Pamela Pratt, Country Health SA - Patient Liaison Network


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delivered the presentation at the 2013 Hospital in the Home Conference.

The Hospital in the Home Conference is a nurse oriented program packed with comprehensive case studies to improve HITH services and maximise hospital efficiency throughout Australia.

For more information about the event, please visit:

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Pamela Pratt, Country Health SA - Patient Liaison Network

  1. 1. Patient Liaison Network Country Health SA Local Health Network (CHSALHN) Use of the Operational Business Intelligence (OBI) Dashboard in country South Australia
  2. 2. Pam Pratt Patient Liaison Network Coordinator CHSALHN
  3. 3. Patient Journey Initiative The Patient Journey Initiative aims to improve the outcomes for people living in country South Australia needing to access health services locally, regionally & from Adelaide-based services
  4. 4. Patient Liaison Nurse The CHSA Patient Liaison Nurse (PLN) role at country hospital sites formally began in 2007 Rural Liaison Nurses or Patient Liaison Contacts at Major public hospitals within the metropolitan area Patient Liaison Network
  5. 5. Operational Business Intelligence (OBI) Dashboard SA Health completed the work to develop and implement a near to real time ‘dashboard’ in the areas of inpatients, emergency departments and elective surgery across all metropolitan hospitals
  6. 6. Access on SA Health Web site The hospital dashboards provide up-to-date information about the State’s metropolitan public hospitals Number of patients in Emergency Department and Inpatient areas Data is updated from each hospital every 30 Minutes The Elective Surgery Dashboard provides a daily snapshot of public hospital elective surgery waiting list activity.
  7. 7. Emergency Department Status
  8. 8. Country Patients in Metro Information available about country inpatients in metropolitan hospitals with stays greater than one day Country patients are ‘flagged’ at broad category level
  9. 9. Detailed Access Access to patient lists/names was restricted Patient Liaison contacts in country hospitals
  10. 10. ALLOCATION Patient Liaison Contacts were given access to the patient list for patients from their region, as per Post Codes. Their log-on details included a User Name: Pam Pratt Password: ……………
  11. 11. Country Patient Lists
  12. 12. Advantages Quick and easy to use
  13. 13. Improves Communication
  14. 14. Monitor Patients Progress
  15. 15. Commence Discharge Planning
  16. 16. Direct Transfer
  17. 17. Decrease Occupied Bed Days
  18. 18. Good News Story The Clinical Liaison Nurse organised admission to local country hospital six weeks earlier than originally planned Home on weekends with wife Opportunity for Occupational Therapist to act on deficits that would have affected a direct discharge home. (Clinical Liaison Nurse/ Hospital in the Home Coordinator, Port Pirie Regional Health Service)
  19. 19. Good News Story Contacted patient having elective surgery in Metro Discharge himself against medical advise Post op complications - staying longer Remained for extra days required then discharge (Patient Liaison Officer, Kangaroo Island Health Service)
  20. 20. Conclusion The OBI Dashboard has proven to be an excellent resource for country hospitals to allow viewing of local patients in metro, monitoring of their progress and initiating transfers back.
  21. 21. QUESTIONS