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Who educates the educators? - Sewell


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Presented at LILAC 2017

Published in: Education
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Who educates the educators? - Sewell

  1. 1. OSC Office of Scholarly Communication Who Educates the Educators? The Research Support Ambassador Programme at Cambridge University Claire Sewell Research Support Skills Coordinator Office of Scholarly Communication Cambridge University
  2. 2. OSC Nature of the academic library is changing Photo:UBCLibraryCommunicationsviaFlickrunderCCBY-NC-ND2.0
  3. 3. OSC OSC@Cam Open Access RDM Digital theses Training Institutional repository Research
  4. 4. OSC Two programmes
  5. 5. OSC Enhanced level of scholarly communication literacy Increased confidence for participants Research support in every library Greater visibility for library research support services Anticipated benefits
  6. 6. OSC Cambridge libraries 100+ libraries 600+ library staff Geographically spread Diverse range of needs Map: Cambridge University Library. Used with permission
  7. 7. OSC Participant led Focused on creating a tangible output Experiential learning Ambassadors 2015 23 participants
  8. 8. OSC Feedback More structure needed Focus on content Time commitment was a problem Most wouldn’t recommend
  9. 9. OSC You said, we did
  10. 10. OSC Three strands  Scholarly communication in context  Transferrable skills  Group project work Self-assessment of skill level Stronger leadership Ambassadors 2016 16 participants
  11. 11. OSC Scholarly communication in context Mixture of workshops and lectures Basics of scholarly communication Inclusive
  12. 12. OSC Feedback I now feel better able to talk to researchers when they have questions I have an increased level of confidence when it comes to dealing with scholarly communication issues Great way to develop & update my knowledge in a short space of time
  13. 13. OSC Feedback 67% rated the taught sessions as useful 83% rated the scope of the group project as about right 88% of Ambassadors would recommend the programme
  14. 14. OSC Increased communication between libraries Learning about research in different library contexts Stronger staff networks Added benefits
  15. 15. OSC The future…. Continue refinements Focus on network building Look at impact assessment
  16. 16. OSC Time invested in proper planning is never wasted Acknowledge failure Control vs freedom Importance of continuous evaluation Lessons learnt
  17. 17. OSC Questions?
  18. 18. OSC
  19. 19. OSC Image credits Images via: Pixabay Pexels Iconfinder CC0 unless otherwise noted