IEG 2014 Business Analytics Industry Summit Info


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Information Excellence Group 2014 Spring "Business Analytics Industry Summit"

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IEG 2014 Business Analytics Industry Summit Info

  1. 1. NASSCOM AIG Thought leadership on structuring the growth strategies for India To emerge as the Analytics Hub Thank You for the Support and Anchoring the Panel on Analytics Talent Development
  2. 2. Dept of Management Studies, IISc Harvesting Management And Analytical Talent from 1947 The origin of the Department can be traced back to 1947 when the Section of Economics and Social Sciences was setup in 1947. This pioneering step was largely a result of the long-term vision of J.N. Tata, which had sown the seeds of management education and research in the country. Thank You for the Hosting the Business Analytics Industry Summit
  3. 3. Today’s Knowledge Feast
  4. 4. From 8:30 9:00 To Session 9:00 Registration, Networking Welcome Note and About the 9:15 Session 9:15 9:30 Host Note, Summit Kick Off 9:30 Analytics for Dell’s channel transformation (Edelman 10:30 award finalist presentation) 10:30 11:15 New trends in Business 11:15 Analytics 11:30 Coffee Break Speakers IISc and IEG Volunteer Team IISc and IEG Volunteer Team Prof M.H. Bala Subrahmanya, Chairman, Dept of Management Studies, IISc Parag Chitalia, Director, Supply Chain Analytics, DELL Murugan Pugalenthi, Sr Manager, Global Analytics, DELL Dr. K. Raghava Rau, Big Data Analytics SME, DELL Venkatesh Vaidyanathan ,VP – Business Anlaytics Product Mgmt, SAP Labs Dr Paul Pallath, Data Scientist, SAP Labs
  5. 5. From To 11:30 Session Big Data Analytics for Intelligent Transport 12:15 Management Systems Speakers Parameshwaran.Iyer, Sr Data Scientist, BOSCH Mohan B V, Technical Lead, BOSCH Jay Bharathish Simha, CTO, ABIBA TECHNOLOGIES 12:15 13:00 13:00 WAR in R 14:00 Networking Lunch 14:00 15:30 Tejas Sanghavi, VP, Analytics Academy, FRACTAL Ravi Shankar, AVP and Portfolio Head, INFOSYS Vineet Mehta, Group Manager – Enterprise BI, TARGET Panel Discussion Anchored By Prof. Chiranjit Mukhopadhyay, Dept of Nasscom Analytics Interest Management Studies, IISc Group on Dr. Rajaram Kudli, Analytics Education and Innovation Evangelist, Prajnan 15:30 Analytics Talent Development enterprises 15:45 Coffee Break
  6. 6. From To 15:45 16:45 17:25 16:45 17:25 17:40 17:40 18:20 18:20 16:50 19:15 Session Analytics - Productivity Improvement Cases Trust Analytics at eBay Coffee Break Building Big Data Analytics Platform Unlocking the next industrial 18:50 revolution – M2M Data Science Guidance Note on Analytics 19:15 Progression 19:30 Vote of Thanks Speakers Ajay Sharma, Director, YAHOO Bagavath Subramanian, Architect, YAHOO Vinodh Balasubramaniam, EBAY Neeta Pande, Data Architect, INTUIT Ganesh Parthasarathy, Sr Director, Data Scientist, FLUTURA Dr Abhinanda Sarkar, Data Scientist IISc and IEG Volunteer Team
  7. 7. Today’s Knowledge Feast
  8. 8. IISc: Host Note and About the Prof M H BALA SUBRAHMANYA Chairman, Dept of Management Studies Department Indian Institute of Science
  9. 9. DELL: Dell’s Edelman award finalist presentation Parag Chitalia Murugan Pugalenthi Dr. K. Raghava Rau (Application of analytics on Dell’s channel transformation)
  10. 10. SAP Labs: New trends in Venkatesh Vaidyanathan Business Dr. Paul Pallath Analytics
  11. 11. BOSCH: Big Data Analytics for Parameshwaran S Iyer Mohan B V Intelligent Transport Management Systems
  12. 12. ABIBA: WAR in R Dr Jay B Simha
  13. 13. PANEL: Tejas Sanghavi FRACTAL Vineet Mehta TARGET Ravi Shankar INFOSYS BPO Analytics Talent Development Anchored by NASSCOM AIG Prof. Chiranjit Mukhopadhyay, IISc Dr. Rajaram Kudli, PRAJNAN Enterprises
  14. 14. YAHOO: Analytics – Ajay Sharma Bagavath Subramaniam Productivity Improvement Cases
  15. 15. EBAY: Trust Analytics Puneet Agarwal Vinodh Balasubramanian At eBay Akhilesh Gopal
