Supporting the growth of iron-ore exports


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Roger Johnston, CEO, Port Hedland Port Authority (PHPA) delivered this presentation at the 2012 WA Transport Infrastructure Summit in Perth. For more information on the upcoming event, please visit

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Supporting the growth of iron-ore exports

  1. 1. PORT HEDLANDPORT AUTHORITYFacilitating Trade Growth in Port Hedland
  2. 2. Historic and Projected Growth-501001502002503003504004505002002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017Millions121334456159
  3. 3. DredgingTo facilitate Existing Use and Develop Future Wharf CapacityRecent Dredging:• 2010 950,000 maintenance dredging (PHPA)• 2010 5.5Mm3 capital dredging (AP3 FMG and RGP6 BHPB)• 2011 5Mm3 capital dredging – AP4 and SP1 & SP2• 2012 2Mm3 capital dredging – SP1 & SP2Future dredging:• Additional 9 Mm3 in SW Creek• 6Mm3 cyclone moorings• 2Mm3 Hunt Point (Tug Haven)• 40Mm3 Outer Harbour• 1.5Mm3 Lumsden Point (approx)• Ongoing maintenance dredging requirement of approx 200-400K per annum(excluding outer harbour)
  4. 4. Developments for Export of Iron OreInner Harbour Berths17 Capesize Berths7 General Berths1600m Lumsden supplybase with 140ha laydown
  5. 5. Tug Haven• The new tug pen will be located at the harbour entrance.• Work will commence mid 2012 and finish mid 2014.
  6. 6. New Tugs• 22 tugs, self-contained maintenance, fuel supply and administrationin cyclone rated facility.• Larger 85t rotor tug fleet will offer improved towage operations forconfined space operations in SW Creek, risk management, towagevessel capability, escort towage, redundancy etc.
  7. 7. PHPA’s Common User Utah Point Berth• Largest shipment - ‘Duhallow’ – 120,300t (July 2012)• Record month - October 2011 - 1,123,397t• All customers are getting allocation or above• 360 trucks per day hauling to the facility during peaktimes.• 100% Cavotec usage on all vessels to berth
  8. 8. Operational Berths – last 18 months• Utah Point – September 2010• Finucane Island B – November 2010• Finucane Island A – December 2010• Anderson Point 3 – April 2012• Nelson Point C & D – FOOS July 2012NPC is currently being used as a layby berth.
  9. 9. The Need for Lumsden Point• Currently reaching capacity on Berths 1, 2 and 3 for exports of Copper and Salt.• Currently reaching capacity on Berths 1, 2 and 3 in imports of fuel, AmmoniumNitrate and project cargo.• MOF facilities at Anderson Point (FMG).• New MOF at Finucane Island including contract loud facility (as part of tug pendevelopment).
  10. 10. PHPA’s Lumsden Hub Concept• Phase 1 – Late 2013 – 140 Hectares• Phase 2 – 1100m Wharves• Phase 3 – 1600m Wharves – 240 Hectares
  11. 11. • Container and General Cargo• Construction Components• Molybdenum and Manganese processed product exports.• Mining and Earthmoving Equipment• Oil & Gas Supply Vessels Support Base• Cement Imports• Ammonium Nitrate ImportsLumsden Point Hub - Opportunities
  12. 12. Outer Harbour Development• The Port Hedland Outer Harbour will ensure the growth of mineral exports from theEast Pilbara.• BHP Billiton Iron Ore has received Federal environmental approvals for its exportexpansion plans at the Outer Harbour. Pre-commitment funding of US$917 million willbe used to begin dredging and procure long lead items to enable the construction ofPhase 1.• The first phase of the Outer Harbour development would include the construction of afour kilometre jetty, a four berth wharf, 32 kilometres of dredged departure channel andlandside infrastructure including stockyards and a rail spur. Start-up of phase one isscheduled for the first half of 2016.• The proposal is scheduled to take eight years to construct over four stages, and oncompletion will allow over 200 million tonnes of iron ore to be exported each year.• A further 8 berth facility is planned alongside BHPB’s 8 berths in the outer harbour withcommon user shipping channel and turning basins.
  13. 13. Photo supplied by BHP BillitonPotential Outer Harbour Design300,000T+ Vessels
  14. 14. Biggest Reforms of State’s Ports in DecadesExtract from Minister Buswell’s Media Release – 2 February 2012The State Government today outlined its plans to undertake the biggest reform of the State’sports in decades, to ensure the wealth generated by increasing commodity exports deliveredgreater benefits to the Western Australian community.Under the plan, seven of the State’s eight port authorities will be consolidated into four regional portauthorities to improve efficiency and reduce red tape.“Since 2000, the value of WAs merchandise exports has risen by more than 300 per cent - from $25.4billionto $112.2billion - and our share of merchandise exports increased from 26 per cent to 46 per cent of thenation’s total.“There are currently 21 ports; and new ports will be constructed at Barrow Island’s Gorgon project,Wheatstone, Oakajee, James Price Point and Anketell. It clearly makes sense to consolidate all these existingand future ports into an appropriately managed regional port structure.Mr Buswell said amendments to legislation to enable the phased consolidation would be drafted this yearand presented to State Parliament in 2013, with a staged implementation to commence from 2014.Pilbara Ports Authority comprising the ports of Port Hedland and Dampier, the proposed new ports atAnketell and Ashburton North; and the ports at Cape Preston, Port Walcott, Varanus Island, Barrow Island,Airlie Island, Thevenard Island and Onslow.
  15. 15. Thank YouSouth Hedland BoodarieStockyardsBoodarieIndustrialEstateBHPFinucaneIslandBHP Nelson PointFMGUtahLumsden HubWedgefieldPort Hedland