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  • RDS today is used by thousands of customers from small startups to the world’s largest corporations.We have a predictable history of delivering reliable services and adding even greater functionality over time. (MAZ, RR, Caching)
  • RDS prestructure before adding new attributes, with NoSQL you do not have to do this it is a sparse schema. RDS creates DB on EC2 and EBS for you, gives you Host name and put and you take it from there with your fav SQL client. SimpleDB is in the DataPath, you dump the data and it creates the schema (Does Dynamo?)RDS Benefits – 1. Scale with modify API but there is an outage when you swap out instance types (e.g. from med to XL) but only takes a femins. Events are starting and done. IP address stays the same. Same for EBS add storage with no downtime or degradation in perf2. DB Backup and Restore – DB Snapshot or automated backup. 3. Monitor DB – recover from DB crash, EC2 crash, Gumi has been our number 1 customer for a few weeks over $250k in the last 4 weeksFunzio is in the top 5 and so is activisionEA, sony, bightgames also customers.We have been talking to playfish about DynamoDB but I don’t see them in the rds user base.Could not find zynga.
  • So, who is using DynamoDB?Many companies within Amazon and outside Amazon.Amazon CloudDrive, Smugmug, Amazon retail are examples within Amazon.Smugmug is using us for storing their metadata on DynamoDB.Formpsring and Tapjoy are one of our early adopters.Finally, the shazam the popular voice recognition application for ads and music is using us to store its data for various applications.
  • 17h30 aws-databases-summit

    1. 1. Bancos de Dados Escaláveis na AWS José Papo @josepapo josepapo@amazon.com
    2. 2. Opções de Bancos de Dados Relacional NoSQL
    3. 3. Bancos de Dados - Modelos Auto-gestão Database as a Service Banco de Dados no Amazon Relational Amazon DynamoDB Amazon EC2 Database Service (RDS) NoSQLSua escolha de software SQL Server, MySQL ou Modelo não relacional de banco de dados Oracle oferecidos como serviçoBring Your Own License Overhead zero de (BYOL) Licenciamento Flexível: administração BYOL ou Licença Incluída
    4. 4. Bancos de Dados “As a Service” Amazon RDS + DynamoDB ElastiCache MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server MemcachedApps que precisam de BDs relacionais escaláveis Apps que precisam de Escalabilidade Massiva YesSQL NoSQL
    5. 5. Bancos de Dados – Modo Tradicional • Desperdício de CapacidadeDemanda • Custo de manutenção • Consome mais tempo Q1 Tempo
    6. 6. O que os Clientes Diziam “Nos ajude a focar na aplicação – Diminua tempo gasto em manutenção para usarmos em mais tempo de desenvolvimento e tuning de banco” Security planning Upgrades de servidores License/doc training Backup rec 5% 5% Upgrades de storage load/unload 20% 5% Scripting coding Backup e recovery Upgrades e patches Performance and 25% 40% tuning Falhas de Hardware Install, upgrade, patch, migration Distribuição de TempoFonte: http://www.forrester.com/Events/Content/0,5180,-1110,00.ppt
    7. 7. Banco de Dados – A Nova ManeiraDemanda • Elasticidade • Foco na App • Imediato Tempo
    8. 8. Amazon Relational Database ServiceRDS é um serviço escalável de bancos de dados relacionais que é simples, fácil de escalar, confiável e efetivo em custo Vários Engines de BDs Serviço Gerenciado Escalabilidade Simples Disponibilidade com Multi-AZ Funciona c/ EC2 & ElastiCache Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
    9. 9. Bancos de Dados Relacionais Melhora Melhora Amazon RDS Disponibilidade Throughput Reduz Latência Escalabilidade Simples Multi AZ Read Replicas ElastiCacheEscalabilidade Simples Read Replicas ElastiCache
    10. 10. Escalabilidade SimplesEscale verticalmente suainstancia e storageEscale horizontalmentevia shardingBackup automáticoRestore simples
    11. 11. Escalabilidade de Leituras com Amazon ElastiCache e Read ReplicasReduz Latência deLeitura com ElastiCacheRead replica paraescalabilidade de leituraRelatórios podem serexecutados nas réplicas
    12. 12. Alta Disponibilidade – Uso de Multi-AZTolerância a FalhasReplicação SíncronaFailover Automático
    13. 13. Alguns Clientes do Amazon RDS Jogos Web Mobile/Social Mídia
