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  1. 1. FREE REGIONAL OPERATORS PASSES AVAILABLE* Where Operators Meet to Share Experiences The leading event to discuss business models and strategies to increase revenue on a competitive landscape! Register online at: 16-17 November 2010 El Conquistador Resort & Conference Center Puerto Rico Top Level Speakers Already Confirmed: Alex Holt, Managing Director, LIME Alexey Fedchenko, General Manager, YOTA DE NICARAGUA Amilkar Torres, Product Delivery Director, DIGICEL GROUP Antonio Stubbs, Senior Vice President – Operations, BTC BAHAMAS Dirk Currie, CEO, TELESUR Frank Bell, President & COO, OPEN MOBILE PUERTO RICO Jean Marc Harion, President & CEO, ORANGE DOMINICANA Jorge Martel, VP, T-MOBILE Julian Wilkins, Head of Group Telecoms Public Policy, DIGICEL GROUP José Luis Fernandéz, General Manager, CCT GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS Martin Fijman, Managing Director, LIME Neville Cruz, VP – Technology, OPEN MOBILE PUERTO RICO Wystan Robertson, Director Marketing & Sales, GTT Special Debate: WiMAX vs LTE perspective and Champagne Discussion Roundtables Organized by: Endorsed by: Silver Sponsor: Sponsored by: PLUS!
  2. 2. Dear Executive, According to Informa Telecoms & Media, CARICAM was badly hit by the global recession, but already at the end of 2009 there were clear signs of recovery with the mobile market becoming increasingly competitive. In Central America, the recent liberalization of the telecommunications market in Costa Rica, the long running debate on the introduction of mobile number portability in El Salvador, the opening of the Nicaraguan market to new mobile operators, and the debate on the competitiveness of the telecoms market in Honduras, are all signs that the market is going through a moment of great dynamism. At the same time in the Caribbean the rapid expansion of a regional player such as Digicel has shaken up competition, and has favoured network investment and service innovation. To date thirteen countries in CARICAM, particularly in the Caribbean, have over 130% mobile penetration. With low fixed-line broadband penetration in many countries, there is a strong opportunity for mobile operators to drive industry growth and take a lead in the broadband market. Mobile broadband is developing fast with many operators having announced 3.5G deployments across the region. Mobile value added services take up is also expected to drive development across the region. As multiple SIM ownership continues to be a key trend, the voice market is more than mature and ARPU continues to decline. In this context, VAS have become a key focus for CARICAM operators, who are keen to leverage smartphone take up, in particular the huge regional success of Blackberry devices. Consumer applications such as mobile social networking and IM on Blackberry Messenger are popular applications in Central America and the Caribbean. However, operators are starting to look at evolving their VAS proposition beyond messaging towards mobile content and mobile banking. To date VAS still represent a fraction of operators’ revenue, but they are expected to soon become key drivers for revenue growth. That is exactly what CariCam Wireless is about. By incorporating operators, solution providers and consultancies presentations, debate, roundtable discussion and questions & answers, the objective of this conference is to explore the following key issues: • Market Evolution and Growth Opportunities • Operational Efficiencies & Network Strategies • Trends & Opportunities I’m looking forward to meet you personally in Puerto Rico! Luciana Guiotti Renda Telecom Divisional Manager Informa Group Latin America 8:50 8:20 9:00 9:10 9:30 Day 1, 15 November 2010 Day 2, 16 November 2010 Pre-conference Welcome Networking Reception sponsored by Registration and Welcome Coffee Informa´s Team Opening Remarks Chairman Opening Remarks Daniele Tricarico, Analyst, Latin America & Caribbean INFORMA TELECOMS & MEDIA Market Evolution and Growth Opportunities Overview of the CariCam Mobile Market: Current Challenges and Upcoming Trends • Understanding the dynamics of a new competitive environment • Reviewing network rollout strategies in the region • Evolving the service proposition towards VAS:What works in CariCam and why? • The need to evolve pricing models Mike Roberts, Principal Analyst & Head of Americas INFORMA TELECOMS & MEDIA Competition: Opportunities, Challenges and Investments in New Technologies Dirk Currie, CEO - TELESUR Chairman - CANTO Leadership Strategies in the Region • How to be an effective leader • What is required of a leader to succeed • A few things that all leaders should do Antonio Stubbs, Senior Vice President - Operations BTC BAHAMAS Wireless Developments in Puerto Rico Jorge Martel, VP T-MOBILE Convergence Opportunities Trends, Possibilities and Perspectives of Convergence and Multi-Play • The current scenario of convergence and its impacts on the operators’ business • Technical challenges faced • Regulatory matters and how can operators adjust to them • Benefits and gains brought by the wider portfolio of products and services Speaker to be announced. For updated agenda, visit Questions & Answers Networking Coffee Break & Exhibition Visit 9:50 10:10 10:30 10:50 11:00 • Services Strategies • Convergence Opportunities • Wireless Broadband Strategies 7:00 PM Keynote Speaker An event report, written by Informa Telecoms & Media analysts Daniele Tricarico and Mike Roberts, will be sent to all attendees after the event.
