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Fund Forum Latin America


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Fund Forum Latin America

  1. 1. an 20 até GUEST In de e E $5 up 20 re 00 de sc te 09 US to 09 VE uly efo SPEAKER re 10 ON 0 s $5 Brazil Summit: va d O SA h J b -s e j M 15 September 2009 e ul IZ d 0t ok C 0 an 1 Bo Main Conference: ho E 16-17 September 2009 Para a Caesar Business versão do OVER 250 ATTENDEES Latin America Faria Lima, Sao Paulo programa em português: Thomas Ciampi Tradução simultânea 2009 páginas Managing Director para o IN 2008! LATIN ASSET MANAGEMENT português 6e7 Re-Thinking Retail & Institutional Investment Management In The New Global Environment Hear From Over 60 Leading International And Regional Experts About How To Manage A Business In Challenging Times Michael Power Carlos Curi Armando Senra Luiz Fernando Gonzalo Rengifo Strategist Regional Director Managing Director, Figueiredo Managing Director INVESTEC ASSET BNP PARIBAS Head of Latin Founding Partner Latin America MANAGEMENT ASSET America MAUA PICTET & CIE MANAGEMENT BLACKROCK INVESTIMENTOS EUROPE Luiz Carlos Mendonça de Alexandre Pavan Barros Pedro Bastos Marcelo Serfaty Sylvio Murad CEO Brazil Founding Partner Pavoa Director of Founding Partner, CEO CEO & Strategist, HSBC GLOBAL & CEO, Finance ASSET FIDUCIA ASSET MODAL ASSET ELETROS QUEST MANAGEMENT INVESTIMENTOS MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT This Is Why FundForum Latin America Is A One- Critical Business Insights Learn And Network Stop Shop For Retail & Institutional, Hedge Fund & For Competing In Challenging With Over 60 Industry Private Equity Experts From Across The Region Times Experts Including: • Moneda Asset Management A Speaker Faculty Of The Leading Latin American Voices: • Quest Investimentos A Heat Map For • Mercer Hear from over 60 CEOs, CIOs and Fund Selectors, including Latin America: • Pictet & Cie Europe Itau, Hedging Griffo, Blackrock, Pictet, Quest Investimentos • Convex Asset Management Pinpointing Regional Challenges & • Advent International for the most comprehensive industry overview in the region Opportunities With Key Market • Popular S/A SAFI • Credit Suisse Hedging Griffo Experts From Argentina, Chile, • Safdié Private Banking Fund Selection In The Spotlight: Get key perspectives on Peru & Colombia • Fiducia Asset Management investor appetite and asset allocation from some of the • PR&A • Latin Asset Management region’s leading fund buyers including Eletros, Safdie • Watson Wyatt Optimal Product & Private Banking, Allfunds Bank & Bawm Investments • Maua Investimentos Asset Allocation Strategies • Claritas Investimentos Cutting Edge Research: Get the most up-to-date data In A Downturn Market • Principal Global Investors • Modal Asset Management Leading Regional Experts Share Their • EPFR Global from top fund analysts on fund flows, product and Top Tips For Portfolio Building For The • Bawm Investments distribution in these challenging times Months To Come • Itau • Bladex Asset Management • Fama Investimentos Economic Outlook Session: Hear Latin America’s most • Rio Bravo respected economists give their outlook for the region What Do • Neo Investimentos post-crisis and the business implications Customers Want? • Kinea • Alliance Bernstein Network With Key Retail, Wholesale & • Blackrock Bursting The Brazil Bubble: Hear from the leading Institutional Fund Selectors And Find • Unibanco Asset Management • Societe Generale Brazilian industry players on the future for the largest Out What The End Client Really Wants • Ashmore regional market post-crisis When Confidence Is Low • Harcourt • Goldman Sachs Asset Management • HSBC Global Asset Management More Dedicated Q&A Time: Your chance to bring up the • BNP Paribas Asset Management topics which matter most to you with the region’s • Schroders 15th September 2009: • UBS Pactual leading CEOs, CIOs and Fund Selectors Pre-Conference Brazil Summit • Investec Asset Management • KPMG Hear From Top Brazilian Experts On • Barclays Global Investors CEO Lunch Tables: Enabling you to discuss critical The Latest Developments In Latin • JGP Gestão de Recursos issues with Latin America's top executives • CETIP America’s Largest Market • Capital IQ Lead Sponsor Co-sponsor Sponsor Endorsed by Media Partners ICBI Elemental Paper sourced Chlorine Free from sustainable (ECF) forests To register: Call: +44 (0) 20 7017 7200 • Fax: +44 (0) 20 7017 7807 • Email: • Web: Inscrições: Telefone: +55 11 30176888 • Fax: +5511 30176918 • Email: • Website:
