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White - Preparing secondary students for tertiary study through embedded information literacy skills – tertiary prep unit


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Published in: Education, Sports
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White - Preparing secondary students for tertiary study through embedded information literacy skills – tertiary prep unit

  1. 1. Tertiary Prep Unit Tertiary Prep Unit Senga White James Hargest CollegeLILAC Conference, Glasgow  12 April 2012
  2. 2. Information Literacy @ JHC Year 7 – 13 programme designed to  build on IL skills of students progressively through each year level
  3. 3. Why?oBridging the gap between secondary and tertiary educationoOffering extension for motivated senior studentsoIncreasing the profile of the library within the schooloClosest University almost 3 hours away‐72157603525685486/
  4. 4. MISSION STATEMENT James Hargest College fosters all round development and the pursuit of excellence in a stimulating and supportive environment so that our students are equipped to create the best  possible future for themselves and their world.
  5. 5. Extract from James Hargest College Vision:To fulfil the vision of the New Zealand Curriculum by the development of confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners in a way that reflects the expectations and needs of the Hargest community.  Our strong achievement focus is of prime importance, with sights set firmly on the pursuit of excellence and best performance by all.
  6. 6. So far ……..Overall IL Programme at JHCTertiary Prep Unit – work began in 2010Trialled with Year 13 studentsTertiary Prep Website
  7. 7. Barriers:Time …. Time …. Time…. And Timing
  8. 8. Session 1: What’s it all about!!?oWhy are we here?oThe Information SocietyoWhat does researching online mean?
  9. 9. Session 2: Search Engines & DatabasesoUsing GoogleoGoogle vs. Sweet SearchoEPIC Databases – Advanced searching
  10. 10. Session 3: Note‐taking &  Study Skills Cornell Note Taking Method Mind Mapping P.A.S.S Study Groups Studying for Exams
  11. 11. Session 4: Bibliographies  & Reference  Lists Why? How to create Using them In‐text citation Online options
  12. 12. Session 5: Academic LibrariesWhat’s different?…….. And what’s the same?How to use oneThings to remember
  13. 13. Session 6: Field TripVisit to the Southland Campus of the University of Otago Education Campus LibraryHow to use a tertiary library catalogue
  14. 14. 2012Year 12 study periodTwo options for Year 13 students
  15. 15. Next Steps: Make programme sustainable Develop online resources Create IL mentors Evaluate programme Survey students beyond Hargest
  16. 16. Contact  @motherofwinterWordpress: