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Information Excellence Group 2016 Feb Summit Info and Invite

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  1. 1. Information Excellence Progress Information Excellence Towards an Enriched Profession, Business and Society Information Excellence With Proud Support From Volunteer Driven Professional, Industry, Academia Supported Non Cash Wikipedia Model For Harvesting Information Excellence
  2. 2. Information Excellence 2016 Feb Knowledge Feast Hosted By 20th Feb 2016 Saturday 9 AM to 7 PM
  3. 3. Information Excellence 2016 Spring Knowledge Feast IEG 2016 DEEP DIVE CASES SME INSIGHTS TRENDS EXEC BRIEFINGS SPONSOR NOTES RESEARCH NOTES 20th Feb 2016 Saturday 9 Am to 7 PM
  4. 4. Information Excellence 2016 Feb Summit: Speaker Invitation Inviting Speakers: Inviting Speaker Proposals from Professionals and Researchers in the area of “Information Excellence” to share and grow the community with Knowledge Share: • Vision and Thought Leadership • Deep Dive Case Studies • Innovative Business Applications • Demystifying the hype • New Research and Technology looking for Industry Problems • Industry Problems Seeking Solutions • Practical Implementations Speaker Benefits: Presenting to a distinguished Peer Professional Audience Visibility across the industry Presentations shared on IEG forums (50000+ downloads) Contribute to the Community Refine your thoughts and views Contribute to Community Note: These are “KNOWLEDGE SHARE” Sessions, not Advertorial Presentations.
  5. 5. Information Excellence 2016 Feb Summit: Sponsor Opportunity Inviting Sponsors: Inviting Companies and Organizations that are passionate about building the Information Excellence ecosystem: IEG seeks nominal sposnorship for the 2016 Spring Session in IISc: • Speaker Mementoes (~ INR 40000) • Summit Lunch and Beverages ( ~ INR 0.9 Lakhs) • Speaker Gifts) • Participant Take Aways Note: All sponsorships are in kind (non- cash), arranged for the sponsored item) Sponsor Benefits: Join the supporters like Infosys, Intel, SAP, TCS, Wipro that have supported Help the Community Grow (so you have enough right talent) Sponsorship Acknowledgement in all communications and published presentations (Community of tens of thousands) Sponsor Stall space at Venue Contribute to grow the community of that is going to be vital for your growth The Real Benefit comes by eliminating the fog of ignorance among the Nations Talent Pool
  6. 6. Information Excellence 2016 Feb Summit: Speaker and Sponsorship Anchor Volunteers to reach out: Manjunath Mallya (974-041-1333) : Venugopal Krishnan (94481-45320) : Srikanth S (963-213-7122) : Senthil Nathan M : Aditya Kiran (88019-00964) : Priyaratan Mishra (96233-89904) : Balaji Venkataraman : Chid Kollengode (97414-11883) : Kanupriya Garg (0-97399-15800) : Nagaraj Kulkarni (99805-40426) : Neerav Joshipura (99800-05198) : onallcommunications,forcoordinatedresponse SMSifwecannotreceiveyourcall;wewillgetbackto you.
  7. 7. Information Excellence 2016 Feb Summit: Speaker and Sponsorship Like to Present: Please email with topic, topic description, speaker profile, linked-in link to any of the volunteers or to informationexcellence Note: The focus is on “KNOWLEDGE SHARE” Sessions, not Advertorial Presentations. Love to Sponsor: Please email with sponsorship preference to any of the volunteers or to informationexcellence
  8. 8. Information Excellence About
  9. 9. Information Excellence Community Focused Volunteer Driven Knowledge Share Accelerated Learning Collective Excellence Distilled Knowledge Shared, Non Conflicting Goals Validation / Brainstorm platform Mentor, Guide, Coach Satisfied, Empowered Professional Richer Industry and Academia Wikipedia Model, Non Cash, Industry Supported Progress Information Excellence Towards an Enriched Profession, Business and Society
  10. 10. Information Excellence As the Data Deluge continues and the training and certifications flood the industry and the data science packages soar high; While qualified and competent professionals continue to be harder to find and smaller in number; It is important to remove the fog of mis-perceptions, demystify the subject and provide the practical and real life understanding through the practitioner presented case studies. Information Excellence Group has been relentlessly working on that and continues its journey towards this immediate goal. The group is focused on helping grow the community, so the much mystified Data Science Harvest stands a chance. And then progress Information Excellence towards contributing to an Enriched Profession, Business and Society Purpose and End Goal
  11. 11. Information Excellence Bring in clarity and completeness of thought, skills and expertise through distilled knowledge share, expertise and industry cases
  12. 12. Information Excellence Sponsor / Host Summit Conference Host a Short Format Session Recommend Speakers Own a Project / Topic, Contribute to a Knowledge Base Contribute to KnowBase: egory/knowbase-infolinks/ Industry and Professional Support
  13. 13. Information Excellence Prior Summits and Knowledge Share Sessions