  2. 2. PRE–CONFERENCE BRAZIL SUMMIT DAY 1 – WEDNESDAY 16 SEPTEMBER 2009 - MAIN CONFERENCE TUESDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER 2009 Chairman’s Opening Welcome 09.00 Ricardo Anhesini Souza, Head of Financial Services, KPMG in Brazil Chairman’s Welcome Address 09.30 Nelson Eduardo Pereira, Senior Financial Services Advisor THE FUNDFORUM LATIN AMERICA ECONOMIC THINK TANK ECONOMIC OUTLOOK FOR BRAZIL SESSION I: LATIN AMERICA IN A GLOBAL CONTEXT (25mins) GLOBAL Interest Rates, Commodity Prices, Currency Determining How The Global Recession Has Impacted Regional Economies ECONOMY 09.45 Appreciation And US Correlation: How Are These & Assessing Their Future Growth Potential Condition Affecting Brazil In The Current Climate? Claudio Ferraz, Economist, UBS Rodrigo Azevedo, 09.10 Partner, Head of Research, SESSION II: IN SEARCH OF A NEW GLOBAL ECONOMIC ORDER (25mins) JGP GESTÃO DE RECURSOS In Search Of Greener Pastures: The New World Of Emerging Markets REGULATORY DEVELOPMENTS Michael Power, Strategist, INVESTEC 10.25 Understanding How Regulation Will Shape The Brazilian Dedicated Audience Q&A Time (15mins) On and Off-Shore Industry In The Years To Come (speaker under invitation) NEW THE FUND INDUSTRY RESEARCH ANALYST OVERVIEW RESEARCH 11.00 Morning Coffee Examining The Latest Data On Fund Flows For On-Shore And Off-Shore Investment Vehicles 10.15 And Determining Where The Future Opportunities Lie INSTITUTIONAL BUSINESS Thomas Ciampi, Managing Director, LATIN ASSET MANAGEMENT IN THE SPOTLIGHT How Are Brazilian Pension Funds Diversifying Globally, 10.45 Morning Coffee 11.30 What Effect Is This Having On Improving Their Risk/Return Ratio & Evaluating Domestic Market Possibilities RE-THINKING INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT IN THE NEW ENVIRONMENT Lauro Araujo, Principal, WEATHERING THE STORM MERCER How Have Latin American Investment Managers Avoided The Pitfalls Encountered By Their U.S And European Counterparts And Determining Best-Practice Business & Investment Strategies For Managing Through Challenging Times 11.15 Moderated by: Luiz Felipe Pinheiro de Andrade, Head of Market & Liquidity Risk, ITAU DISTRIBUTION HEADS-UP Is There A Future For Open-Architecture In Brazil? Pedro Bastos, CEO Brazil, HSBC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT Eduardo Mendes, Juan Rivera, Partner, MONEDA 12.00 Head of Distribution Brazil, Mauricio Levi, Co-Founder, FAMA INVESTIMENTOS SCHRODERS Alexandre Pavan Povoa, CEO, MODAL ASSET MANAGEMENT THE FUTURE FOR OFF-SHORE OFF-SHORE OPPORTUNITIES Profiting From Open Markets: Is This The Key To The Development Of The Brazilian Which Players Are Best Positioned To Offer Off-Shore Products, The Appetite For Different Investment Vehicles & Fund Market, How To Take Advantage, & Who Will Be Solving The Operational Obstacles To Establishing A Successful Off-Shore Business in Latin America 12.30 The First To Launch Successfully In This Space? 12.00 Moderated by: Marco André C. Almeida, Partner, KPMG in Brazil Giuliano de Marchi, Armando Senra, Managing Director, Head of Latin America, BLACKROCK Country Head Brazil, Carlos Curi, Regional Director, BNP PARIBAS ASSET MANAGEMENT ALLIANCE BERNSTEIN Gonzalo Rengifo, Managing Director Latin America, PICTET & CIE EUROPE 13.00 Networking Lunch BURSTING THE BRAZIL BUBBLE Is It Time To Re-Think The Brazilian Industry Dynamics?: BRAZIL IN A GLOBAL CONTEXT Evaluating The Impact Of The Crisis On Brazilian Multi-Mercado Funds & Understanding The Benefits Of Examining The Insertion Of Brazilian Asset Diversification As A Strategy For Successfully Beating The Downturn Management Into The New Global Financial Moderated by: Adriano Koelle, Head of Distribution, GOLDMAN SACHS ASSET MANAGEMENT 14.30 Environment: The Opportunities And Challenges 12.45 Wagner Maciel, Managing Director, QUEST INVESTIMENTOS Marcelo Serfaty, Wagner Funcia Murgel, Founding Partner, NEO INVESTIMENTOS Founding Partner and CEO, Paulo Bilyk, CIO, RIO BRAVO FIDUCIA ASSET MANAGEMENT Luiz Fernando Figueiredo, Founding Partner, MAUA INVESTIMENTOS Marcelo Serfaty, Founding Partner and CEO, FIDUCIA ASSET MANAGEMENT PRODUCT FOCUS Examining Investment Opportunities in Extended Networking “Meet The CEO” Lunch 13.30 Brazilian