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Infovision 2012


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Infovision 2012

  1. 1. Oct 19(Fri) – 20 (Sat), 2012, Bangalore 1
  2. 2. Agenda: 2012 Oct 19th Fri 20th Sat Practitioner Track for practitioners MainStream Common Track Leader’s Track MainStream for BI Leaders Common Track 2
  3. 3. Infovision Summit HighLights 100% Volunteer Driven, Industry & Academia Supported Summit for Professionals, Industry and Academia Vendor Neutral /Technology independent Information Excellence summit in India Focused on business & technical competencies on Information Excellence – for Decision Makers and Practioners High Quality Strategic Agenda attracting senior/executive profiles, Speakers of high-repute Innovative event with finely blended formats with Speaking, best practices, case studies and workshops. Non-profit, Non-Cash endeavor. Vendor neutral, Sales-pitch free; focused on knowledge sharing and networking. Organized by globally renowned forums - CSI, DAMA, TDWI and Information Excellence Group Illustrious Advisory, Steering, Program and Organizing committee members Collaboratively crafted and supported “Industry, Practitioner, Academia” event A no-fees, free two day event, with deep dive focus on Technology and Business Supported and Attended by industry leaders and senior professionals Attended by Who’s Who of the Industry Participation to this event is by invitation only (it will ensure exclusivity) Invited profiles are of CIOs, CTOs, SVP/VPs, Directors, Technology leaders and business leaders Distinguished Speakers/Panelists include CIOs, Business leaders and Competency Heads Sharing of Experiences of premier and admired customer companies, Technology and service providers Additional Supporting Sponsorship Welcome (in non-cash format) Reach out directly to a world-class semblance of decision-makers and thought-leaders Your brand & organization is expected to get over 10000 exposure points. Infovision Website and informationexcellence blog coverage ( Pre- and Post conference coverage among tech media) Sponsorships accepted for  Participant Raffles Delegate and Speaker Kits  Welcome Kits Participant Mementoes  2013 Feb Summit Sponsorship Venue host for Monthly Sessions 3
  4. 4. Sponsorship Opportunities: Infovision 2012 Additional industry support ( only in-kind contribution, no monetary transfers) is welcome in the form of •Participant Kits •Speaker/Panelist Mementos •Raffle sponsor •Competition Prizes Summit URL: 4
  5. 5. Volunteer Team of Organizers for this SummitAnup Kumar Dash Asit Piri, Balaji Venkataraman, Balasubba Raman Chid Kollengode, Mandar Mutalikdesai, Kanupriya Garg,Manager – Projects Data Architect Data Architect, Guruswamy, Professor, Director, Cloud Researcher, Siemens CT Lead Dell KCE, and Ex CSI Chairman Computing, Nokia Analyst, ITC Infotech RTC; Faculty, ISIM(DWBI), iGate HP Neerav K Joshipura, Prashanth Prof Shalini URS, Raghavendra Hulgeri, Sarfaraz Hafiz,Naveen Hegde IBM Global Services - Pradeep Dhupati, Head, Risk Management, BI Project Manager, Sr Software Engineer, Chandrashekar, Exec Director,Industry Analyst Global Delivery OracleFSS; CSI Ex President Target SAP Labs Target India ISIM, MysoreIDC Asia Pacific Shivakumar A P, Surya Putchala, Venugopal Krishnan, Delivery PM (BI Practice), Sorabh Bajaj, Srinivasan Rengarajan, Subrahmanyam D V R, Academy IMA, Sr. Consultant & Freelance BI Consultant BI Head, Collabera. Enterprise Architect, Mphasis Intel; (DAMA Blore VP) (TDWI India VP) Architect, TCS Want to Volunteer? Contact any of the volunteers or write to: In the Alphabetical Order (apologies for any unintentional omissions) 5
  6. 6. Complete List of Information Excellence Volunteers In the Alphabetical Order (apologies for any unintentional omissions)  Anup Kumar Dash, Manager Projects, iGate Raghuram Mutya, BI Head, Dell Services Asit Peri, Data Architect Lead, HP Sarfaraz Hafiz, Project Manager BI, Target Balaji Venkataraman, Data Architect, Dell Senthil Nathan R, Marketing Director, Abiba Chid Kollengode, Sr. Director, Nokia Shivakumar A P, Delivery PM (BI), Mphasis Dr. Jay Bharateesh Simha, CTO, Abiba Systems Sivakumar K A Infosys PKanupriya Garg, Analyst, ITC Infotech Somanna Setty Teeka, DW Manager, Intel Lakshman Lakshmanan, Project Manager, Target Somashekar Muniyappa, Oracle Nagaraj Kulkarni, Director, COMPEGENCE Sorabh Bajaj, Freelance BI Consultant Nageswara Puppala, Data Architect, Dell Srinivas Eranti Harigopal, Accenture Naveen Hegde IDC Srinivasan Rengarajan, BI Head, Collabera Subrahmanyam D V R, Ent. Architect, Intel Neerav K Joshipura, IBM Global Services Surya Putchala, Chief Mentor, Academy IMA Prakash C P, Target Umashankar Ramaiah, Target Prashanth Chandrashekar BI Proect Manager, Target Prof BalasubbaRaman Guruswamy, KCE Venugopal Krishnan, Sr. Consultant & Architect, TCS Prof Shalini URS, Exec Director, ISIM, Mysore Vinodhshankar Balasubramanian, HP Raghavendra Hulgeri, Risk Mgmt Head, Oracle FSS Pradeep Dhupati, SAP Want to Volunteer? Contact any of us or write to: 6
  7. 7. Program Links and Registration Summit URL: summit updates: linked in: facebook: twitter: #infoexcel presos: (10000+ views) Past Summits: 2012 Feb Data Dynamics Spring Summit hosted by Wipro 2011 Sep Infovision Summit hosted by Infosys 7
  8. 8. Oct 19(Fri) – 20 (Sat), 2012, BangaloreHost Sponsor Organizing Partners 8