  3. 3. 12:20 11:40 12:00 12:40 1:00 1:10 2:50 3:10 3:30 3:40 4:00 4:40 Day 3, 17 November 2010 9:00 9:10 9:25 9:40 9:50 10:15 11:00 Chairman Second Day Opening Remarks Mike Roberts, Principal Analyst & Head of Americas INFORMA TELECOMS & MEDIA Policy & Regulatory Discussion Session Moderated by Jennifer Ullman Current Regional Telecoms Policy and Regulatory Environment • Key regulatory/policy issues affecting the region • How to foster competition in the new communications ecosystem? What does that look like? • Status of mobile number portability in the region. What is the impact on operators' strategies? Jennifer Ullman, Director International Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS Regulation and ICT Development • Impacts of Regulation and ICT Development in the Region • Harmonized Regulatory Approaches • Tax developments • HIPCAR Harmonization Project Julian Wilkins, Head of Group Telecoms Public Policy DIGICEL GROUP Questions & Answers Devices Strategies Aligning device and VAS strategies: What are the challenges and the opportunities for CariCam operators? Daniele Tricarico, Analyst, Latin America & Caribbean INFORMA TELECOMS & MEDIA Networking Coffee Break & Exhibition Visit Services Strategies Market Segmentation Strategies • Value Based vs. Demographic based Segmentation • Marketing strategies to Rural and Low ARPU customer segments • Segment Based Loyalty programs Wystan Robertson, Director, Marketing and Sales GTT 5:00 5:20 5:40 5:50 8:00 Operational Efficiencies & Network Strategies 3G Evolution and in General Network Upgrade Plans in the Region: 3G Plans, Status with 3.5 G/HSPA Developments and Perspectives when LTE Will Come to the Region – Orange 10 Years Experience in Dominican Republic • Evolution of mobile broadband networks • Innovation and social responsibility • Quality of service for mobile leadership Jean Marc Harion, President & CEO ORANGE DOMINICANA Matching Evolving Business Needs through Flexible Deployment Options • How to streamline all aspects of your business and prepare for the future today • Adding new services while ensuring that your network can accommodate the massive throughput generated by text messages and data • Benefits of implementing high-performance hosted messaging solutions to take advantage of new revenue-generating services while eliminating up-front capital expenditures and leveraging existing investments Fram Reyes, Director of Sales, CALA INTEROP TECHNOLOGIES International Capacity Portfolio to Support Mobile Operators Around the Region and Beyond Martin Fijman, Managing Director Carrier Services LIME Managed services: What prospects for the region? • Considering Managed Services as enabler of innovative new business models and partnerships, such as network sharing • Implementing the key success factors for network outsourcing • Analyzing the financial and commercial options available within the network sharing business model Speaker to be announced. For updated agenda, visit Questions & Answers Networking Lunch & Exhibition Visit Trends & Opportunities How to Create a Global Standard for Mobile Money Transfers? • How do the already existing services work? • Implementing a Successful Cross Border Service • Existent regulations and regulatory frameworks Thomas Jahnes, Country Director for Central American Region WESTERN UNION, VIGO + ORLANDI VALUTA Mobilization of Payments and Remittances • Service requirements • Challenges • Business Models Amilkar Torres, Product Delivery Director DIGICEL GROUP Music and Digital Environment • Competition physical vs Digital formats • Operators Roll in Digital sales • New opportunities for revenues Juan Carlo Montoya Cardona, Regional Content Manager IMIMOBILE Questions & Answers Networking Coffee Break & Exhibition Visit Social Networking Trends • Why get involved in Social Networking? • Being Effective - Be authentic and add value – be a part of the community • Your customers are out there. Understand who and where they are Frank Bell, President & COO OPEN MOBILE PUERTO RICO The Role of the Operators with the Growth of the Application Stores •The challenge for the operators:how to make their ownApplication Stores competitive? • Creating an application’s download channel • Operators as a smart-pipe: assuring survival on the VAS segment • Relationship and business models with the manufacturers and developers Speaker to be announced. For updated agenda, visit Mobile TV, IPTV and More About TV Alex Holt, Managing Director, TV & Entertainment LIME Questions & Answers Close of day one Networking dinner Keynote Speaker Keynote Speaker Keynote Speaker Keynote Speaker
  4. 4. “Gave us the opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other. It is also the chance to meet vendors to see new applications. Regional networking of operators is the key factor to tailor the mobile market of Caribbean and Latin America" K.W., Telesur Companies Who Attended CariCam Mobile Prior Editions 3G AMERICAS • AIRWEB • ALCATEL-LUCENT • AMDOCS • ANALYSIS MASON • ANTEL • APUA PCS • AT&T WIRELESS INTERNATIONAL • ATLANTIC NETWORKS • BICS • BRIGHTSTAR • BELIZE TELEMEDIA • BNAMERICAS • BLUE COMMUNICATIONS • BRIGHTPOINT LATIN AMERICA • BTC BAHAMAS • CABLE & WIRELESS ANTIGUA • CABLE & WIRELESS DOMINICA • CABLE & WIRELESS ST. KITTS & NEVIS • CABLE & WIRELESS, CAYMAN ISLANDS • CANTO • CARIBBEAN CROSSING • CCAA • CELLSTAR • CERILLION TECHNOLOGIES • CINGULAR WIRELESS • COMMNET SUPPLY • COMPTEL • COMVERSE • CONNECTIVA SYSTEMS • CTU • C&W PANAMA • CANTO • CABLEMAS CCT WIRELESS • CDG • CERILLION • CLARO PUERTO RICO • CLA DIRECT • COMCEL HAITI • COMFONE • COMVERSE • CPNI • DAUPHIN TELECOM • DEKOLINK • DELLOITE • DETECOM • DIGICEL • DITECH NETWORKS • ETECSA CUBA • ENTEL • ERICSSON • FLOW GRENADA • FROST & SULLIVAN • FRANCE TELECOM NORTH AMERICA • FUJITSU CARIBBEAN • G&D • GEMALTO • GENBAND • GUYANA TELEPHONE & TELEGRAPH CO • HAYNES AND BOONE • IDT CORPORATION • IMIMOBILE • INFOSONICS • INMOBIA • INNOSTREAM • INTEC TELECOM IMOBIX • INTEC • INTEROP • JINNY SOFTWARE • JUNTA REGLAMENTADORA DE PUERTO RICO • LAQTEL • LATCEL • LIME • MACH • MINISTRY OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND INFORMATION TRINIDAD & TOBAGO • MMA • MORE MAGIC • MOVIUS • MOVISTAR • NORTEL • N-SOFT • NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS • NERA ECONOMIC CONSULTING • OPEN MOBILE • ORACLE • ORANGE DOMINICANA • ORANGE – FRANCE TELECOM • OUR • PRIMAL CONSULTING • PUERTO RICO TELEPHONE CLARO • PYRAMID RESEARCH • QUALCOMM • REGULATORY AUTHORITY OF THE NETHERLANDS ANTILLES • SAMSUNG • SIGNALS CONSULTING • SMARTTRUST • SMITCOMS NV • SOLUWISE • SPEEDNET COMMUNICATIONS • STARHOME • STREAMWIDE • SYBASE 365 • SYNIVERSE TECHNOLOGIES • TECNOTREE • TATT • TEKNO TELECOM • TELCELL • TELECOM TRAINING CORPORATION • TELEM GROUP • TELEPAK • TELESUR • TREMOR TECHNOLOGY • TEKELEC • TELMEX • TRIVNET • TRICOM • TSTT • UTS • UNIQA • UV COLOR • VIVA DOMINICANA • VERISIGN • VERIZON • WARNER MUSIC LATIN AMERICA • WIREIE 11:20 11:40 12:00 12:10 2:00 2:20 2:40 3:20 3:50 4:30 5:00 3:00 Converged access technology and service • Migration to an all IP environment • How to benefit from IP based interconnect & services • Detailed view on some new interworking services • BICS new interconnect