Corporate Bonds Join one of our networking tables for a working lunch in the company of the industy’s key decision makers 15.00 Jorge Sant’Anna, Participants Relations Director, STREAM A STREAM B STREAM C CETIP CRITICAL BUSINESS STRATEGIES PRODUCT & ASSET ALLOCATION A HEAT MAP FOR FOR COMPETING IN STRATEGIES FOR THE NEW LATIN AMERICA: ALTERNATIVES IN THE NEW ENVIRONMENT CHALLENGING TIMES MARKET ENVIRONMENT PINPOINTING REGIONAL Uncovering Multi-Mercado Funds: Determining Key Chaired by: KPMG CHALLENGES & OPPORTUNITES Future Strategies For Success In This Space & Understanding How To Differentiate Your Offering In A RETAIL VS INSTITUTIONAL ETFS 15.30 Time Of High Redemptions Where Are The Best Returns To Be Portfolio Construction: Achieving CHILE Roberto B. Cintra, Found In An Environment Where Strategic And Tactical Asset Allocation Is This Market Still The Most Vice President; Portfolio Manager, 15.00 Investor Appetite Is Increasingly By Incorporating ETFs To Gain Asset Attractive Solution For Off-Shore Emerging Market Debt, Conservative & What Does It Mean Class And Thematic Exposure Managers? GOLDMAN SACHS ASSET MANAGEMENT For Business Models? Deborah A. Fuhr, Managing Director Juan Rivera, Partner, MONEDA Cerezo Ignacio, Global Head of ETF Research and 16.00 Afternoon Tea Managing Director, Implementation Strategy, PRINCIPAL GLOBAL INVESTORS BARCLAYS GLOBAL INVESTORS FUNDFORUM LATIN AMERICA NETWORKING ROUNDTABLES Understanding The Benefits Of FUND OF FUNDS These informal roundtables provide the ideal Diversification Through Thematic Assessing The Advantages & ARGENTINA opportunity for NETWORKING & DISCUSSION – 15.30 Investments & Determining Which Disadvantages Of FoFs And Is Asset Management Still A Viable a main priority for FUNDFORUM LATIN AMERICA. New Products Will Entice Investors Rethinking The Real Benefits To The Business In This Market? Take full advantage of this opportunity to put your burning Away From Cash? End Client In A Downturn Carlos Curi, Regional Director, questions to some of the conference’s keynote speakers Gonzalo Rengifo, Aline Leite San Lee Sun, BNP PARIBAS ASSET in a relaxed environment over a drink. Managing Director Latin America, Head of Fund of Funds, MANAGEMENT PICTET & CIE EUROPE UNIBANCO 16.30 Where Next For Examining The EQUITIES Hedge Funds? Brazilian Distribution A Worthwhile Long-Term Investment Or MULTI-MERCADO PERU Roberto Cintra, Landscape A Risky Asset? Determining The How Can They Survive In A Downturn, The New Kid On The Block: GOLDMAN SACHS Eduardo Mendes, Optimal Strategy For Investing In Differentiating Your Value Proposition, & Where Do The Business & ASSET SCHRODERS 16.00 Equities And Examining How Investors Assessing Whether Investor Investment Opportunities Lie? MANAGEMENT Are Rethinking Their Appeal Post-Crisis Confidence Can Be Restored? Aldo Fuertes Anaya, Herculano Anibal Alves, Alexandre Pavan Povoa, CEO, General Manager, Executive Superintendent of Equities, MODAL ASSET MANAGEMENT POPULAR S/A SAFI BRAM – BRADESCO ASSET Understanding The Re-Evaluating MANAGEMENT Benefits Of Diversification The Brazilian Investment 16.30 Afternoon Tea Off-Shore Giuliano de Marchi, Management Industry A New Perspective For Risk PRIVATE EQUITY ALLIANCE Nelson Eduardo Management: Determining Practical Is This The Long-Term Solution For MEXICO BERENSTEIN Pereira Ideas To Avoid Past Mistakes And Investors In A Downturn? Reviewing Understanding How To Take 17.00 Outlining What The Future Holds The Development Of The Business & Advantage Of The New Opportunities 17.30 End of Summit Carlos Alberto Gatti, Evaluating Its Sustainability Going In The Second Largest Regional Partner in Charge for Risk & Advisory Forward Market Services Practice – Financial Services, Martin Escobari, Managing Director, (Speaker under invitation) KPMG IN BRAZIL ADVENT INTERNATIONAL “I Would Like To Congratulate You On The THE NEW RISK MANAGEMENT INNOVATION IN THE SPOTLIGHT Event. I Think It Was Very Helpful To Share AGENDA Does The Future Lie With Non- COLOMBIA Designing & Implementing The Determining The Challenges And Experiences And Opinions With Such 17.30 Essential Risk Management Correlated Investments In These Opportunities For Doing Business Difficult Times? Qualified Speakers And A Very Good Procedures, Tools And Expertise To Florencio Menceyra, And Investing In Colombia Safeguard Your Business In A Crisis Director of the Americas, (Speaker under invitation) Opportunity To Network” Luiz Felipe Pinheiro de Andrade, LIFETRADE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Head of Market & Liquidity Risk, ITAU Wagner Murgel, Neo Investimentos 18.00- 19.00 FUNDFORUM LATAM DRINKS RECEPTION 2
