Failure to deliver


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When you collected customer data, you did nothing to help your customers enter their data correctly. You assumed data-entry perfection. And now that minefield of mistakes and misinformation you call your global customer database is hurting your company

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Failure to deliver

  1. A Failure to Deliver The hidden costs of poor address quality
  2. Sound the alarms! 2 | Informatica AddressDoctor You’ve got a leak And it isn’t just undermining every effort your company’s making to satisfy its customers. It’s also undermining your bottom line.
  3. Oh, and here’s the best part: Nobody’s trying to plug the holes. Because no one can see there’s a problem.
  4. Here’s what happened The years of research and marketing and brand building you’d been doing paid off. Your customers trusted you enough to give you their address data. 4 | Informatica AddressDoctor
  5. Then things went horribly wrong 5 | Informatica AddressDoctor
  6. Because when you collected that data, you did nothing to help your customers enter their data correctly. You assumed data-entry perfection. And now that minefield of mistakes and misinformation you call your global customer database is hurting your company. 6 | Informatica AddressDoctor
  7. At first, the damage is painful but manageable. But the longer it goes, the more foundational it becomes.
  8. Here’s how it costs you 8 | Informatica AddressDoctor
  9. Cost 1: You pay for a failed delivery 9 | Informatica AddressDoctor When the invoices or contracts or products you were supposed to deliver don’t reach your customer, you’re the one footing the bill. Because after he’s spent the morning looking for an address that doesn’t exist, the deliveryman will be heading back to your returns department.
  10. And after you pay for their handling of yet another failed delivery, you’ll be paying for their handling of yet another re-delivery. 10 | Informatica AddressDoctor Which might not sound like the heftiest of costs, until you consider what happened in between those two payments... the fact that you’re paying for failed deliveries to Mumbai, Minneapolis, and everywhere in between.
  11. Cost 2: You pay for a broken promise 11 | Informatica AddressDoctor All those years of research and marketing and brand building amount to nothing when you get your customer’s address wrong. In fact, they backfire against you. Because they build a promise.
  12. And make no mistake: a failure to deliver is a broken promise. It wasn’t broken by your customer’s data entry skills or the deliveryman. It was broken by your brand. And your brand is nothing if not its promise. All of a sudden, you’ve become: “ Those guys who took my money and didn’t send me my stuff.” 12 | Informatica AddressDoctor
  13. Which means you aren’t just paying for the customer service agents who have to deal with a case they have very little power to resolve – you’re paying for an alienated customer who’s been let down by a brand they thought they could trust. 13 | Informatica AddressDoctor
  14. 14 | Informatica AddressDoctor When this happens once or twice, the costs are negligible. But when you don’t even know how often this is happening, you have to multiply these costs by the unpredictability of a global database that is peppered with errors.
  15. Cost 3: You pay for a broken database 15 | Informatica AddressDoctor Address data is a rare anchor of your customers’ real, tangible, verifiable, and undeniable identity. Without it, the rest of your database is just vanishing traces of a constantly changing digital profile. It’s why data-centric brands treat address data as the foundation of their customer profiles. And it’s why a few tiny errors in your address data today will become a host of major issues tomorrow.
  16. Because you aren’t going to stop the research and the marketing and the brand building. And you aren’t going to stop expanding the business into new countries. And you certainly aren’t going to stop collecting address data. You’ll just keep collecting error over error over error over error. Until your molehill of mistakes becomes a mountain of misinformation. 16 | Informatica AddressDoctor
  17. So what do you do? Or do you become a brand that delivers? 17 | Informatica AddressDoctor Do you keep doing what you’ve always done and blindly pay for avoidable returns, re-deliveries, unhappy customers, a bad reputation, and a broken database?
  18. If you like the look of the latter, you’ve realized you need address verification. And if you care about the quality of your data, you’ll care about: Quality of your address verification. Every country you have customers in. Updating your database when they move. Every address. 18 | Informatica AddressDoctor
  19. So this is the thing: anything less than the finest address verification isn’t going to be good enough to clean up your mess. Because if every sale matters, then every customer matters, which means every address matters. Quality is as quality does. 19 | Informatica AddressDoctor
  20. If you’re going to get to the bottom of your address quality problem, you’re going to have to figure out how big it is. Read our eBook ‘Three Ways to Measure Address Quality’ to find out how you can size up the holes in your bottom line. 20 | Informatica AddressDoctor
  21. About Informatica We’re Informatica AddressDoctor, and we provide high-fidelity address verification to give you the most accurate, reliable, and available address data. We’ve set the gold standard for global address verification in more than 240 countries and territories. So wherever you do business, you’ll have access to the world’s most comprehensive, highest quality address verification solution. Your data quality is too important for anything less. Let’s talk. IN18-0714-2679