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Jeff kukowski

  1. 1. Digital Evidence Working with the New Norm Jeff Kukowski TASER International
  2. 2. PROBLEMSCOPESOLUTION High Risk Incidents Worker’s Compensation Claims > All Other Claims Combined $2.5+ Billion/yr Complaint Settlements Use of Force Increasing Convictions Transparency Legal Claims $10-20 Billion/yr Technology Spend $5-10 Billion/yr Potential Efficiency Gains Technology & Logistics On-Officer Video Cloud ServicesTASER Smart Weapons
  3. 3. Getting the Law Enforcement Perspective!
  4. 4. Officer Video Provides Benefit for Community REDUCE COMPLAINTS REDUCE LITIGATION INCREASE EFFICIENCY 100% 93% 9.2%
  5. 5. Rialto PD / Cambridge University AXON Flex Study 87.5 % reduction in citizen complaints. 59.0% reduction in use of force. “This was attributed to the cameras, nothing else, because of the random allocation procedure we used during the experiment.”
  6. 6. The Challenge 250 Officers Over 3 Years = 2,332,800 Videos 155,520 Gigabytes of Data
  7. 7. Many devices storing their data in many systems with many people needing access Fixed Camera Back-End Private Camera Back-End In-Car Camera Back-End ? ??Evidence. com Evidence. com
  8. 8. 70% of Law Enforcement See Their Main System of Record Needs to Change Yes -- 516 • Need for integration • Need for easy access • Need to manage storage • Need higher ease of use No -- 197 • Video requires too much storage • Need to leverage our current RMS before we move forward With an increase of video in policing, do you see Records Management systems changing to handle video? 80% have 0 connected systems, 17% have 1 or 2 connected systems
  9. 9. Upgrade Velocity: Can Agencies’ Process Keep Up? Upgraded: Every Day Upgraded: 5 Years
  10. 10. Decision Point: On Site or Online Software-in-a-box Cloud / Online
  11. 11. “The spread of cloud computing in government in general, and in public safety and justice in particular, is inevitable. Dramatic cost savings in the acquisition, ongoing maintenance and support for on-premise enterprise information systems is so great that agencies will have a difficult time resisting this trend in the long run.” Aug 15, 2012
  12. 12. Security: On Premise vs. Cloud-Based Over 12 month study, Cloud Systems had: • 58% fewer malware incidents over the last 12 months • 93% fewer audit deficiencies • 45% less security-related downtime • 45% fewer incidents of data loss or data exposure Misconfiguration incidents are 12 times more common for on-premise systems • Misconfiguration is the online equivalent of leaving a car unlocked with the keys in the ignition • Either security options are not turned on, or default user IDs and passwords are left unchanged (e.g., ‘admin’ / ‘admin’)
  13. 13. Leveraging the Cloud for Law Enforcement
  14. 14. Cost / Savings Come From Workflow
  15. 15. 1.Record 2. Dock in ETM, automatically uploads 0Time Lost $4,020 Per Year In Officer Time Sitting at Computer Uploading Videos
  16. 16. Cost Comparison (66% Reduction!) 5 Year Total Cost of Ownership • $18,528,000 vs $6,363,250 • Savings of $12,164,750
  17. 17. $700k/year for Fuel to Drive DVDs
  18. 18. Thank You! Jeff Kukowski Chief Operating Officer