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Google Reader


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Google Reader

  1. 1. Alee Delossantos Patrick Cayabyab Precious-Khalani Gooden Alexis Canares
  2. 2. • Google reader lets you subscribe to your favorite website • Posts the new updates for your subscribed websites • Google reader lets you view what you have read and unread • All the unread items are bolded, and all the items that are read are highlighted in blue • To find Google reader go to Google and type in Google reader
  3. 3.  Click on the title so it can take you to its original website  Star the article to keep it in the starred articles section  Email interesting articles to friends while reading the article  Keep the article unread, if the article is open  Share the article and add notes
  4. 4. • Keep all the research articles together. • Organize all the website or blogs together that individuals use • It is more convenient because it keeps all the websites together • Email any articles to teachers or classmates • Share information with individuals in a group for a project • Star an article if it has any important information on an article
  5. 5.  Students would use this site to communicate with other class mates and share documents with each other  Teachers/Professors would use this site to share important information with their students or give them websites to use for class  Anyone else can use this site to communicate with one another and email interesting things
  6. 6.  What surprised me the most about Google reader the most is in the settings you can set which language you would prefer to read in.  If you want to keep looking at a page and subscribe it just add it to the bookmarks section and it will be automatically sent to Google reader.  You could also look at your 2000 most recent items when you are offline, just install Google Gears to your computer.  You could also add subscriptions and blogs to many different sites like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. And if you can’t find your site you can add it manually (found in settings under Send to)
  7. 7.  You mostly can use this tool at home, unless your teacher recommends that you subscribe to a daily blog.  It is good if you stay on the computer and visit a lot of sites and forget what they were about, and if you really like them you can subscribe.
  8. 8.  strictly web-based  no need to install any software  use it anywhere & can be accessed with different computers  just sign in to your account  can also be accessed with iPhone, Blackberry, phone with mobile webs  go to
  9. 9.  very easy to set up an account (can use Gmail account if already have one) 1. 2. create account 3. email address/ password 4. location 5. word verification 6. I accept. create my account.
  10. 10.  no account levels  everything is completely free
  11. 11.  can be used for academic purposes  ex: subscribe to  Time Magazine for research  news  or any favorite site
  12. 12.  More organization.  More help and tutorials.  More appealing to users.
  13. 13.  Highly reccomend it.  Useful for those who really like to keep up with sports, etc.  Helpful in keeping different categories organized.  Really accessible.  No other tool around.