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What Should My Blog Say? Learn to Write Blogs that Suit Your Business

Web development and design company Infomedia presents a free training including what your blog should say, who should write it and how to create a content calendar. Starting April 2017, a free webinar corresponding with these slides will be available at

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What Should My Blog Say? Learn to Write Blogs that Suit Your Business

  1. 1. What Should My Blog Say? Learn to Write Blogs that Suit Your Business
  2. 2. Today’s Speaker Carrie Rollwagen Communications Director #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  3. 3. Question #1: “I hate blogging.” #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  4. 4. “Why Do I Need to Blog?” •Establish yourself as the expert • Customer loyalty/retention and upselling • Build Google authority through SEO/keywords • Bring in new customers ... maybe #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook) 4
  5. 5. Question #2: “How do I use SEO terms in my blogs?” #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  6. 6. WHY Optimize Your Blog • Google likes to know what you’re about • Google likes to see fresh, new content • Google likes when people visit your website and stay for awhile #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook) 6
  7. 7. HOW Do I Optimize My Blog? • Blog title • Headlines (H2) • First sentence • 2 or 3 times • Change up your phrasing • Add links to keywords • Use keyword in URL • Use keyword in Alt text • Rewrite metadescription • Use Yoast (or similar plugin) #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook) 7
  8. 8. Question #3: “How do I come up with topics?” #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  9. 9. “How Do I Come up with Topics?” • What do you have going on? (sales, etc.) • What do you have to teach? (tips, how-tos, alternate product uses) • What do you have to share? (behind-the-scenes, customer success) • What questions from customers, strangers and friends? • What is your competition blogging about? • What are you already producing? (newsletters, pamphlets, onboarding packages) #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook) 9
  10. 10. Calendar: Organize Your Topics • Determine frequency and choose posting days • Add important company dates and info • Search for additional dates from: city functions, major holidays, silly holidays • Schedule content due a week ahead of time • Feel free to upset calendar for newsworthy topics #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  11. 11. Calendars at #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  12. 12. Question #4: “Who should write my blog?” #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  13. 13. “Who Should Write My Blog?” • You? • An intern? • All employees? • Select employees • A ghost #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  14. 14. Question #5: “How do I share my blog on social media?” #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  15. 15. Share Blogs on Social Media • Be succinct • Inform and entertain • Use photos #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  16. 16. Share on Facebook • Don’t expect a return from organic search • Don’t use salesy words like “sale” or “free” • Stay away from “blog” and “post” • Share from your personal page if applicable #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  17. 17. Share on Twitter • Think about using a scheduler like Hootsuite • Search for common hashtags that reflect your content • With or without a picture is okay #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  18. 18. Share on Instagram • Caption doesn’t link to outside content on basic account • Add “link in profile” to caption and link your profile to your blog • Business accounts get more privileges • More background and brand building than actual link #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook) 18
  19. 19. Share on Snapchat Hahaha, just kidding #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook) 19
  20. 20. Like what you learned? Let us know! We’d love a review on Google+ #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook) “Quick response time when issues arise and resolution times are fast." “Our experience with Infomedia was superb! They built an ecommerce web portal for a client of mine last year.”