  3. 3. DAY 2 – THURSDAY 17 SEPTEMBER 2009 - MAIN CONFERENCE 09.00 Chairman’s Opening Welcome SPECIAL GUEST ADDRESS 09.10 Brazil: Perspectives For The Future Luiz Carlos Mendonça de Barros, Founding Partner, CEO & Strategist, QUEST INVESTIMENTOS MULTI-ASSET CLASS INVESTING SESSION I: GLOBAL FUND FLOWS (25mins) Global Fund Flow And Allocation Trends: What Are They Indicating About The Future Direction Of Global Markets? Brad Durham, Managing Director, EPFR GLOBAL 09.45 SESSION II: ASSET ALLOCATION IN THE SPOTLIGHT (40mins) Understanding The Need For Increased & More Active Asset Allocation Within The New Market Dynamics & How To Achieve True Diversification In A Client’s Portfolio? Enio Shinohara, Partner & Head of Fund of Funds, CLARITAS INVESTMENTS Otávio de Magalhães Coutinho Vieira, Executive Director, SAFDIÉ PRIVATE BANKING Herculano Anibal Alves, Executive Superintendent of Equities, BRAM – BRADESCO ASSET MANAGEMENT Dedicated Audience Q&A Time (10mins) SPOTLIGHT ON ALTERNATIVE PRODUCTS Is There Still Scope For Product Innovation When The Market Is Experiencing A Flight To Cash And Does The Pursuit Of Long-Term Alpha Remain The End Game? Moderated by: Deborah A. Fuhr, Managing Director, Global Head of ETF Research and Implementation Strategy, BARCLAYS GLOBAL INVESTORS 11.00 Alexandre Z. Albert, Senior Managing Director, ITAU Andres Azicri, Founder, CONVEX ASSET MANAGEMENT Sebastien Lafosse, Equity & Derivatives Solutions - Vice President Brazil Structured Products & Lyxor Sales, SOCIETE GENERALE Neil Paragiri, Managing Director, Head of North America, HARCOURT 11.45 Morning Coffee FUNDFORUM LATIN AMERICA FUND SELECTION SESSION SESSION I: THE INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR PERSPECTIVE (30mins) How Can Institutional Investors Diversify Portfolios To Maximise Returns In A Downturn? Sergio Malacrida, Partner, PR&A Roberto Luis Troster, Senior Consultant, WATSON WYATT Sylvio Murad, Director of Finance, ELETROS 12.15 SESSION II: UNDERSTANDING THE NEEDS OF PRIVATE CLIENTS (20mins) Evaluating The Importance Of Customisation And Tailor-Made Services To Maintain An Edge With Sophisticated Investors Georges Wachsmann, Founder & Partner, BAWM INVESTMENTS SESSION III: THE RETAIL MARKET REVEALED (25mins) Is There A Future For A Fully Open-Architecture? Ilan Ryfer, Partner, CREDIT SUISSE HEDGING GRIFFO Victor Cuenca, Managing Director Latin America, ALLFUNDS BANK + other panellists tbc 13.30 Extended Networking “Meet The Investor” Lunch STRATEGY STREAM A STREAM B AND HEDGE FUND STRATEGIES FOR THE DOWNTURN NEW OPPORTUNITIES IN EMERGING MARKETS PRACTICE LAB ASIA, LATIN AMERICA & BEYOND: Comparing The Structure, Dynamics & Performance Of Global Vs. Brazilian Absolute Return IDENTIFYING GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES IN GLOBAL MARKETS 14.30 Funds And Their Appeal To Investors In Challenging Times Marcio Verri, President, KINEA MACRO INVESTING IN THE GLOBAL CRISIS (25mins) Which Specific Regions And Markets Offer The Best Growth Potential And Which Will Be Washed Up? Tulio Vera, Managing Director & Chief Investment Strategist,, BLADEX ASSET MANAGEMENT Where Is The Future For Hedge Funds?: Beating The Liquidity Constraints And Re-Thinking Allocation Strategies To Recreate A Flourishing Business RESEARCH ANALYST INSIGHT (30mins) 15.05 Andres Azicri, Founder, CONVEX ASSET MANAGEMENT Examining Fund Flows To Emerging Market Post-Crisis And Understanding Which Regions Will Provide The Best Opportunities For Asset Managers? Daniel Enskat, Head of Global Consulting, Managing Director, STRATEGIC INSIGHT INDUSTRY OPINION (25mins) Back To Basics: Is There A Silver Lining For Hedge Single Market Vs Regional Grouping: Is BRIC Still A Viable Concept In Latin America 15.40 Fund Returns And Correlations? And If Not Then What Should Replace It? Reinaldo Le Grazie, Director, PROVENTUS INVEST Eduardo Camara Lopes, Director Brazil, ASHMORE Audience Q&A (25mins) 16.15 Afternoon Tea IN SUMMARY Creating A Blueprint For The Future Of Investment Management In Latin America 16.45 This session will re-visit the most salient points and put them to