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Web links for LILAC 2013


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Web links for LILAC 2013

  1. 1. Web links to online presentations/content for LILAC 2013: Creating time for learning: strategies for flipping your library classroom. Erin Davis & Kacy Lundstrom. dxjcr&rc=ref-15203794 On Cloud 9: using Google to make assessment a breeze. Shawn McCann & Rebeca Peacock. AVltysZFr0HgPA/pub Competence development with iPads: to meet the new technological challenges in the digital future. Ellen Fall & Linda Grandsjö. new-technological-challenges-in-the-digital-future/ A room without walls: using problem based learning in a collaborative real- time virtual space to develop critical research skills in an FE college. Leanne Young & Christine Stevenson. 809404 Using visual literacy in teaching and learning. Gwenda Mynott & Catherine Bonser. learning/?kw=view-h5ozejdji7ul&rc=ref-30360963 A gift given is a gift received: Improving instruction through design thinking. Rebeca Peacock & Shawn McCann. Murder in the library. Olivia Else. library/?auth_key=f5ae30d5210c0c779314402bedbc87efc3da02ab&kw=view- yioyybjlk3m9&rc=ref-15880681 Bedding in with the geographers: a case study. Helen Westwood & Russell Burke. Reflecting upon reflection. Lucy Collins.