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Woods & Oradini - Project DigitISE: Digital Information Skills for Employability


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Woods & Oradini - Project DigitISE: Digital Information Skills for Employability

  1. 1. Project DigitISE:Digital Information Skillsfor EmployabilityFederica Oradini (Senior Lecturer in e-learning) &Emma Woods (Academic Liaison Librarian)University of Westminster, London
  2. 2. This session will provide:• An introduction to the project• A report on questionnaire & focus group findings• An overview of our one day student conference, “Get the Digital Edge”• Information on our legacy plans
  3. 3. University of Westminster Typing class at the Regent Street Polytechnic: Photograph taken from an album of 1899• Vision - “building the next generation of highly employable global citizens to shape the future”• 19,800 students across 4 sites• Diverse student body
  4. 4. The project• JISC Transformations Programme• One year project (Spring 2012 – 2013) exploring the links between students’ attitudes towards digital literacy and employability• Project Board and delivery group include staff from across the DigitISE Delivery Group University
  5. 5. Questionnaire - introduction • Distributed online in Autumn 2012 • Approx 400 respondents in first round • Some schools (more science based ones) under- PG Diploma Office Technology and Business Administration - using a word processor package represented so opened Students from the Polytechnic of Central London, 1989 again. • Total responses = 563
  6. 6. Questionnaire – key findings 81.5% 87.6% believe they are love digital digitally literate technology 56% agreed that most students like to 92.3% engage with consider it learning material important for while travelling 1.6% students to use theirdevelop digital smartphone skills for study
  7. 7. Focus GroupsFebruary 2013 - 3 focus groups were held to follow up onquestionnaire findings: • DL skills - whose responsibility? • Awareness of current provision • DL skills assessment • Method of delivery
  8. 8. Get the Digital Edge – 21 March 2013
  9. 9. Beyond May 2013: DigitISE legacy• Draft strategy• WIReS (Change Academy proposal for embedding information skills into the curriculum)• Learning futures @ Westminster
  10. 10. Questions? School of commerce Students from the Regent Street Polytechnic .Emma Woods (Academic Liaison Librarian) Oradini (Senior Lecturer in e-learning) project site: Edge web page: thanks to the University of Westminster Archive Services for the photos