up to discussion in an informal manner – don’t forget to pick up your FundForum Latin America “Highlights” handout which will be distributed to all remaining participants 17.15 END OF CONFERENCE Dear Colleague, If You Are To Attend One Conference This Year, This Is Since we first held FundForum Latin America at the beginning Why You Should Choose FundForum Latin America: of September 2008, the global investment management • A One-Stop Shop For The Industry: Get the most comprehensive overview of the industry has been turned on its head. We have seen international and regional investment management business with insights from institutional, investment banking giants such as Lehman Bros disappear, retail, hedge funds and private equity experts massive government interventions, and the Madoff scandal. • A Most Prestigious Speaker Faculty Of International And Regional There is no doubt that 2009 is going to be a challenging year. Investment Experts including: Blackrock, Pictet, Quest Investimentos, Fiducia Asset Management, Schroders, Bradesco Asset Management and many, many more… However, Brazil and Latin American have never been in such a strong position to weather the crisis and emerge stronger. This • More Wholesale And Institutional Fund Buyers including: Itau, Hedging Griffo, is the time to ensure your business is poised to take Eletros, Safdie Private Banking, Allfunds Bank & Bawm Investments advantage of the opportunities this region will offer in the • A Brand New Brazil Focussed Summit Day: Learn about all aspects of this years to come, & here at FundForum Latin America, we aim to vibrant and fascinating market from its economic outlook post-crisis & investment give you the necessary tools to make this happen. opportunities to distribution strategies & the development of the Multi-Marcado space Looking forward to seeing you all in Sao Paulo, • More Formalised Networking Opportunities: Take part in some of our new formats for 2009 including Champagne Roundtables, CEO lunch groups and Strategy and Kind regards Practice labs for better chance to meet the people who count • Expert Global Economic Outlook Session: Hear from leading economic commentators including Rodrigo Azevdo, JGP Claudio Ferraz from UBS and Michael Power , Sarah Heery of Investec Asset Management for their insight into the global crisis and the effects on the Conference Director Latin American region 3
  4. 4. DAY DAY 1 - Wednesday 16 September 2009 1 FUNDFORUM LATIN AMERICA MAIN CONFERENCE 12.00 15.30 Day 1 - Wednesday, 16 September 2009 UNDERSTANDING THE BENEFITS OF DIVERSIFICATION THE FUTURE FOR OFF-SHORE Profiting From Open Markets: Which Players Are Best Understanding The Benefits Of Diversification Through 08.15 Registration & Welcome Coffee Positioned To Offer Off-Shore Products, The Appetite For Thematic Investments & Determining Which New Products Different Investment Vehicles & Solving The Operational Will Entice Investors Away From Cash 09.00 Obstacles To Establishing A Successful Off-Shore Business in Gonzalo Rengifo, Managing Director Latin America Latin America PICTET & CIE EUROPE Chairman’s Opening Welcome (see above for details) Ricardo Anhesini Souza, Head of Financial Services, Moderated by: Marco André C. Almeida, Partner KPMG in Brazil KPMG in Brazil 16.00 Ricardo Anhesini is the leader of the Financial Services Practice in Brazil, and is Marco André works primarily with the Financial Services and Private Equity responsible for the coordination of this department in Latin America, being a groups of KPMG. He has a degree in Accounting from the Federal University of EQUITIES member of the leading committee of Financial Services of KPMG Americas. He has Rio de Janeiro and a MBA from IBMEC, with specialization in finance. He has A Worthwhile Long-Term Investment Or A Risky Asset? wide experience in accounting and financial advisory for clients in banking and wide audit and advisory experience with banks, brokers and dealers, investment Determining The Optimal Strategy For Investing In Equities insurance. Ricardo Anhesini also works vigorously in the advisory to Structured companies, investment funds, private equity funds and companies, real estate and construction, finance companies, either incorporated in Brazil and offshore. And Examining How Investors Are Rethinking Their Appeal Finance projects, with emphasis in securitizations. This participation