  16. 16. INTUIT: Neeta Pande Building Big Data Analytics Platform at Intuit
  17. 17. FLUTURA: Unlocking the Ganesh Parthasarathy M2M Data Science
  18. 18. DATA Scientist: Dr. Abhinanda Sarkar Guidance Note on Analytics Progression
  19. 19. Presentation Links: Photos: 15571565/albums/5978475720767253809
  20. 20. About Information Excellence Group
  21. 21. Volunteer Team of Organizers for this Summit (Volunteering in their Individual Capacity) Anup Kumar Dash Asit Piri, Manager – Projects Enterprise Data (DWBI), iGate Architect HP Naveen Hegde Industry Analyst IDC Asia Pacific Shivakumar A P, Project Manager, MindTree Balaji Venkataraman, Balasubba Raman Chid Kollengode, Data Architect, Dell Director, Cloud Computing, Nokia Neerav K Joshipura, IBM Global Services Global Delivery Sorabh Bajaj, Program Manager, Unisys Guruswamy, Ex CSI Chairman Pradeep Dhupati, Sr Software Engineer, SAP Labs Srinivasan Rengarajan, Prashanth Chandrashekar, Target India Exec Director, ISIM, Mysore Academy IMA, (TDWI India VP) Want to Volunteer? Contact any of the volunteers or write to: Mandar Mutalikdesai, Director, Data Weave Sr Analyst, Fractal Analytics Prof Shalini URS, Raghavendra Hulgeri, Subrahmanyam DVR, Surya Putchala, Enterprise Architect, Intel; (DAMA Blore VP) AVP, Analytics, Mhasis. Kanupriya Garg, Head, Risk Management, OracleFSS; CSI Ex President Sarfaraz Hafiz, BI Project Manager, Target Venugopal Krishnan, Sr. Consultant & Architect, TCS Ravi Shenoy Senior Manager at GENPACT LLC In the Alphabetical Order (apologies for any unintentional omissions)
  22. 22. Photography Volunteers (Volunteering in their Individual Capacity) Vikas Kumar, Project Engineer, WIPRO Rishi Aggarwal, Senior Programmer, Accenture Want to Volunteer? Contact any of the volunteers or write to: Venkat Maheswaralu Kambam, Tech Mahindra In the Alphabetical Order (apologies for any unintentional omissions)
  23. 23. Would You Like to Take the Baton for hosting the next Information Excellence Summit Harvesting Information Excellence Impacting “Profession, Business and Society” Data Dynamics Information Excellence Spring 2012 Summit
  24. 24. About Information Excellence Group Community Focused Volunteer Driven Knowledge Share Accelerated Learning Collective Excellence Distilled Knowledge Shared, Non Conflicting Goals Validation / Brainstorm platform Progress Information Excellence Towards an Enriched Profession, Business and Society Mentor, Guide, Coach Satisfied, Empowered Professional Richer Industry and Academia
  25. 25. About Information Excellence Group Reach us at: blog: presentations: linked in: Facebook: Google+: twitter: email: #infoexcel Have you enriched yourself by contributing to the community Knowledge Share..
  26. 26. Disclosure “Information Excellence Group” is a volunteer community. “Information Excellence Group” has no commercial interest or focus. COMPEGENCE •is the initiator and one of the volunteers for this Group. •has consciously engaged all players in building this community. •Supports, Complements and Works with professional organizations including CSI, DAMA, TDWI that have been anchor supporters •Works with industry and academia together, in enriching the professional community Goal is to create the Best in Class Collaborative Community working with industry, academia and peer-professional organizations, to bridge the information excellence gap. COMPEGENCE as an organization is focused on “Helping Companies Co-Create Information Excellence” Process, Data and Domain Driven Information Excellence COMPEGENCE Offers Information Excellence Consulting and Workshops
  27. 27. About Information Excellence Group Community Focused Volunteer Driven Knowledge Share Accelerated Learning Collective Excellence Distilled Knowledge Shared, Non Conflicting Goals Validation / Brainstorm platform Progress Information Excellence Towards an Enriched Profession, Business and Society Mentor, Guide, Coach Satisfied, Empowered Professional Richer Industry and Academia