  14. 14. Information Excellence Inception (2011 May) to Date • Six Large Format Summits • 22 Short Format Sessions • 150+ Expert View Points • About Wikipedia Model • Professional + Industry + Academia with Shared Common Goal • Coming Together of Professional Orgs (CSI, TDWI, DAMA) • Continuing on Wikipedia Model • Supportive Industry • 100% Volunteer Driven, Non Cash model Five Large Format Summits and Hosts / Sponsors 2015 Feb: IISc, Dept of Management Studies ; DataXu; COMPEGENCE 2014 Feb: IISc, Dept of Management Studies ; SAP; COMPEGENCE 2012 Nov: SAP 2012 Feb: Wipro (TCS) 2011 Sep: Infosys (Wipro) 2011 Feb: Intel 2016 Feb: IISc: Scheduled
  15. 15. Information Excellence 2015 Feb Summit, hosted in IISc Information Excellence 2015 SPRING Summit “Business Analytics Industry Summit” Feb 28, 2014 Host: IISc, Department of Management Studies, Bangalore
  16. 16. Information Excellence 2015 Feb Summit: Speakers and Schedule Call to Practitioners and Industry Leaders Prof G. Rangarajan Chairman - DoIR IISc Information Needs of Top Management Dinakar Adhyam MD Saint-Gobain Sekurit Applications of Text Analytics to B2B Sales and Marketing Cohan Sujay Carlos Founder CEO Aiaioo Labs Measuring Loyalty Real Time: An HP Case Study Bindu Narayan Strategic Projects HP Global Analytics Big Data and Open Source Technologies G. Subramanian Sr VP - Analytics Infosys Disrupting IT Services using AI Ramprasad K R Chief Technologist Wipro Competing with Analytics Ravishanker N CIO Tatasky VC Gopalratnam CIO & VP-IT Cisco Universal Big Data Architecture Ramesh Bhashyam CTO Teradata R&D Labs
  17. 17. Information Excellence 2015 Feb Summit: Industry Volunteers Sorabh Bajaj Business Leader TAS Venugopal Krishnan Sr. Consultant & Architect TCS Dr. Abhinanda Sarkar Chief Data Scientist COMPEGENCE Chid Kollengode Director Cloud Computing Nokia Kanupriya Garg Credit Risk Strategist JPMorganChase Neerav K Joshipura Global Delivery IBM Raghavendra Hulgeri Head - Risk Management OracleFSS Mukesh KL Funder, Keikaku LLC Chandramouli Ramaswamy Project Director, Consulting Prof Balasubba Raman G Raghavendra Rao H Balaji Venkataraman Gowthaman Basuvaraj Siddharaj Umrani Jagadish Puvvada Prof M Srinivas Kiran Bettadpur Nagaraj Kulkarni Gowthaman Basuvaraju Chief Mixed, Xterra Nutritions
  18. 18. Information Excellence 2015 Feb Summit: IISc Student Volunteers Srikanth S. Amit Kumar Bidyot Doley Sindhu IISc Sendre, IISc IISc NIFT Aditi Tiwari Rajesh Bhat Karthikeyan K Mananashritha IISc IISc IISc NIFT.
  19. 19. Information Excellence 2015 Feb Summit: Industry ParticipationNoofPARTICIPNATS Attendee Participating Companies
  20. 20. Information Excellence 2014 Feb Summit, hosted in IISc
  21. 21. Information Excellence Monthly Short Format Sessions • 24 Sessions • 46 Speakers • 18 Supportive host sponsors • 22 Themes and topics Short Format Sessions To Date
  22. 22. Information Excellence Short Format Monthly Sessions Sustained Community Building
  23. 23. Information Excellence Objective: Progress Information Excellence towards an “Enriched Profession, Business and Society” Speaker Support from Industry In Collaboration with very supportive Industry (In Alpha Order) Data Dynamics Information Excellence Spring 2012 Summit
  24. 24. Information Excellence Objective: Progress Information Excellence towards an “Enriched Profession, Business and Society” Sponsors & Host Support from Industry In Collaboration with very supportive Industry (In Alpha Order) Data Dynamics Information Excellence Spring 2012 Summit
  25. 25. Information Excellence DRIVEN BY IEG (Information Excellence Group) Volunteers Abhinanda Sarkar, Ex Principal Scientist, GE; Adjunct Faculty at Dept of Management Studies, IISC K L Mukesh, Ex Tata Sky CIO Ramesh Bhashyam, CTO, Teradata India Sharad Sharma, Then Chair, NASSCOM Product Forum; Founder iSPIRT Foundation Aditya Yadav, Data Scientist, SunGard Ganga Ganapathi, HP Analytics Team Jyoti Ramakrishnan, Data Scientist, Target Nagaraj Kulkarni, Director, COMPEGENCE Neerav Joshipura, Sr Program Manager, IBM Venugopal Krishnan, Sr Consultant, TCS Presented to Lakshmi Narayanan (IISc Alumni) Cognizant Vice-Chairman and NSDC Director Sandhya Chintala Vice President, NASSCOM and Executive Director - IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council Data Chanakya Study for National Skill Development Council
  26. 26. Information Excellence About Information Excellence Group Reach us at: blog: linked in: Excellence-3893869 Facebook: excellence-group/171892096247159 presentations: twitter: #infoexcel email: Have you enriched yourself by contributing to the community Knowledge Share..
  27. 27. Information Excellence Disclosure “Information Excellence Group” is a volunteer community. “Information Excellence Group” has no commercial interest or focus. All Volunteer activity are in their respective individual capacity. Most Volunteers volunteer with the knowledge of and support from their companies. COMPEGENCE •Actively supports the Information Excellence Group •Is independent of the Information Excellence group •COMPEGENCE email id ( is used towards the Information Excellence Communication, primarily to overcome the limitations in emailing to large number of community members with the free email ids •COMPEGENCE supports with ongoing committed volunteer time focused in facilitating the continued short Format sessions