected are brought together and then the rest is up to them. You'll find these services advertised in all media and you can contact them through the contact numbers or mail in their ads. The internet tops all the sources due to its wide availability and scope. However, it is precisely because of this wide scope that is has become more attractive to scam artists; you should beware of people who ask for money. These services are drastically changing the way dating is set up. The scenario of shunning the concept of contacting a professional for finding a companion is changing and it does not apply today anymore. The fast paced life forces us that we keep up with the speed with which things around us move and one such aspect is professional match making services which continue to increase day by day.
  10. 10. Good Online Dating Sites To Get Beautiful Women Online dating is becoming popular because people believe it works or at least it can work. It is common for a woman to be terrified of meeting a man she has been talking with through online. They are big concerned about safety. Could he be an escaped convict? Is the man trustworthy? You may just be a nice guy looking for a good girl for you. When dating a woman online you must treat it with the same seriousness as you would when dating other women. You will have to use subtle ways to find out all you can about the woman. If you wish, you should adjust your actions and reactions to suit her temperament. Asking questions will open the floodgates to a multitude of information that you seek to find out about her. Do not interrupt her conversation because then you will do a big disservice to your self. If she is an egoistic woman you will have to spend the whole day to listen to all that she has to say; otherwise you will still get to hear what you want to hear. You must take care not to repeat the mistakes that made her feel uncomfortable on her previous online date. The answer to this question would provide you with a good clue about the lady. If she blames the guy, you can conclude she is egoistic and self centered. You can easily smell a rat if she says she is all to blame for the incidents. She might say the break up was by mutual consent. In the initial stages of great uncertainties, always keep your guard up as you can never predict correctly when she might strike if you lower your guard. Knowing what you are dealing with will give you a better edge and boost your confidence when you meet the lady for the first time. The woman is like a shadow; you chase them, they will run away from you but if you leave them, they will come after you. Stories of you being superman or ultraman are definitely out of order. If you rush her to meet you face-to-face she might think you are a desperado. A solid foundation to a good lasting relationship is built on honesty and not on deceit. There is a wise oriental saying that the carcass of an elephant can never be hidden under a bamboo tray (don't lie). You surely want the woman to accept you as you are and not as some touched up wretched monster of a mysterious lagoon; just sent the photo. Sending pictures of yourself in a natural daily working environment goes a long way to really speak of you in a thousand words. Show yourself from different and various angles that will give her an excellent idea of how you look like live in front of her in the face-to-face encounter. It is the thought of meeting a strange man can be rather eerie for most women; don't add that to the phantom of the opera setting because that will leave you prancing alone at the appointed place and time for ages. Don't suggest that the two of you go jungle trekking at any resort itinerary. In the final analysis, whatever you do or suggest must all culminate in her feeling of safety.
  11. 11. "Learn How To Get The Women Of Your Dreams Using Only Proven To Work Women Getter Techniques" Introducing.... How To Easily Get Women Inside This eBook You Will Learn: The qualities every woman no matter the race or age looks for and find absolutely irresistible in men. These qualities are not something you’re born with, in fact they are extremely easy to get! The absolute most important rules of attraction. If you don't understand this, you are never going to be successful with women, no matter what you look like or how much money you have. How to easily get rid of your fear of approaching and meeting women! This is something a lot of us guys have a problem with, and yet it is so easy to overcome. How to become a first date professional. You’ll need to learn this if you are planning on using this guide properly…because you will be going on a lot of first dates!
  12. 12. Everything you need to know about using online dating sites the right way! From the first contact all the way to getting her to want to meet up with you. A guaranteed way to get her begging you for a second date. You wont believe how powerful yet simple this technique is! How To Honestly Date Multiple Women At The Same Time With No One Getting Hurt In The Process (if you are looking to have fun but at the same time don’t want to hurt anyone this is something you absolutely must know). Why most women would rather have a “bad boy” instead of a nice caring guy that’s always there for her. And how you can be that “bad boy” without actually being bad. Why catering to her every need from the moment you meet her will absolutely kill your chances of being anything more than her “talking friend”. Why compliments will not always get you past the pick up line, and how to really get a woman’s attention when approaching her. Why what you think women want and what you have always been told women want (even by other women) is one of the biggest reasons most men’s chances of sweeping a beautiful woman of her feet are next to nothing. The 7 or so things women are really looking for when they meet a man. This is exactly what 95% of men out there are missing when they are trying to pick up girls. The 14 essential rules you should always follow when dating. Follow these rules and your troubles with women are sure to disappear. A list of the hottest online dating websites that will help you get a date every day of the week! The 4 things you should never talk about or even mention on a first date (bring this stuff up and you’ll ruin everything!).
  13. 13. Easy ways to tell if a woman is truly interested in you or just being nice. And So Much More! (Click Below) To Easily Getting Beautiful Women! Best Regards, Fred Allen.