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Cameron Robertson

  1. 1. Social Benefit Investments The Opportunities and Challenges Social Finance Forum 7-8 August 2013
  2. 2. Mission Australia’s vision… To see a fairer Australia by enabling people in need to find pathways to a better life Families and children Youth Housing Skills Employment Our areas of work Closing the gap for Aboriginal Australians Research and social policy
  3. 3. The opportunity is significant… • Development capital • Acquisition fundingSocial & Affordable Housing • Performance outcomes • Recidivism, numeracy & literacy Community Services delivery • Employment solutions and social outcomesSocial Enterprises • Housing, health and associated servicesAged & disability services • Employment facilitationEmployment Services
  4. 4. To further enable the sector… Simplicity in approach Patience Partnerships not vested interests Social focus to support outcomes Stakeholder direct support to enable maturity Performance measurement and benchmarking
  5. 5. To further enable SBBs… Flexibility in contracts Financial & risk support to encourage industry Expertise Resource intensity Cultural support for outcomes approach Single point procurement control
  6. 6. Practical thoughts to advance… Transaction flow Community and general media engagement Single stakeholder project management Focussed support and/or incentives
  7. 7. Practical thoughts to advance… Structural support to technology based funding “Investing” in dedicated expertise Bilateral “principal to principal” discussions Industry single voice and key messages