model Dimitri Repinec, Product Manager BICS Connecting the “Other 80%”: IP Messaging on the most basic mobile phones • How to generate substantial new messaging revenues from email/IM for 100% of a network’s total subscribers, whilst reducing “churn” • Detailed examples,lessons and tangible results from deployments inAfrica and elsewhere John Carroll, Director FORGETMENOT SOFTWARE Questions & Answers Networking Lunch & Exhibition Visit Wireless Broadband Strategies Mobile Broadband and the Opportunity for Fixed to Mobile Substitution Neville Cruz, VP - Technology OPEN MOBILE PUERTO RICO Conducting LTE Trials – What Should Operators Ensure that an LTE Trial Covers? • Field tests and installation of femtocells • Self organizing networks (SON) • Assessing the requirements for LTE to be deployed, what trials will need to be conducted to ensure that the backhaul and core network are up to scratch? Speaker to be announced. For updated agenda, visit Mobile WiMAX Trials and Deployments • Mobile WiMAX is a trend? • Problems and solutions: barriers, mistakes, successful stories Alexey Fedchenko, General Manager YOTA DE NICARAGUA WiMax plus EVDO: How a Small Caribbean Cellular Company is Using Wireless Broadband as a Differentiator • Local cellular carrier competing with the two large pan-Caribbean carriers in a small market • Robust Wireless Broadband services provide a competitive advantage José Luis Fernández, CEO CCT GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS Special Debate: WiMAX vs LTE perspective debate • The need of Mobile Broadband – Connectivity,Variety and Convenience and the impact on the society • Impressive Growth of Mobile Broadband – Number of Mobile users is expected to overtake fixed Broadband by 2012 • Fast Time to Market due to Low / Flat rates and user friendly devices • How the Ecosystem, Regulation, Politics, Standardizations and technology determines the choice of the path to take. • 2 Main Routes for 4G Mobile Broadband: Wi Max and LTE Moderator: Panelists: Networking Coffee Break & Exhibition Visit Champagne Discussion Roundtables The champagne discussion roundtable group will provide executives with the ideal place to meet face-to-face with key people in small groups to discuss specific issues and ideas that have arisen over the course of the conference while enjoy a chilled glass of champagne. Close of the event Daniele Tricarico, Analyst, Latin America & Caribbean INFORMA TELECOMS & MEDIA Charles Littleton Director Networking Engineering OPEN MOBILE PUERTO RICO Alexey Fedchenko General Manager YOTA DE NICARAGUA José Luis Fernandéz CEO - CCT GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS Keynote Speaker Keynote Speaker
  5. 5. "It was nice meeting you and it was great presenting to such a professional audience." O.R., Cable & Wireless West Indies "It afford me the opportunity to meet others in the field and share knowledge." J.T., Batelco Bahamas "Diversified and very informative." S.M., Setar "Good networking. Information from other telco´s regarding launches of services, pitfalls and successful stories. Information regarding technology development." D.C., Telesur Proven Attendee Quality Breakdown Feedback from Speakers and Delegates The Definitive Meeting Place for Mobile Professionals CEO´s • CIO´s • COO´s • CTO´s • General Managers • Presidents • VP´s • Directors • Managers • Engineers from all of the mobile value chain: Operators • Solution Providers • Software Providers • Application Developers • Device Manufacturers • Chip Manufactures • Content Providers • Investors • Consultants • Press Media Partners: Press Pass