involves foreign experience and participation in entities that develop the practice in the region, Marco André has deep knowledge of Brazilian GAAP and International Financial Post-Crisis including the coordination of all services related to processes of securitization, such Reporting Standards (IFRS). He is a member of the International Standards Herculano Anibal Alves as the evaluation of the modeling, asset pricing, fiscal diagnosis and conduit audit. Taskforce of KPMG in Brazil, he leads the IFRS Financial Instruments Working Executive Superintendent of Equities Group of KPMG in Brazil and is a member of the Financial Instrument Topic Team of KPMG International. BRAM – BRADESCO ASSET MANAGEMENT FUNDFORUM LATIN AMERICA With Panellists: Armando Senra, Managing Director, 16.30 Afternoon Tea ECONOMIC THINK TANK Head of Latin America, BLACKROCK Mr. Senra's service with the firm dates back to 1994, including his years with Merrill Lynch Investment Managers. Mr. Senra has been the head of BlackRock's 17.00 09.10 Latin America business since 2008. At MLIM, Mr. Senra was the head of BlackRock's International business through Merrill Lynch from 2006, and head of A New Perspective For Risk Management: Determining LATIN AMERICA IN A GLOBAL CONTEXT MLIM's Sales from 2003-2006. Determining How The Global Recession Has Impacted Regional Practical Ideas To Avoid Past Mistakes And Outlining What Economies & Assessing Their Future Growth Potential Carlos Alberto Curi, Regional Director The Future Holds Claudio Ferraz, Economist, UBS BNP PARIBAS ASSET MANAGEMENT Carlos Alberto Gatti, Partner in Charge for Risk & Advisory Claudio is chief-economist for Brazil at UBS Pactual, responsible for sell-side and Carlos Curi is responsible for all of Latin America (ex-Brazil) business activities. Services Practice – Financial Services, buy-side activities. He ranked several times among the Top-5 Inflation Forecaster Prior to this, he was the Chief Executive Officer, Exprinter (Hldg) Luxembourg S.A. KPMG in Brazil by the Central Bank of Brazil. He is a former senior consultant to financial in 1994 and was Executive Director, Exprinter Banco, Buenos Aires from 1991- Carlos Alberto Gatti has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services institutions in Brazil. 1994. industry. Since 1990 he has been working as an advisor for banks, developing and implementing the advisory practice for FS at KPMG. From 1999 to April 2001, as Gonzalo Rengifo, Managing Director Latin America a member of the FS Leadership Committee to Latin America, he was the partner 09.35 PICTET & CIE EUROPE responsible for the financial services practices in Brazil and Argentina. As an Gonzalo has an extensive experience of over 15 years in the financial sector, and advisor specializing in banks and financial companies, he is in charge of the IN SEARCH OF A NEW GLOBAL ECONOMIC ORDER joined Pictet in 2002 as Country Head for Iberia & Latam. Financial Risk Management initiative in Latin America covering subjects related to In Search Of Greener Pastures: The New World Of Emerging Basel II implementation and Solvency. He has conducted and led various projects Markets 12.45 focused on strategic management, business performance improvement and Michael Power, Strategist, INVESTEC implementation of management and operating systems. Michael began his career working in the Middle East Department of Chase Manhattan BURSTING THE BRAZIL BUBBLE Bank before joining Anglo American’s corporate finance department in South Africa. Is It Time To Re-Think The Brazilian Industry Dynamics?: 17.30 Michael then worked in the London corporate finance department of NM Rothschild & Evaluating The Impact Of The Crisis On Brazilian Multi-Mercado Sons/Smith New Court where his responsibilities had a strong natural resource Funds & Understanding The Benefits Of Diversification As A THE NEW RISK MANAGEMENT AGENDA emphasis. Having completed a 4x4 overland safari through Africa, Michael worked for Designing & Implementing The Essential Risk Management HSBC-Equator Bank in Kenya for 4 years. He returned to England to work at Baring Strategy For Successfully Beating The Downturn Asset Management as a director in their emerging markets department. Michael Procedures, Tools And Expertise To Safeguard Your Business was Head of Africa and the Middle East as well as the natural resources sector, and Moderated by: Adriano