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Information Excellence 2012 Spring Summit "DATA DYNAMICS"

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Information Excellence 2012feb_summit_summary

  1. 1. Information Excellence Spring Summit 2012INFORMATION EXCELLENCE 2012 Spring Summit, themed “Data Dynamics”, was held in Bangalore onFeb 25-26, 2012 at Wipro’s Electronic City Campus in Bangalore. The summit was host-sponsored byWipro, with additional industry sponsorship support from TCS (Mementoes), Sungard (Speaker andVolunteer Kits and Participant Raffle Prizes), Collabera (Participant Prize Raffles) and Academy IMA for(Welcome Kits).Organized by the Information Excellence Group (a volunteer community), in collaboration withProfessional forums (CSI Bangalore Chapter, DAMA Bangalore Chapter, TDWI India Chapter, ISIMMysore) with Industry Support – this is the first of the two large format sessions in the year. The Summitbrought together the Professionals, Industry, Academia and Research together to help promoteInformation Excellence towards “positively impacting Profession, Business and Society”.Mr. K R Sanjiv, Senior Vice President, Analytics & Information Management Services, Wipro, kicked offthe summit with the Welcome Note Speech. He posed interesting questions for speakers to answerduring the course of two days. His call for action included that BI should impact performance KPIs liketop-line Growth & customer Satisfaction. Even if we are not able to see clear correlation of BI to KPIs, itshould aid in decision making, he asserted.Changing Face of Data, also the topic for panel discussion, emerged as strong theme during the summit.The discussions/presentations revolved around the art & science of applying data management tosupport business decisions and designing customer experience.Soumendra Mohanty, Partner, Global Information Management Services practice, Accenture, believesthat technology is evolutionary & enterprises need to identify the trend & move along, like surfers onsea waves. The objective of BI should be to enable information for business users. Soumendra sharedthat he faces challenge in explaining C-execs as to what BI can do for them, as the outcome is not alwaysquantifiable. A participant asked if it was possible to predict the recent US sub-prime crisis andSoumendra believes that BI models in place are good but lacked real time interventions fromGovernment and Financial institutions.Vijaya P H Deepti, Vice President and Head of Global Delivery (Insurance) at TCS, shared her experienceon “Innovation with Data Agility in Insurance”. She believes that customer behaviour will define thefuture of businesses. With different sources of customer information available, companies should relateto their customers on one-to-one basis to gain competitive advantage. She believes that data agility isthe first step towards the journey of excellence. 2012 Spring Summit DATA DYNAMICS 1
  2. 2. http://informationexcellence.wordpress.comAshish Vikram, VP User Data & Analytics at Yahoo! spoke on how yahoo is using ExperimentManagement System to improvise customer experience on Yahoo Sites. It was interesting to know fromhim that increasing the width of search bar can result in increased number of searches. It was evenmore interesting to learn how Yahoo has been using concepts of psychology to improve user experienceonline.Deepak Swamy, Head of Corporate Product Strategy at Infosys put a different dimension to applicationof data. He believes that the companies can use available client data to evolve their offerings fromtransaction based model to continuous engagement based model. For decades, companies have beenmaking their offerings based on customer’s transaction history & spending pattern; it is about time thatmarketers understand the context & intent behind the pattern & transactions.Changing face of data- the topic for panel discussion, facilitated by Dr. N R Srinivasa Raghavan, SeniorVice President, Advanced Analytics, Global Decision Management, Citicorp offered a platform forparticipants to share their views:  Dr. Raghavan called for the deliberations by qualifying the “Changing face of Data” with the following possibilities, to be dissected and discussed in synch with the business applications and societal impacts. o Data originations – the source of the chaos and its implications o Data storage for Next-gen Data Types (NDTs) o Data processing for NDTs including Integration/Visualization/Security/Big data/Hadoop, Cloud, Mobility etc o Data governance mechanisms for NDTs o Analytics using NDTs o Tying up implementations with NDTs  Dr. Mukund Mohan, Chief