Previous accreditation with Informa TM Press Relation office is mandatory for journalists. Please contact for information. Hotel Special Rate for CariCam Wireless Attendees Informa delegates, sponsors and speakers have a special rate at El Conquistador Resort. To make your reservation and receive this exclusive discount*, please contact Sara Valentin at and mention our group code CARICA. *Rates based upon availability Whether you are looking to grow, diversify, acquire or defend your market, a subscription to the Intelligence Centre will provide you with the analysis, insight, market data and forecasts to underpin major decisions and reduce risk. Featuring 10 sector focused channels across TV, broadband and mobile, the Intelligence Centre provides comprehensive and unmatched topic, country and company coverage, as well as a library of presentations from Informa Telecoms & Media’s extensive conference programme. Make better business decisions, starting today: Mobile Americas
  6. 6. CARICAM WIRELESS EXPO 2010 CariCam Wireless 2010 is the region event to promote the development, implementation and usage of mobile services, where operators, solutions providers, consultants and analistys can gain knowledge, form partnership and create deals to advance their common interests. “On behalf of my company, I'd like to thank you and congratulate IBC for last week's CariCam Conference & Tradeshow in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The event allowed for very productive and informative sessions with our customers and other industry representatives.” F.C., Lucent Technologies “Well Executed. Great Show. Great Results.” R.H., CWWUSA “I would like to express our appreciation for the IBC high level organization of the meetings.” I.D., SigValue Technologies RESERVED RESERVED RESERVED RESERVED RESERVED RESERVED RESERVED RESERVED Why exhibit? • Do business at the only event focused to mobile business in the region • Take advantage of the fantastic heritage, grown from a region leading conference with a track record for delivering the highest quality attendees • Build partnerships with all mobile value chain • Unmissable opportunity to meet so many focused people in one place over 2 days • Gain competitive advantage and position your company as the market leader • Demonstrate products and solutions, answer questions, overcome objections and meet your market face-to-face There are numerous unique and creative sponsorship opportunities for you to ensure that you achieve the maximum ROI from your association with CariCam Wireless 2010. Contact us to discuss your specific sponsorship objectives – sales, customer relationships, market research, brand building, channel support or media relations. We will tailor a package to meet your needs. There are limited sponsorship opportunities available. Contact us today! Raquel Freitas - Sponsorship & Exhibition Account Manager: Tel: + 55 (11) 3017-6833 / Interop Technologies ( provides core wireless solutions for messaging, device management, and connectivity gateways.The company’s unmatched deployment flexibility enables operators of all sizes to compete immediately, and 4G-ready architecture makes migration to next-generation technology simple. With a lengthy history in the wireless service provider business, Interop is a trusted partner to operators worldwide. Interop provides the world’s fastest SMSC, a massively scalable MMSC, next-gen 4G messaging solutions, “one-click fix” SCOPE™ Device Management, a state-of-the-art Common Short Code Gateway, and a WAP Gateway with comprehensive toolset. Interop is headquartered in Fort