Peter Glen Chandler - Northern Territory Government - KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Building the Territory


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Peter Glen Chandler delivered the presentation at the 2014 Building the Territory Conference.

The inaugural Building the Territory Conference 2014 is an opportunity to meet with the project owners and leaders, to hear about the new opportunities and developments for the built environment in the Territory.

For more information about the event, please visit:

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Peter Glen Chandler - Northern Territory Government - KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Building the Territory

  1. 1. Building the Territory
  2. 2. Reducing Red Tape Development Applications 1209 Development applications approved in 2013-2014 Building Approvals 2635 Building approvals were issued in 2013 -2014 Building Approvals 1st fully integrated system in Australia Subdivision Clearance Approved on the day of lodgement Development Applications 57 days average processing time
  3. 3. Online Approvals
  4. 4. Uniform Subdivision Guidelines
  5. 5. 500 1000 1500 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 Indicative dwellings from land release Capital Works Budget 2014 Bringing on Territory Land Release
  6. 6. Land development and subdivision (33 lots in stage 1a) in Kilgariff, Alice Springs. Blocks will be available for housing commencement by the end of 2014. House and lands packages will be also available with local builders. Kilgariff Stage 1a
  7. 7. Headworks to support the future stage of land release in Katherine East. Potential yield: Stage 1 200 residential dwellings Stage 2 275 residential dwellings Katherine East Stage 2 $2.7 million
  8. 8. Construction of headworks in Palmerston East to support the release of Zuccoli Stages 3 and 4 in May 2014 and Zuccoli Stage 5 in September 2014. Headworks infrastructure includes: * Temporary overhead power * Zuccoli Parade extension * Zuccoli West gravity sewer * Zuccoli second water supply * Zuccoli West sewer pump station * Lambrick Ave sewer pumps station * Radford Road watermain extension. Potential yield: Stage 1: 900 potential dwellings Stage 2: 530 potential dwellings Stage 3: 700 potential dwellings Stage 4: 600 potential dwellings Stage 5: 450 potential dwellings Palmerston East, Zuccoli $23.9 million
  9. 9. Subdivision design for approximately 20 residential lots with construction completion forecast for December 2014. Department of Infrastructure to manage the construction. Native Title claim settlement by ILUA on 7 May 2014. Kalkarindji $3 million
  10. 10. The Territory Government is focused on delivering a reliable supply of housing to keep pace with the Territory’s population growth and make home ownership affordable and accessible to all Territorians. The new land will support construction of 6,500 new dwellings over the next decade. Capital Works Budget Allocated to Land Release $84 million to fast track residential land release.
  11. 11. $51 million to continue the release of industrial and commercial land. Budget 2014 provided $51 million to continue the release of commercial/ industrial land across the Territory. New projects commencing in 2014-15 include: • $6 million at Darwin Business Park to service further subdivision; • $5.1 million for additional industrial lots at Darwin Business Park North • $6.3 million for industrial lots by extending Muramats Road, East Arm • $5.9 million to continue works on Wishart Road. Capital Works Budget Allocated to continue Industrial Release
  12. 12. Nearly 100 submissions received. Infill and Greenfield options. Draft detailed Land Use Plan released for public comment in July 2014. Darwin Regional Land Use Plan
  13. 13. Combination of residential development, open and community spaces. Iconic sites with significant cultural and heritage values Extensive public consultation undertaken. Recommendation to Government expected in August 2014. Old Darwin Hospital and Flagstaff Park
  14. 14. Alice Springs CBD
  15. 15. Marine Industry Park
  16. 16. Glyde Point
  17. 17. Building the Territory Johnston Ridge Zuccoli