Architect, Business Analytics and Optimization at IBM India, introduced 3 Vs of data i.e. Volume, Velocity & Variety. Volume & Velocity of data can be managed, given the latest technological advances, but Variety of data is one factor that is giving sleepless nights to data managers  Iqbal Kaur, Director (Analytics & reporting) at Target believes that 3 trends viz. Usage of Mobile devices & apps, Social Media & Cloud Computing will require IT to support businesses in gaining competitive advantage  Naren Peri, Delivery Unit Head at MuSigma shared his views that changing face of data is not a phenomenon in isolation. It impacts the faces of business and technology as well. Changing face of data, combined with innovation in technology creates a shift in paradigm- it not only solves existing business problem but also creates new business opportunities. New opportunities would be built upon leveraging data assets across industries and new opportunities would be discovered by mining unstructured data. 2012 Spring Summit DATA DYNAMICS 2
  3. 3.  Niranjan Thirumale, CTO at EMC India shared his experience on data management and answered an interesting question from audience “Can Big Data help us solve civic problems?” Niranjan replied in assertiveness. He also elaborated on the Big Data impacts in the emerging economies.  Mahesh VL, GM-AM Services, Healthcare & Mfg, Wipro says that Big Data is here to stay, and the next big opportunity is in the analytics on Big Data.Post an insightful panel discussion, Anindya Ghosh of Wipro posed an interesting question to audience:“What is Analytics?” He says that analytics is not just about platform or technology rather it is a mindset.Analytics should become part of organisational culture.Parag Chitalia, Director, Dell and Dr. K Raghava Rau, Program Manager at Dell discussed the case studyon how they are helping Dell to take informed decisions by bringing visibility in supply chain using OrderHealth Cards.This insightful case study was followed by presentation from Sudarshan Gangrade of UIDAI on howanalytics has helped the project improve their productivity & quality of data capture. to be changedto This insightful case study was followed by an informal talk by Sudarshan Gangrade of UIDAI on howanalytics has helped the project improve their productivity & quality of data capture based on the whitepaper released by UIDAI.Day 2 of the Summit:Day 2 started with Prof. Jayant Haritsa of Indian Institute of Sciences Bangalore explaining “Picasso” - aJava based software that helps identify the best execution plan for databases. It generates a threedimensional diagram of Plan, Cost & Card. Picasso is database query optimiser visualiser and can beused as: a. query optimizer analysis, debugging, and redesign aid by system developers, b. query optimization test bed by database researchers, and c. query optimizer pedagogical support by database instructors and studentsThe insightful topic of artistic talents of database optimisers was followed by another eye openingdiscussion on “Making data repetitions work for you” by Srinivasan Sengamedu, VP at Komli Labs. Whilemost of the discussions in industry today are around storing & retrieving data, Srinivasan introducedanother dimension of identifying spam/repeat data. He further explained that work at Komli Labs doesnot only help identify repeated strings of text but also the repetitions in pictures using weak similarity &strong similarity scores.Sridhar Gopalakrishnan, CEO of Xurmo Technologies, introduced the challenges for achieving SemanticLayer. We may not have the required ontology but what we have is patterns in data and these patternscan teach machines to automate knowledge based work. 2012 Spring Summit DATA DYNAMICS 3
  4. 4. http://informationexcellence.wordpress.comAditya Yadav, Head of ATS/R&D, Sungard and his colleague Soundararajan Velu shared their experienceof implementing Real-time Hadoop analytics with Raptor for their investment banking clients. Thechallenge faced by Aditya and team was real time reporting needs of their clients. However, given thearchitecture of Hadoop, the data latency needed a work around- hence came the solution in terms ofusing Raptor and bucketing the data at the time of storage.While the event was approaching consummation, Sreedharan Srinivasan, Manager at Iron Mountaindiscussed the increasing need for Document & Content Management and how Iron Mountain has beenhelping its clients in scanning, storing and retrieval of business documents - both soft and hard copyones. He humored the audience with the story of the Ironmountain’s offices housed in the world warbunkers hundreds