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Be a Better Blogger: The Surprising Magic of Content Calendars

Infomedia's Carrie Rollwagen outlines ideas for coming up with blog content, ways to schedule content, and how to build a content calendar.

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Be a Better Blogger: The Surprising Magic of Content Calendars

  1. 1. #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  2. 2. Today’s Speaker Carrie Rollwagen Communications Director #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  3. 3. Get Today’s Slides #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  4. 4. Be a Better Blogger The Surprising Magic of Content Calendars #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  5. 5. What Are You Working With? What’s your core purpose? What’s your goal? What resources do you have to work with? #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  6. 6. What’s Your Core Purpose? “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” — Simon Sinek’s TED Talk “Start with Why” #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  7. 7. What’s Your Goal? • To promote your product or service • To boost SEO • To boost Local Search • To reach out to new clients • To reach out to current clients #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  8. 8. What Resources Are Available? • Who’s writing your blog? • How often can you publish? • Are you willing to pay people (current employees or not) to blog? • Where are you getting photos? • How long can your blog be? Your resources reflect whether you can do in-depth research or need to stick with short summaries. #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  9. 9. Coming up with Content What’s going on in your company? How can you serve your customers/clients? What’s going on in the world? #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  10. 10. What’s Going on in Your Company? • Product Releases • Culture Posts • Employee Profiles • Core Product Offerings • How-tos • Frequently Asked Questions • Tips and Alternative Uses • Auxillary Material #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  11. 11. How Can You Serve Your Customers? • Instructions and Trainings • How-tos • Frequently Asked Questions • Tips and Alternative Uses • New Ideas for Old Products • Reasons to Love Your Product #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  12. 12. What’s Going on in the World? • News Events • Holidays • Silly Holidays • Product Releases • Innovations in culture or technology • Meet-ups and in-town events #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  13. 13. March Calendar ( #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  14. 14. Plan Your Month • Set up a base calendar • What local events could you include? • What holidays could you work into your plan? • Think through what you need to promote/communicate • Fill in the gaps with additional information/fun stuff #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  15. 15. Blogging Worksheet #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  16. 16. Blogging Worksheet #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook) • Topic • Lunch & Learn • Profile • Portfolio Spotlight • Services to Promote • Keywords to Use
  17. 17. March Content: Tune Up #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  18. 18. March Content: Not Tune Up #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  19. 19. Create a Schedule • Look at your monthly worksheet to see which content you need to place • Place content that MUST run on a certain day (holidays, product launches, etc.) • Plan the rest of your content based on author timing • Plan some evergreen content #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  20. 20. Scheduling and Due Dates • Have blog content due one week out • People have time to be late • You have time to get a photo • You have time to incorporate SEO • What happens if you don’t get content on time? • Pull some evergreen content • It doesn’t hurt to skip a day #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  21. 21. Automate Your Schedule Use WordPress to schedule Use social media scheduling cautiously #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  22. 22. Scheduling in WordPress #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  23. 23. Promote on Social Media? • Facebook: Yes • Twitter: Yes • LinkedIn: Probably • Instagram: Maybe • Beware Scheduling #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  24. 24. Questions? #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  25. 25. Get Today’s Slides #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  26. 26. Lunch and Learn Schedule May 18 Social Media Strategy: Don’t Work Harder, Work Smarter June 15 Analytics 101: Reading and Using Your Results July 20 Get Found & Get Noticed: Make the Most of SEO and Local Search August 17 Analytics 102: Making Your Analytics Work for You September 21 Putting Words to Work: Write Your Own Website Copy October 19 Video for Beginners: Basics of Marketing and Posting Video #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook)
  27. 27. Like what you learned? Let us know! We’d love a review on Google+ #LearnInfomedia @infomediadotcom (Twitter : Instagram : Facebook) “Quick response time when issues arise and resolution times are fast." “Our experience with Infomedia was superb! They built an ecommerce web portal for a client of mine last year.”