Student assistant orientation presentation (its serials's conflicted copy 2013-07-23)


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Student assistant orientation presentation (its serials's conflicted copy 2013-07-23)

  1. 1. Navigating Resources
  2. 2. Training Instructions  Navigation  Hover your mouse in the bottom left corner to navigate forward or backward.  Select the Click me icon to listen to the narration.
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS  Welcome to the LRC  Essential Library Functions and Personnel  Library Photo Tour  Student Assistant Reporting Procedure  Reference Service and Customer Service  Information Literacy  Resources  Quiz
  4. 4. Welcome to the LRC!  Congratulations!Welcome to the J.F Drake Learning Resource Center in the Public Service department. We are happy that you are on our team this semester, but before you began work, you must complete the orientation training session, so that you can become a trained Student Assistant (SA) or Graduate Assistant (GA). Follow this link below to view the LRC movie.
  5. 5. Essential Functions and Personnel  Dr. Payton, Director  Mrs. Johnson,Administrative Assistant
  6. 6. Essential Functions and Personnel Information Services  Mr. Bush, Information and Public Services Director  Mrs. Bryant, Information Services Librarian  Ms. Smith, Information Services Librarian  Mrs. O’Neal, Education & Acquisition Librarian
  7. 7. CIRCULATION The purpose of the circulation desk is to check in, check out and have access to books put on reserve by faculty.
  8. 8. REFERENCE The purpose of the reference desk is to provide students with navigation to information literacy skills, research skills and book collections with the assistance of librarians.
  9. 9. ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES Administrative services includes the office of the library director and the administrative assistant. This office handles employment, staff development and the area for recording worked time.
  10. 10. SERIALS Serials includes publication for print, non-print, electronic format.Types of serials include, abstracts, indexes, almanacs, annual reviews, directories, newspapers, newsletters, magazines, research journals and trade publications.
  11. 11. BLACK COLLECTION The Black Collection includes books specifically by African-American authors, which includes historical information related to progression.
  12. 12. ARCHIVES Archives is a collection of historical artifacts and documents about the institution. For access to these documents patrons must contact theVeronica Henderson, Director of Archives and Special Collections.
  13. 13. DRAKE STATION CAFE The Drake State Café is for students, staff, and faculty. Items purchased at the café must be eaten in the common area.
  14. 14. COMPUTER/ LEARNING COMMONS The computer area and learning commons are available to students, staff, faculty and the community. Students, staff, and faculty have priority for usage of the computer and common learning areas.
  15. 15. Reporting Procedures – Checking In!  Clock in upon arrival and departure in the Administrative Service’s Office.  Check-in with Ms. Smith within 5 minutes after clocking in to be informed of any existing task, new information, and/or updates.  In case of Ms. Smith’s absence, check in and out with Mrs. O’Neal.  Sign the Check-in sheet in the student worker office.
  16. 16. Reporting Procedures – Red Folder!  After checking in, review the Student Assistant Folder, a red folder located in the Student Worker’s Office, which details ongoing reference desk and public service tasks for the week.  The Student Assistant Folder also contains documents for any special tasks as requested by the information services librarians.
  17. 17. Reporting Procedures –Assignments!  Review the checklist included in the folder outlining the responsibilities and duties to be performed periodically throughout each work shift.  Each student/ graduate assistant should initial his/her name beside each duty/responsibility completed on that day.
  18. 18. Breaks  If you work a minimum shift of 4 hours, you are entitled to a 15 minute break  Let a Reference Librarian know when you go on break
  19. 19. Performing Reference Duties Reference Services and Customer Service
  20. 20. Types of Reference Services  Directional  Technology  Research  Point of Service  Individual Sessions  Ready Reference
  21. 21. Inquiries  Customer Service – Providing quality customer service to our users is essential in building long term relationships within the community.    Approachability- The primary responsibility of the staff is to assist the patrons individually.The staff should appear approachable at all times and should not be engrossed in other work and fail to see readers in need of assistance
  22. 22. Handling Inquiries Support Staff
  23. 23. Handling Inquiries Librarian and Graduate Assistants
  24. 24. Top Resources
  25. 25. • Greet students as they enter the library. • Walk around every hour and ASK students if they need any additional assistance. • Always refer students to the appropriate library professional for assistance. • Be an active listener and communicator.
  26. 26. What is Information Literacy • Define the nature and extend of the information needed. • Identify types of information resources available. • Locate and access information resources on topics. • Evaluate information resources found. • Use the information found ethically to satisfy the information needed.
  27. 27. 3 Components of Information Literacy
  28. 28. IDENTIFY • Determine what information is needed for researching a specific topic.
  29. 29. FIND • Utilize research tools to locate the appropriate information.
  30. 30. EVALUATE • Review research and organize material based on topic.
  31. 31. Why? Librarian An educator’s model of information literacy.
  32. 32. Emergency Procedures  Follow all directions given (either in person or intercom)  Emergency numbers are located in the maroon binder at the Reference Desk  After you are safe, check in with a reference librarian
  33. 33.  Good Luck with assisting patrons at The Learning Resource Center. Feel free to ask questions for further assistance.  Follow this link to access a quiz about your knowledge of how to navigate the library. Congratulations!!!!!!!