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'Upgrading' our information skills training: new technologies and new relationships. Davies


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Presented at LILAC 2010

Published in: Education
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'Upgrading' our information skills training: new technologies and new relationships. Davies

  1. 1. New technologies and new relationships ‘Upgrading’ our information skills training Catherine Davies Learning and Research Support Co-ordinator City University London
  2. 2. Where we started… …a blank slate
  3. 3. Our new module had to be…  A standalone resource  Engaging  Interactive
  4. 4.  Clean look  Simple, friendly language  Interactive quizzes  Different types of content, all in one place  Flexible, to add extra content
  5. 5. Finding and using information (information and research skills) Quick downloads library Essential study skills Professional skills development
  6. 6. Technologies  Adobe Presenter (Talking slideshows and quizzes)  Quizzes in VLE  Video  Downloadable pdf guides
  7. 7. Presenter  Easy to use
  8. 8. Top presenter tips…  Keep them short  Use animation  Images – (Flickr Creative Commons)  Use the notes as your create your presentations to create your script and transcript
  9. 9. What went well…  First time working together with other support services  ‘Talking slideshows’ were seen as a success around the university  Raised our profile  High take up where supported by the School  Good ‘next step’ from OLIVIA
  10. 10. And not so well…  Working with other services!  Creating the content – maintaining consistency  Still having ‘School’ versions  Working with the VLE – and planning for change  Promoting Upgrade  Is it actually being used?
  11. 11. Looking forward  Moving to a different platform  Embedding in courses  ‘Generic’ version  New formats: Podcasts, Captivate videos  New content – does it meet the needs of students?
  12. 12. Any questions?
  13. 13. Credits  'slate' by Leo Reynolds  'Fireworks 93' by photobunny  'green circuit board II' by BotheredByBees  ‘tip_jar_sm[1]’ by thoth92  'thumbs up' by TheTruthAbout...  'Complaints thumbs down-784494' by Oldmaison  ‘Desert road into the mountains’ by mkrigsman All images available under the Creative Commons from Flickr