Koelle, Head of Distribution In A Crisis was also portfolio manager for the Pan African Simba Fund. GOLDMAN SACHS ASSET MANAGEMENT Luiz Felipe Pinheiro de Andrade, Head of Market & Liquidity Risk Adriano joined Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) in May 2008 as Head of ITAU 10.15 Distribution. During the nine previous years, Adriano was Country Head of (see above for detail) Distribution at Schroder Investment Management Brasil where he was responsible THE FUND INDUSTRY RESEARCH ANALYST OVERVIEW for building the firm’s local platform of products and develop the institutional and intermediaries distribution channels. Examining The Latest Data On Fund Flows For On-Shore STREAM B And Off-Shore Investment Vehicles And Determining Where With Panellists: PRODUCT & ASSET ALLOCATION STRATEGIES The Future Opportunities Lie Wagner Maciel, Managing Director, QUEST INVESTIMENTOS FOR THE NEW MARKET ENVIRONMENT Thomas Ciampi, Managing Director Mr. Maciel began his professional career in 1991 at Banco Safra, as a trader at the LATIN ASSET MANAGEMENT Equity Trading Desk. In 1995, he joined Banco Garantia (later acquired by Credit Thomas V. Ciampi is the founder and director of Latin Asset Management and the Suisse) as a trader, and in 1996 he became responsible for the Equity Sales and Chaired by: interactive web portals Fund Pro Professional and Fund Pro Performance Distribution. In 2003, Mr. Maciel left Credit Suisse to become the CEO of Trend Marco André C. Almeida, Partner, KPMG in Brazil ( A graduated journalist, Mr. Ciampi has specialized in the Bank (an investment boutique), where he stayed until early 2006. (see above for detail) asset management business in Latin America since 1994, covering the emergence of local Latin mutual fund and pension fund markets through Wagner Funcia Murgel, Founding Partner 15.00 specialized publications. NEO INVESTIMENTOS Wagner began his career in Citibank’s Equity Research department in 1991. In 1994, he ETFS 10.45 Morning Coffee joined Banco Patrimonio de Investimentos, where he was responsible for local and Portfolio Construction: Achieving Strategic And Tactical Asset offshore fixed income trading, as well as for the overall development of the Asset Management department. In 1999, following the acquisition of Banco Patrimonio by Allocation By Incorporating ETFs To Gain Asset Class And Chase Manhattan Bank, he took over as Director of the Asset Management Thematic Exposure IN THE BOARDROOM Deborah A. Fuhr, Managing Director Paulo A. P Bilyk, CIO, RIO BRAVO . Global Head of ETF Research and Implementation Strategy RE-THINKING INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT Before founding Rio Bravo in 2000, Paulo was a partner and executive director of BARCLAYS GLOBAL INVESTORS Banco Pactual, where he was head of corporate finance. Paulo joined Pactual as a IN THE NEW ENVIRONMENT financial analyst in 1992 and was responsible for building the bank’s M&A Deborah Fuhr is the Global Head of ETF Research and Implementation Strategy. Under Ms Fuhr’s guidance, BGI’s ETF Research and Implementation Strategy team advisory group. is responsible for advising clients on the implementation of asset allocation 11.15 strategies using ETFs, producing reports, analysis and guidebooks on the global ETF Luiz Fernando Figueiredo, Founding Partner, industry. Prior to joining BGI in September 2008 Ms Fuhr spent the past 11 years WEATHERING THE STORM MAUA INVESTIMENTOS working at Morgan Stanley in London where she was a Managing Director and How Have Latin American Investment Managers Avoided The Luiz is Founding-partner, Head Portfolio Manager and responsible for the head of the Investment Strategies Group. Ms Fuhr has been included in the Allocation Committee at Maua. Prior to his current role, Luiz has held several Financial News Top 100 Women in Finance list of the most influential women in Pitfalls Encountered By Their U.S And European Counterparts European finance, in 2007 and 2008.She is on the International Advisory Committee prestigious industry positions including President of AMEC (Capital Markets And Determining Best-Practice Business & Investment Investors Association), Member of the Regulatory Committee at BM&F, Director (IAC) Egyptian Stock Exchange and on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Indexes. Strategies For Managing Through Challenging Times of ANBID, Founding-partner of Gávea Investimentos, Former Deputy Governor for Monetary Policy at Central Bank of Brazil between 1999 and 2003. 