of feet below the ground.The two day summit was a feast of Knowledge share for the Participant Professionals, Researchers andseveral Academic faculty and students. It was a delight to see the faculty from many colleges such asPune, Hubli, Mysore, and Bangalore coming to the summit so they could coach and guide their studentsin synch with the emerging industry trends.The summit concluded with a call for increasing the impact of Information Excellence in the IndianContext, and to harvest this pre-requisite knowledge to help the companies and country “Compete withAnalytics”. The next large format session was announced to be slated for the last week of September.The Summary of the summit, with the presentations can be found at the information excellence blogsite at event was live covered by Sharon D Souza of Tech Target and SearchBusinessIntelligence.IN; thepresentations with audio-cast summary will be available at the site. 2012 Spring Summit DATA DYNAMICS 4
  5. 5. http://informationexcellence.wordpress.comTop tweets for the Summit with hashtag: #infoexcelKamlesh ® @kamleshrao an IT Prosumer and Microsoft SharePoint MVP - - Analytics is not about creating 100+ MIS reports. It is very much tied up with business - We have lots of information technology, but dont have information - Today consumers have become prosumers. Thanks to social networking - Usage based Insurance (Auto Insurance) - New tariff model, from "pay as you drive" to "pay how you drive - Today consumers have become prosumers. Thanks to social networking - In-memory Analytics will have great response time - Last event of the day - UIDAI Architecture and AnalyticsNimish Gupta @nimishgupta Security professional, aviation fan, love EDM! - Era of open data, planning to harvest only internal system data not sufficient. - analytics is very tightly tied to a business outcome.. - Great morning sessions, especially the iisc professor and Sridhar from XurmoBala Krishnan @Krishnan_Bala Head-Technical Education. 14 years experience in Projectmanagement, Software development & Learning - get your foundation skills right, to ensure we master emerging trends in technology skills. - Old economy is becoming OLD Faster 2012 Spring Summit DATA DYNAMICS 5
  6. 6. http://informationexcellence.wordpress.comHow can I support and contribute to the cause of Information Excellence:From The Organizations and Institutes: 1) Venue Support from your company for One Monthly Knowledge Share Sessions in this Year (3:30 to 6:00 PM on Fridays OR 10 AM to 12 Noon on Saturdays, Once a month) 2) Subject Matter Expert Speaker Support to share he expert and emerging knowledge (in detailed, deep dive format, that helps the professionals with deployable-take-away knowledge) 3) Host and / or Sponsor a Large format session 4) Support with incremental sponsorship support (mementoes, raffles, welcome kits)From The Individual Professionals: 1) Sign up to be a volunteer, and take ownership of a whole monthly session 2) Offer to speak, Offer to be a back up speaker 3) Communicate and engage your fellow practitioners and your company 4) Contribute with your expertise to share and speak 5) Active contribution to the KnowBase on the informationexcellence site 6) Volunteers with commitmen to drive these activities further to next levelWhat does the Industry get in return:This needs to evolve, and is based on the belief that a strong and growing community is good for theindustry in this talent starved domain. Here are some to start with. We would like to co-evolve this withthe industry ad professional inputs and feedback – beyond the volunteer community. 1) Can publish any of your SME job openings in the space, at the CAREER_INFO_JOBS section. All you need to do is send us an email with your full contact details, the job post to be inserted with adequate details, and a direct contact email address of your designated employee to whom resumes need to go. Professionals interested will directly contact you over email. 2) Use the blog site and community to share innovations and breakthroughs, to the community 3) Can reach a good number of industry experts, when you need SME speakers in specific domains, for your internal domains (again, a direct communication model is followed) 4) This has been a great networking opportunity for the professionals to connect with fellow professionals and brainstorm offline on related topics. 5) Provides a point of proactive engagement and satisfaction in the other-wise stressed out modern urban techie life! And that makes a phenomenal difference to each one of us! Reach us at: Any volunteer at: Or email at: 2012 Spring Summit DATA DYNAMICS 6