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Walsh - Using active teaching techniques in information literacy instruction


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Pecha Kucha

Published in: Education, Technology
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Walsh - Using active teaching techniques in information literacy instruction

  1. 1. Using active learningtechniques in informationliteracy instructionAndrew Walsh,LILAC 2011
  2. 2. I’ll be talking about… What active learning is Why it is a good thing A few techniques
  3. 3. Active learning does not =clickers!
  4. 4. What is “Active learning”Active learning concerns itself with “creating an environment where students can take charge of their learning, see relevance in it and engage in it, instead of having information just delivered to them” (Walsh & Inala, 2010).
  5. 5. Why active learning is good(a)
  6. 6. Why active leaning is good (b)
  7. 7. High tech voting systems(quizdom)
  8. 8. High tech voting systems (Pollanywhere)
  9. 9. Question in Poll anywhere
  10. 10. Low tech voting systems(cards)
  11. 11. Low tech voting systems (go toyour post)
  12. 12. Library Bingo
  13. 13. Chocolate…
  14. 14. Non-linear powerpointpresentations
  15. 15. “Cephalonian” style induction
  16. 16. Teaching by crossword /game crossword.html
  17. 17. Quick & dirty broadcasting?
  18. 18. Created on the go…
  19. 19. Summary
  20. 20. Thanks for listening & results ofPoll anywhere Slides are at http://eprints More stuff at I’m at or @andywalsh999 on Twitter