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Information Excellence 2012 Spring Summit "DATA DYNAMICS"
Panel Discussion Changing Face of Data

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Information excellence 2012feb_panel_changing face of data

  1. 1. Information Excellence Summit Data Dynamics Feb 25 - 26th 2012, Wipro Campus, Electronic City, Bangalore Information Excellence Impacting “Profession, Business and Society”Register for FREE at Mementos Online Media PartnerHost Organizers Raffles Raffles Welcome Kit
  2. 2. Iqbal Kaur Mahesh VL Mukund Mohan Director, Target India General Manager, Wipro Chief Architect, IBM India Naren Peri Niranjan Thirumale Dr. N.R.S RaghavanDelivery Head, Mu Sigma CTO, EMC India SVP, Citicorp Data Dynamics Information Excellence Spring 2012 Summit
  3. 3. Panelists Dr. N. R. Srinivasa Raghavan, Senior Vice President- Advanced Analytics, Global Decision Management, Citicorp Dr Raghavan has over 85 publications and has experienced both the Industry and academia. After his stint as Associate professor of Management studies in IISc, he has Mentored and Managed the R&D engagement for Dell and GM. He has been awarded the Outstanding young associate of the Indian Academy of Sciences. He currently heads the Global decision management for Citicorp in Bangalore. He has guided over 49 MS / PhD research students. He was instrumental in setting up global centers of excellence in Predictive Modeling as well as establishing collaborative research partnerships with academia across the world (US, UK, Singapore, Israel, India) during his stint in GE. He is also a member of the Karnataka State higher Education Council and Program Committee member for APAC conference on Knowledge and Data Discovery.
  4. 4. Panelists Mukund Mohan, Chief Architect, IBM India Business Analytics and Optimization CoC Mukund comes with over 20 years of experience in various roles as architect, consultant, teacher, mentor and researcher in Business Intelligence. He is a recipient of Kewal Dubey Award, a national award of the Computer Society of India, and has multiple patents. He has designed over a dozen data warehouses in various industry sectors, designed first-of-a-kind solutions, worked with multiple technologies and advised large companies in BI Strategy and data governance. His current research areas include Self-care BI and Exploratory Analytics . He has B Tech from BIT, Ranchi and Ph D from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
  5. 5. Panelists Iqbal Kaur, Director - Analytics & Reporting at Target Iqbal has over 14 years of experience in areas of Analytics and Consumer Lending, with focus on Predictive Analytics, Risk Management and setting up enterprise Analytical Capabilities. She brings a combination of proven leadership capabilities both in general management and functional leadership roles. Iqbal created the enterprise analytics and reporting capabilities from scratch through aggregation of talent, contextual and platform exercise, for Target Corporation with 400+ member team. She was previously with Genpact and GE Money. She is an alumnus of XIM Bhubaneshwar.
  6. 6. Panelists Mahesh Velapakam, GM - Analytics & Information Management Services, Healthcare & Manufacturing, Wipro With an extended past into non-information technology businesses like coal mining & Hi-tech industrial automation and engineering, Mahesh has been performing various contributions to information technology services at Wipro for the past 14 plus years. He has contributed extensively to advisory areas around Information value realization, information quality assurance for manufacturing and healthcare enterprises. As a hands-on practitioner, he has created few IPs for online consumption. One of that is in the area of social network media mining / information modelling to establish an information supply chain from external to enterprise systems to create retail value.
  7. 7. Panelists Naren Peri, Delivery Unit Head, Mu Sigma Naren is a Delivery Unit Head in Mu Sigma. He is Alumni of Penn State University, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, and Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India He is responsible for client delivery, people development and providing thought leadership across projects. He has extensive background in Business Consulting and data warehousing, servicing Fortune 500 clients across multiple industries. He has deep interest in the areas of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics, and also blogs about it .
  8. 8. Panelists Niranjan Thirumale, Chief Technology Officer, EMC India Center of Excellence (COE). Niranjan incubates advanced research and technology development projects within the India COE and raises the technical capabilities of the organization by working closely with EMCs leadership. He offers technology leadership to emerging markets initiatives and promotes tighter interlock between Sales and Engineering. Niranjan also works university research collaborations through the EMC Innovation Network. Niranjan is also a member of EMC’s CTO council. Prior to joining EMC India, Niranjan was with NetApp India and IBM in the US. Niranjan is an Engineer in Computer Science from IIT Madras, and holds an M.S. and Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.