15.30 Moderated by: Luiz Felipe Pinheiro de Andrade, Head of Market & Liquidity Risk Marcelo Serfaty, Founding Partner and CEO, FUND OF FUNDS ITAU FIDUCIA ASSET MANAGEMENT Assessing The Advantages & Disadvantages Of FoFs And Prior to his current position, Luiz Felipe was Managing Director for Unibanco Marcelo has over 20 years of experience in capital and financial markets. He Rethinking The Real Benefits To The End Client In A Asset Management. He has also worked at Ceras Johnson and Booz Allen previously worked at Bozano Simonsen and Banco Pactual. Serfaty was a Downturn Hamilton. He was also an Industrial Engineering Deptarment Professor at PUC-RJ, controlling shareholder and a member of the Executive Committee of Banco Pactual, being responsible for the asset management division between 1998 and Aline Leite San Lee Sun, Head of Fund of Funds as well as the Finance Department Professor at FGV UNIBANCO 2002. He was also responsible for the Corporate, Finance and Sales and Trading divisions from 1992 to 1998. He began his career coordinating the areas of With Panellists: Pedro Bastos, CEO Brazil strategic planning and macroeconomic research at Banco Bozano Simonsen. 16.00 HSBC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT Pedro joined HSBC in October 2006 as CEO for HSBC Global Asset Management- MULTI-MERCADO Brazil. Before joining HSBC, Pedro had worked at Unibanco since 1995 and for the 13.30 Extended Networking “Meet The CEO” Lunch How Can They Survive In A Downturn, Differentiating Your past 3 years he had worked in their asset management division, with responsibility for equity and hedge fund portfolio management and credit analysis. Value Proposition, & Assessing Whether Investor Confidence Can Be Restored? Juan Rivera, Partner, MONEDA STREAM A Alexandre Pavan Povoa, CEO Mr. Rivera joined Moneda in 2006, as a partner, launching and managing Moneda CRITICAL BUSINESS STRATEGIES FOR MODAL ASSET MANAGEMENT Absolute Return strategy. Prior to joining Moneda (1996-1998 & 2000-2006), he COMPETING IN CHALLENGING TIMES (see above for details) worked at Bancard, a Chilean investment company, where he assumed the position of CEO from 1997. 16.30 Afternoon Tea 15.00 Mauricio Levi, Co-Founder, FAMA INVESTIMENTOS RETAIL VS INSTITUTIONAL 17.00 After working for Procter & Gamble Brazil for two years, Mr Levi co-founded FAMA Investimentos in 1993. Today, as a partner in the firm, he is responsible for Where Are The Best Returns To Be Found In An Environment Where Investor Appetite Is Increasingly Conservative & What PRIVATE EQUITY political and economic analysis and portfolio management. Does It Mean For Business Models? Is This The Long-Term Solution For Investors In A Downturn? Alexandre Pavan Povoa, CEO Cerezo Ignacio, Managing Director Reviewing The Development Of The Business & Evaluating MODAL ASSET MANAGEMENT PRINCIPAL GLOBAL INVESTORS Its Sustainability Going Forward In 2003, Mr. Póvoa joined Grupo Modal in 2003, where today he is a managing Ignacio is responsible for the firm’s institutional business in Latin America. Ignacio Martin Escobari, Managing Director director. He is the CEO of Modal Asset Management, company he helped to joined Principal Global Investors in 2007. He has 25 years’ experience, including a ADVENT INTERNATIONAL establish in 2004. He used to be the Chief Investment Officer for ABN AMRO Asset position as managing director at Citigroup Asset Management where he was Martín Escobari joined Advent in July 2008 and has five years of private equity Management in Brazil, managing around US$ 10 billion, from 1998 to 2002. Before, responsible for the firm’s asset management business in Latin America. Ignacio investment and advisory experience, and seven years of senior management he had worked for Banco Inter-Atlântico, Fundação Eletros and Banco Morgan was also a managing director for J.P Morgan with responsibility for global fixed . operating experience. Prior to joining Advent, Martín was an operating partner of Stanley Dean Witter in New York. income institutional sales. Advent working on the creation of International Meal Company. To register: Call: +44 (0) 20 7017 7200 • Fax: +44 (0) 20 7017 7807 • Email: • Web: 4 Inscrições: Telefone: +55 11 30176888 • Fax: +5511 30176918 • Email: • Website: