Mick Kinley, AMSA: Spotlight: North-East Shipping Management Plan


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Mick Kinley, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Australian Maritime Safety Authority delivered this presentation at the 2013 Regional Ports Conference. The event showcased the latest port developments and assessed the policy, planning and operating strategies designed to maximise the efficiency of Australia's regional ports: gateways for facilitating trade, engagement and regional growth. Featuring local and national case studies, the two day event provided a spotlight on port developments across the country, highlighting the infrastructure, investment and long-term planning necessary to meet Australia’s current and potential competitiveness. For more information on the annual event, please visit the conference website: https://www.informa.com.au/regionalportsconference

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Mick Kinley, AMSA: Spotlight: North-East Shipping Management Plan

  1. 1. Safe shipping, clean seas, saving lives
  2. 2. What we do…  Standards for ship safety and pollution prevention.  Compliance programs to check that ships are meeting those standards.  Provision of maritime aids to navigation.  Provision of casualty and pollution response arrangements.  Search and rescue.
  3. 3. How we do this… Safe Ships Safe Navigation Protect the Environment
  4. 4. Safe Ships Inspections Port State Control - Focus Campaigns IMO Ship Design , Standards, Training
  5. 5. Safe Navigation Pilotage ReefVTS AtoN Charts UKC
  6. 6. Protect the Environment IMO PSSA MARPOL Emergency Towage Capability Prepared for Pollution National Plan Spill response equipment
  7. 7. PSSA The Great Barrier Reef was the world’s first designated Particularly Sensitive Sea Area by the International Maritime Organization, in 1990 and then the Torres Strait in 2005.
  8. 8. North-East Shipping Management • Shipping is not managed solely by AMSA. • AMSA along with other agencies responsible for the protection of the region make up the North-East Shipping Management Group Australian Maritime Safety Authority (Chair) Maritime Safety Queensland Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Department of Infrastructure and Transport Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population & Communities Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
  9. 9. Traffic forecasts • A range available • Changing • Certainty decreases as time increases
  10. 10. North-East Shipping Management • Growth of port calls in region • 1.88 x 2012 levels by 2020 • 2.56 x 2012 levels by 2032 • Through-traffic growth? (constrained by draught in Torres Strait) • Risk-based planning • Acceptable level of risk? • Large remote area, relatively low density traffic, complex navigation, sensitive environment.
  11. 11. Risk Assessment AMSA engaged DNV to update and extend their 2001 Assessment of Ship Safety Controls in the Torres Strait and GBR Summary of risk reduction measures to be considered included: • Extending the coastal pilotage areas • Extending the coastal VTS • Additional emergency towing capability
  12. 12. Risk Assessment • Traffic Organisation Service (a service that could potentially be provided by REEFVTS) in specific passages • 100% carriage and effective use of ECDIS • 100% fleet penetration of bunker tanks in protective locations (as a measure to reduce likelihood of oil spill only).
  13. 13. 2032 2020 2012
  14. 14. Emergency Towage ► Minimum level of emergency towage around coast for incident management is based on the three tiers: - Level 1: Pacific Responder - dedicated ETV (tug) in northern Great Barrier Reef & Torres Strait - Level 2: contracted capability in strategic locations - Level 3: vessels of opportunity
  15. 15. Cumulative impacts Light Air emissions Noise Effluent Antifouling