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Optimize Your Ecommerce Site for Holiday Sales, Shipping & Traffic

Web development company Infomedia presents a free training on how to prepare your website to handle holiday sales and traffic. Topics include how to create sales, what your promotion timeline should be, and how to promote events on social media platforms. Beginning April 2017, a free webinar corresponding with these slides will be available at

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Optimize Your Ecommerce Site for Holiday Sales, Shipping & Traffic

  1. 1. Optimize Your Ecommerce Site for Holiday Sales, Shipping & Traffic
  2. 2. Jingle All the Way Make a Holiday Ecommerce Plan without Losing Your Mind (Find the slides at #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  3. 3. Today’s Speaker Carrie Rollwagen Communications Director #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  4. 4. Key Dates: 2017 • Thanksgiving: November 23 (Thursday) • Black Friday: November 24 (Friday) • Small Business Saturday: November 25 (Saturday) • Cyber Monday: November 27 (Monday) • Hanukkah: December 12 (Tuesday) to December 20 (Wednesday) • Last Day for Christmas Shipping (regular) • Last Day for Christmas Shipping (overnight) • Christmas December 25 (Monday) #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  5. 5. All the Trimmings: Prep Your Site • Be sure your site can handle increased traffic • Be sure your site loads quickly • Be sure your site it responsive (performs on mobile) • Freshen up your content (check Blog, About Page, Address & Phone) #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  6. 6. Test Your Site • Test your Contact Form • Test any and all links to contact info • Google yourself (update Google Local or contact us) • Add your new products (and seasonal) to your site #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  7. 7. • Prepare for increased orders • Prepare for increased customer service demands • Update shipping & return policies (consider free shipping) • Be sure shipping & return policies are clearly defined and listed in several places Check the Sleigh: Prep Shipping #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  8. 8. Incentivize Buying • Create discounts • Think about coupon codes • Consider free shipping • Decide if discounts can be stacked #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  9. 9. Discount Ideas • 12 Days of Savings • Percentage off Purchase • Repeat Buyer • Two-for-one and bundle • Free Shipping • BOGO • Free Gift • Email Coupons • Coupon Codes • Daily Deals • Word of the Day (jingle bells, etc.) #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  10. 10. Give Your Site a Holiday Makeover • “Decorate” your site with banners, new calls to action (be sure they link) • Update featured products #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  11. 11. Blog Ideas (include links!) • 10 Gift Ideas for Mom • Gifts Dad Won’t Hate • Stocking Stuffers • Hostess Gifts • Gifts That Keep Giving (subscriptions, etc.) • 12 Days of Christmas • 5 Last-Minute Gift Ideas #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  12. 12. Good Tidings: Promote Site & Sale • Use email to communicate sales and discounts • Use social media to spread the word and consistently remind people • Use in-store signage to upsell from your brick and mortar (and inform in-store staff) • Create a fun sale idea to intrigue customers (and make messaging fun) #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  13. 13. Get Set up for Cyber Monday • Decide on promotions, discounts and specials — one key offer • Create a specific landing page • Establish terms (Can discounts be used together? Can purchases be returned?) • Start promotions #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  14. 14. Cyber Monday • Promote your specials on your website, to your newsletter list, in- store and on social media • Fulfill the orders in a timely way • Use Cyber Monday sales as an opportunity for continuing sales • Remember to shut down coupon codes & offers at the end of day #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  15. 15. Un-Deck the Halls: After Christmas • Go to the spa • Take down the “decorations” • Pay attention to reviews and comments • Use your new emails to follow up • Consider new promotions to clear overstock #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  16. 16. Like what you learned? Let us know! We’d love a review on Google+ #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook) “Quick response time when issues arise and resolution times are fast." “Our experience with Infomedia was superb! They built an ecommerce web portal for a client of mine last year.”