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Turner - The ideas factory: a collaborative project for the information literate filmmakers of tomorrow (poster)


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Turner - The ideas factory: a collaborative project for the information literate filmmakers of tomorrow (poster)

  1. 1. The “During this project, as well “I could finally see something emerging from the pile of information I had “By doing this research,Ideas as increasing my knowledge gathered since the I got more in touch with “I have comprehended the of my subject I have also discovered and explored beginning of this project. ” myself, my way of learning different use of internet. It and explored more my way various ways to is a good tool to launch an undertake research.” to come up with an idea. ”Factory idea but must be handled with care when needed to enable a complex and “just one of a thousands precise development. ” of words existing in this world that I didn’t care and Adaptability I didn’t know about, but Find now it turns in to a stories Conceptual successfull point of start for inspiration, curiosity Idea Blending and opened my mind to a Creation “Truly creative new way of idea seeking. ”people and or organizations Start with Spend time a singleallow new ideas and innovative Follow image thinking thinking to actually drive the or word unexpected Incubation leads information Film as Visual Art Primary Free of Ideas process” Research er Ident Reign th if (Goad, 2002) Ga y e Present Do not just Plan Scope scratch the Use visual surface of the Convergent The Task resources subject Divergent Complexity Over a 10 week period, 1st ag year BA Film Production students of ideas Eva an Think Thinking Create a luate M broad are given an assignment to create a within film journal of research journal starting from a single your research Think about image or word and recording their own journey reliability and quality of Think research journey. Create a sources narrow Guided by the brief and informed through bibliography Dont just lectures and seminars, students are use google introduced to concepts of research and Honing Critical creativity, gaining information skills and Thinking familiarity with library resources. Theory Developing essential skills for Creativity lifelong learning and their Ethics & Importance & future careers. Morals in of Resarch Lifelong Film Accuracy Judith Noble Senior Associate Lecturer - BA Film learning & Production & Production Executive. employability Alan Turner Subject Librarian - Film, Digital Media, skills References Costume & Animation. - Student submitted work for level 4 assessment. graduate employment rate. - 2011 Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) Survey – HESA. Percentage includes post-graduate studies. - Goad, T. W. (2002). Information literacy and workplace performance. Westport, CT: Quorum Books.