  9. 9. Panel Theme: Organizer’s Take “Changing face of Data” The demand and need for data collection, integration, transformation, analysis, discovery, dissemination, presentation and visualization (and tools focused on some or all of these functions) have been changing rapidly in the past decade. The context and landscape of Data has been changing from ‘data in databases” to expand and include unstructured text, documents, web content and further expanding to include images, voice, speech, video and streaming etc. The Moore’s Law and evolving transformational technologies such as Big Data, Cloud, Virtualization, Pervasive internet and Mobility are further spiraling up the vortex of change. In the context aware, location / person / device specific data world. With Behavioural context. The business demands have been changing as well, from the conventional “load time latency” and “here are the reports” to helping “business adapt to the change” and “innovating with data driven (product/solution) offerings” What remains unchanged, though, is the unqualified need for the “trusted data foundation” with no compromises on consistency, integration, traceability, auditability and governance of the hugely enlarged data spectrum. This Panel focuses on this “Changing face of Data” and its implications, along with call for action to Business Leaders, Industries, Information Professionals and Academia.
  10. 10. Panel Theme: Changing Face of Data Changing face of data combined with math & technology innovation lead to a paradigm shift:creates business opportunities  Moore’s law,  Industry boundaries are Unstructured data fast becoming hazy & thinner  Data Information & Knowledge  Actions  Technology innovation Outcomes is enabling new business models  OLTP BI/OLAP  Analytics  Actionable  Old economy is insights  Outcomes  Changing becoming ‘old’ faster Change Process/change Face of OLTP?  Behaviors are changing, Data new behaviors and  Agenda less data vs. needs are emerging agenda driven data  Need for faster and  ‘conversations’ are better decisions, more perishable? Privacy such decisions affected? Analytics is continually evolving with changing face of data, business and innovations in technology and math
  11. 11. Panel Theme: Changing Face of Data Creates convergence opportunities and business applications across industries Industries Data and Business Applications Retail/pharmacy, Pharma Patient prescription adherence data finds its and health insurance applications across 3 industries leading to better outcomes/ health management, & lowering costs Retail, and banks/financial Transactional and behavioral data resulting from services purchases on cobranded/loyalty cards improves customer experience, enables focused targeting B2C, e-commerce, B2B- Conversations, intentions, unstructured data from across industries blogs, social networks : Mining and discovering patterns from agenda less data can lead to newer business opportunities- e.g.: enables closed loop marketing Retail /CPG RFID tags UIDAI Infinite possibilities that make social and business sense
  12. 12. Panel Theme: Changing Face of Data Key Takeaways / Calls to Action Changing face of data Challenges and threats Opportunities Thoughts for discussion • Security /Privacy • Fuel innovation in data • Does it creatively violation and technology- BIG destruct anything? • Danger of data deluge, DATA • Who is leading who- lost in data • Business and social data or business or tech applications or simultaneous • Possibilities of new change? businesses • Academicians vs. practitioners or fusion?
  13. 13. Call for Action:There is increased enthusiasm coupled with bewilderment around big data andwhat it portends forcompanies from an ROI perspective, and individuals from a career perspective.Analytics is here to stay and will oil ours and in turn the worlds economy in the nextdecade atleast !Changing face of data is not a phenomenon in isolation. Simultaneously faces ofbusiness and technology are also changing. Changing face of data, combined withinnovation in technology creates a shift in paradigm- it not solves existing businessproblem but also creates new business opportunities.New opportunities would be built upon leveraging data assets across industries,new opportunities would be discovered by mining unstructured data.However practitioners and academicians need to be cognizant of certain challengesspecifically about chances of compromising on data security and privacy. Data Dynamics Information Excellence Spring 2012 Summit
  14. 14. Information Excellence Summit,February 25, 2012 Bangalore Harvesting Information Excellence Impacting “Profession, Business and Society” Data Dynamics Information Excellence Spring 2012 Summit