Myers, FL, with facilities in Dallas, TX, and São Paulo, Brazil. ForgetMeNot Software is a Hong Kong based developer of advanced communications technology. Its Message Optimiser service enables Network Operators to provide enhanced Unified Messaging (starting with email, IM and Social Network interactions) to 100% of subscribers on their network, irrespective of the sophistication of the devices being used by the subscriber. There are no applications to be downloaded, no requirement for dataplans, the service works for both pre-paid and post-pay subscribers. Unified Messaging represents a new, large, sustainable revenue stream for networks, whilst reducing subscriber “churn”. Message Optimiser is being deployed now in Africa and other Continents. Silver Sponsor: Sponsor:
  7. 7. GENERALCONDITIONS Date: Venue: TheInformaGroupplc,ispresentedinBraziland LatinAmericabytheIBCandIIRbrands.Planning andOrganizationoftheeventsinBrazil:IIR InformaSemináriosLtda. SpecialRatesforGroups! EarlyBirdDiscount untilOctober,18th FullPrice afterOctober,18th SpecialOperatorRates* EarlyBirdDiscount–until October,18th SpecialOperatorRates* Fullprice– AfterOctober,18th TotalInvestmentTotalInvestmentTotalInvestmentTotalInvestment *TobeelegiblefortheRegionalOperatorPass,youmustbeacompanyprovidingtelecommunicationsservicestoanendconsumerintheCaribbean&CentralAmericanregions.InformaGroup LatinAmericaretainstherighttonotawardtheoperatorrate. PLEASESENDREGISTRATIONFORMBY FAX:+55113017-6853 FullName:JobTitle: Departament:E-mailAddress: ApprovingManager:JobTitle: CompanyName: NatureofCompany’sBusiness: CUIT: BusinessAddress: ZIPCode:City:State: DirectPhone:()Fax:()MobilePhone:() Contactname:JobTitle: 01-99100-199500-9991000-19992000-4999Morethan5000200-499NumberofEmployes: REGISTRATIONFORM–CARICAMWIRELESS2010–CR0600910 BILLINGINFORMATION: METHODOFPAYMENT: VISAAMEXMASTERCARDDINERS Signature: Cardholder’sname: Expirydate:Nº InternationalBankTransfer(untilSeptember10th,2010) forInvoiceandwiretransferdetails. TheinscriptionwillbeconfirmedaftertheOrganizationreceivesyourregistrationform completelyfilledout,signedandstamped. CANCELATIONANDSUBSTITUTION:Cancelationcanbeprovidedwithoutcharges10days beforetheevent.Afterthisdate,asubstituteisalwayswelcomeatnoextracharge. Alternatively,wewillmakeapromptrefundlessservicechargeofUS$300,00.Emtodos oscasos,solicitamosnotifytheOrganizationaboutanychangesuntil12pmfromthedaybefore theevent.Weregretthatnorefundscanbemadetoregistereddelegateswhodonotcanceltheir participationasdescribedaboveanddonotattendtheevent.Allnotificationsmustbereceivedin writingbyfax,e-mailorletterdescribedonthisform. CHANGESINTHEPROGRAM:Ourcommitmentistoprovidedelegateswiththeopportunityto discussissues,topicsandcasesofinterestpresentedbyexperiencedspeakers.Eventualchangesinthe programmaybenecessaryforreasonsbeyondtheorganization’scontrol.Shouldaspeakerbeunable tomakeascheduledpresentation,wewilldoeverythingpossibletoreplacetheabsentprofessionalby anotherwhoisabletoaddressthesametopic.Thiseffort,however,isnotaguaranteethattherewillbe asubstitutespeaker.Bysigningthisdocument,Iagreewiththetermsandconditionspresentedabove. Signature,positionandCompanystamp PlaceandDate Contactname: JobTitle: E-mail: Phone:Fax: BillingAddress: City: State:ZIPCODE: ABCDEFGHIJKLM Pleasefillinyourlabel CodeLocatedontheupright sideofyourmailinglabel. Yes,Iwouldliketoreceiveinfoonfutureevents&servicesbyallcommunicationmeans.Incaseyoudon’twanttoreceiveinfo, November16-17,2010 ElConquistadorResort 1000ElConquistadorAvenue Fajardo00738-PuertoRico CariCamWireless2010USD1899,00USD2099,00FREEUSD499,00 TERMSANDCONDITIONS: