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Prototype test iterate_md_week4_assignment

  2. 2. Roadmap for Prototype/Test Presentation • Summary from Empathize/Define and Ideate Phases • The downselected three candidate Ideas from Ideation • Selected one idea for creating two prototypes • Prototyping Approach • Quick Brainstorming before Prototyping • Low-Rez Fidelity first, then improve Iteratively • Hybrid- Teachers/Students Job shadowing model • Prototypes Selected • Testing Approach • Tests and Feedback • Future work to further improve Prototype
  3. 3. Summary from Empathize / Define Phase Stakeholder Community College Teachers who educate students for placement in Companies/Workplaces in the State. Problem Statement College Teachers need successful collaboration with employers to help students effectively transition from school to work. Insight Many teachers are not trained to collaborate in school-to- work activities. Developing a wide variety of collaborative activities is key to school-to-work success.
  4. 4. Three Key Ideas (Ideate Phase) 1. Teachers guiding students for completing design projects for local industries 2. Teachers participate in workplace internships to develop a feel for the workplace needs 3. Curriculum development for School to Work Transition Idea Selected for Prototype/Test
  5. 5. Quick Brainstorming Before Prototyping • Why Teachers benefit from Job shadowing at Workplaces: • Teachers may not know the detail requirements and expectation in a variety of job settings and scenarios such as industrial, R&D, High Tech, Healthcare, Government • How Teacher can participate in and/or learn from documented Job Shadowing Experiences at Diverse Workplaces • Teachers can learn from Student Job Shadowing • Teachers interview and survey students who have job shadowed • Teachers independently participate in job shadow • Teachers go along with students for Job Shadow (Could be Prototype 1 (involves trips to Workplaces for Jobshadowing) • Teachers/Students collect available “Workplace Scenario Based on line training, videos, and resources, hyperlinks), and make these resources available to students at the college (Prototype 2, Training)
  6. 6. The Two Prototypes Chosen • Prototype 1: • Teachers job shadowing at actual workplaces with group of students from the same college • Prototype 2: • Teachers and students jointly learn about workplace environment and skills needed using available Online and Simulated Workplace Experience Programs
  7. 7. Prototyping Process • Teachers participate in Job shadowing as a method for gathering short term workplace Internship experience Job shadow example videos: • WU8jg • XvkB8 nBv0 • Select two prototypes to make the Teacher experiences more contextual, and if appropriate combine the best of the two prototypes. This way, the College students can learn about Workplace needs from effectively from Teachers and their transition to workplace will be easier. Prototype 1 Prototype 2 • PrEtotype (Low-Rez: low resolution) • Medium Resolution (Med-Rez) Prototype after incorporating initial feedback • Final Prototype (in future), after further tests at more colleges User Test of the Prototypes •Low-Rez Prototype •Three face-to -face tests by Teachers •Six more tests by Teacher/Students/workpl ace employee after prototype emailed and walked through over the phone •Feedback Received on •What worked •Improvements/challenge •Feedback incorporated into Med-Rez Prototype User Feedbacks Teachers (=Users, Stakeholders) participating in Workplace Internships to develop feel (experience) for Workplace needs Prototype Fidelity
  8. 8. Industry and Business Types for Job Shadowing • Both Big Businesses and Small Business Companies • Manufacturing • Healthcare • Engineering /Design • Social Services • Energy • Education • Retailing • Finance/Accounting • Government • Armed forces • Administration • National Infrastructure Projects
  9. 9. Prototype 1 – Low Fidelity Teachers participating in Workplace Job Shadowing to develop a feel for Workplace needs Participants Codes
  10. 10. Prototype 2 – Low Fidelity Teachers and students jointly learn about workplace environment and skills needed using available Online and Simulated Workplace Experience Programs Codes e.g. Participants
  11. 11. Prototype Testing Approach Understand objectives, identify target audience and determine which Prototype will be evaluated by participants (e.g., prototype1, 2. or both). Gather feedback on Low-Resolution Prototype early enough and improve to Medium Resolution and sequentially to Final detailed resolution prototype. Develop a test plan, which will ensure necessary feedback is gathered during the test sessions. • One-on-one test sessions (either 30 or 45 minutes long) conducted over two consecutive days. During the test sessions, participants perform defined tasks and are asked questions about what they think about the prototype. [Mid to Hi-Rez Prototyping Levels] • After testing is complete, the results are recorded analyzed and compiled into a Database and Report, which contains actionable recommendations for fixing the observed issues with the prototype solution
  12. 12. The Prototype Tests and Key Feedbacks Tester # Tester Test Mode Feedback Low-Rez Prototype 1 Feedback Low-Rez Prototype 2 1 Teacher 1 Email, Phone Consolidate Steps 1 to 3 This is cost effective and will work better 2 Teacher 2 Email, Phone Familiarize teachers with Job shadow details Form a student teacher Team 3 Teacher 3 Email, Phone Step 6 (Seminar) - Invite workplace supervisors as speakers In the Review Applicability stage involve Students. Connect with other colleges /work with them 4 Workplace Rep 1 Face to Face Schedule at least a month before Job shadow You should contact HR and Communications Dept. for videos 5 Workplace Rep 2 Face to Face Provide student academic background for proper routing of Job shadow opportunities Explore with the companies if they will provide job specific feedback for training selection 6 Student 1 Skype Select Student Lead in Step 1. Make seminars once a Semester Get college IT department to help with creating a page for these links on college web site 7 Student 2 Email, Phone I think there will be problem coordinating teachers and students (will email details) Inform students via (Twitter, Facebook) about updates. Create a college JS FB page 8 Student Intern Face to Face I think the debriefing (Step 5) is important for knowledge capture Company proprietary info will be out of bounds 9 College Secretary/Admin Phone I can help locating companies offering Job shadowing locally I can get Judi to help with creating an Training Database
  13. 13. Recommendation for Improving the Prototype to next Fidelity Level • Implement the feedbacks received on Low-Rez Prototypes 1 and 2 and send back to Stakeholder/reviewer for additional feedback, if any • Create informative web pages with visual map of the process described in Prototype 1 and Prototype 2. • Deploy the two hi-rez prototypes in “Sandbox” testing mode first then in real environment Sandbox testing is basically the ability to submit and process transactions, data, etc. within an application that is not in a 'live' state. These transactions are not ONLINE, or real so they have no effect. Basically this is a TESTING mode, training mode for an application. Usually used in a development cycle. • Perform the “Gut Check” for the Prototype (see next slide) and improve as necessary.
  14. 14. Gut Check for Prototype Finalization • Is there anything in the prototype that is unclear or confusing? • Would users prefer the prototype to look or behave differently? • Which features are of highest value to your target users? • Are there any features or content missing from the prototype? • Are user expectations different than the intended functionality? • Usability Testing • Focus Group and Realistic Case Studies (Use Cases)
  15. 15. Backup Slides
  16. 16. BACKUP: Job shadow related Videos • • • • •