    14. 14. Flipboard Case Study
    15. 15. IntroductionYour Social Magazine for Apple Mobile DevicesDelivers relevant articles and photos based on usage andinteractions within your social networksLaunched 6 months after the initial team put togetherOver 5 million users and 2 billion page “flips” per month
    16. 16. Operating in the Cloud : Managing Complex, Real Time Data 6 months to deploy a real-time, socially relevant magazineChallenge Constantly changing user interestsArchitecture Ability to change all hardware and software elastically Frequently changing system requirementsApp needs Complex queries on user and relevancy data Milliseconds count. So, does uptime Solution Highly performant, reliable, proven database technology Amazon RDS MySQL
    17. 17. The Data View of the World Flipboard Application ElastiCache Memcache for performance Reliable andOperational Complex data,Configuration Queriesand State Data SimpleDB RDS MySQL
    18. 18. Friends, Magazines … anyone relevant to me who published something very recently that I care about seeing Show Me More, Please!A friend who recently shared a photo
    19. 19. Amazon RDS Tips For Success1. Leverage the Cloud for what it does best. Don’t bring old DC habits.2. Scale up for better performance.3. Use RDS for complex, real-time data4. Use Read Replicas for write and read heavy databases. They are awesome.5. Leverage existing SQL knowledge and experience.6. Use copies of your database for testing new code. It’s trivial and saves time.7. Scale horizontally with sharding. Plan for it before you need it.
    20. 20. SQL ou NoSQL?
    21. 21. O Desafio da Escalabilidade Requisito: performance consistente e previsívelPerformance  Aquisição de Hardware e Software $!   Sharding Caching  Gestão deCluster Realidade:  Gestão de Falhas performance degrada Escalabilidade
    22. 22. Amazon DynamoDBDynamoDB é um serviço NoSQL gerenciado que fornece performanceprevisível e extremamente rápida com escalabilidade Fácil Administração SSD’s para Baixa Latência Capacidade Reservada Storage e Throughput potencialmente ilimitado
    23. 23. DynamoDB – Benefícios Performance Rápida e Previsível ADMIN • Latência baixa Fácil Administração • Escalabilidade Simples • Alocação automática de recursos e alta disponibilidade incluída Sempre Durável • Performance sem compromissos • Sem redução em consistência ou durabilidade para conseguir throughput
    24. 24. Throughput Provisionado Reserve os IOPS que deseja por tabela Aumente ou diminua via API ou Console Pague por throughput e storage (não instancias) • $0.01 por hora a cada 10 unidades de Capacidade de Write • $0.01 por hora a cada 50 unidades de Capacidade de Read • $1.00 por GB-mês de Storage
    25. 25. Alguns Clientes do DynamoDB
    26. 26. Earth Networks Case Study
    27. 27. IntroductionGathers and analyzes atmospheric observations from aglobal sensor network to promote a better understandingof the planetProprietary lightning network output used to pinpointlightning activity - best indicator of dangerous weatherOwner of the WeatherBug brand (mobile, desktop, Web)
    28. 28. Problem Generate lightning alert notifications, in proximity Need to the user’s location, on a mobile device. Geospatial queries ScalableConstraints • 6 million existing mobile users • 100% YOY mobile growth • Severe Weather Outbreaks Fast • Speed + Accuracy = Safety Reduce Time to Market Cost of Ownership
    29. 29. Lightning Demo
    30. 30. Analysis Provider Product Throughput Engineering Cost of per Instance Cost OwnershipMicrosoft SQL Server 2008 Medium Low HighMySQL MySQL Medium High* High*Earth Networks In Memory Quadtree High High MediumAmazon Mem-Cache High Medium MediumAmazon DynamoDB High Low Low * Not currently supported by Earth Networks
    31. 31. ReflectionDynamoDB Advantages• Easy to Provision• Built-in Consistency• Scalable• High AvailabilityDynamoDB Wish List• Durability across regions in addition to inside a region• Auto-scale down without a throttle on change• Item size limit of 64k
    32. 32. Teste os serviços de Bancos de Dados da AWS!Amazon RDS – Oferta Gratuita • Visite - aws.amazon.com/rdsDynamoDB – Oferta Gratuita • Visite - aws.amazon.com/dynamodb