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Teen Library (Mis) Behavior 101, or, Beasts in the Fair Garden


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For NHLA Business Meeting November 4, 2010

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Teen Library (Mis) Behavior 101, or, Beasts in the Fair Garden

  1. 1. Resources: Slides: Links: Contact: 1.603.247.3196
  2. 2. Disruptive Library Behaviors Congregating Courting Behavior Backtalk Eating & drinking Cell phone use
  3. 3. Dangerous Library Behaviors Language Sex Vandalism Theft Violence Cyberbullying
  4. 4. Differentiate Between the 2 Ds Disruptive Normal Annoying Dangerous Abnormal Harmful to self & others Illegal
  5. 5. Why Do Teens Act That Way?
  6. 6. Teen Behavior Influences Cultural Sociological Personal Psychological Biological
  7. 7. Frontal Lobe Facilitates: Planning Decision Making
  8. 8. Myelin Sheath Facilitates: Learning new things Gut reactions  intelligent response Concrete  abstract
  9. 9. Dopamine Controls: Smooth motor skills Pleasure center Volume regulator
  10. 10. Serotonin Regulates: Temperature Mood Appetite Emotion
  11. 11. Melatonin Controls: Sleep/wake cycles Biological clock
  12. 12. On Rules Create a behavior policy Same rules for everyone Less rules = better Be positive Be flexible
  13. 13. Set Boundaries 1. State unacceptable behavior 2. State consequence of continuing unacceptable behavior 3. Ask teen to make a choice
  14. 14. Correcting Behavior 3 Strikes & You’re Out! Target the Group Leader Good Cop, Bad Cop Invade Personal Space* * follow your instincts
  15. 15. Follow Through Welcome back Introduce Discuss Reinforce
  16. 16. Create Raving Fans 1. Cultivate relationships 2. Engage teens in meaningful participation 3. Be an excellent librarian 4. Give them a room of their own 5. Evaluate
  17. 17. Cultivate Relationships Talk to teens when they do something RIGHT Greet Get Out
  18. 18. Meaningful Participation
  19. 19. Be an Excellent Librarian! Customer Service Reference Reader’s Advisory
  20. 20. Excellent Customer Service Be respectful Greet by name Engage in their preferred mediums Anticipate needs Find ways to say YES Evaluate
  21. 21. CS Tip: Give ‘em the Pickle!
  22. 22. Excellent Reference Read the local newspaper Don’t ask, “Is this for homework?” Do ask, “Do you want me to show you how to get it, or just get it for you? Don’t point; take a walk Conduct a reference interview
  23. 23. The Reference Interview Be approachable Ask open ended questions Confirm Follow through
  24. 24. RI Tip: Smile like you mean it! Thibault, Pascal; Pierre Gosselin, Marie-Lise Brunel and Ursula Hess. “Children’s and adolescents’ perception of the authenticity of smiles.” Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. Volume 102, Issue 3, March 2009, pages 360-367
  25. 25. Excellent Reader’s Advisory Right book, right person, right time Discover Clarify Tune Direct
  26. 26. RA Tip: Incorporate Media INSTEAD OF: What authors do you like to read? What are the last 3 books you read? What did you like about them? ASK: What movies do you like? What TV shows do you watch? What games do you play?
  27. 27. A Room of Their Own Go beyond a shelf and a poster Convert a meeting room Designate a staff person
  28. 28. Reminders for Librarians Stay calm It’s not personal Teens are job security Learn to RAP
  29. 29. Homework Assignment: Moment of Truth Remember Accept Project 09.mp3
  30. 30. Thank You! Slides: Links: Contact: 1.603.247.3196