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Travers Mitchell & Johnson - Online information literacy: creative in-house collaborations


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Travers Mitchell & Johnson - Online information literacy: creative in-house collaborations

  1. 1. LILAC 2012Info skills @ UELElla MitchellCatherine JohnsonKelly Travers12th April 2012
  2. 2. Workshop plan:• Background to Info skills project• Demonstration of Info skills• Group discussion exercise• Feedback and Q&A
  3. 3. Info skills…. Info skills is an award winning online resource which guides undergraduates through researching their first assignment, with emphasis on identifying, finding and evaluating information and referencing
  4. 4. The origins:• At UEL a resource developed by Employability Unit: ‘Get that Job’• Established a precedent• Brand• Open
  5. 5. Why the Library felt a need for theresource:• What we had was good but difficult to find• Wanted highlight key information for students tackling their first assignment in an easy to navigate structure• A resource to suit different learning needs of our students and students that are not always on campus• We wanted a refresher for students• Available 24/7 to match many of our services and to meet students’ expectations• A resource that was not too dictatorial: to suit our ‘strategic learners’
  6. 6. Why this approach?• Focus on level one learners due to cost and time restrictions• Information skills and academic integrity the priority• Making information skills relevant to the student / assignment-focussed• Students sometimes respond better to their fellow students• Professional-looking resource• Student choice about where, when and how they access help and support: “dark recesses of their bedroom”
  7. 7. What we had already• UEL Library webpages• Information on the VLE• A lot of great information….. But not a very clear layout and needed navigation guidance
  8. 8. What we liked out there• Staffordshire Assignment Survival Kit• Cardiff Information Literacy Resource Bank• Leeds Skills@Library• OU Safari There are many other examples of good practice in this area.
  9. 9. What we produced
  10. 10. How we did it• Getting funding• Setting up project team• Consultations• High level design• Content map• Prototype• Detailed design• Content collection from SMEs• Intensive development – web design – video production – guides – demonstrations – quizzes - writing pages• Uploading content• Summative evaluations• Final version and launch• Copyright• Marketing
  11. 11. High level design approach• Dedicated learning resource• Open• Clear structure• Transparent navigation• Bite-size – text-lite, granular resources• Variety of types of resources• Content can be used in different ways• Assignment context – the ‘why’• Student videos – peer advice and experience• Professional web design
  12. 12. Creative commons • This is an Open Access Educational Resource. • Videos on Youtube: can link to, embed etc. • PDFs downloadable • It is openly available on the internet. =Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike [accessed 30th March]
  13. 13. Benefits of collaboration:• The Library team worked very closely with the UEL connect team: proved a productive partnership• Technical abilities/project management skills• Library team content• Project team; small, met regularly and enabled decision making• Outside perspective- helped the library team to focus on key aspects of information skills• Collaborations with academic staff and students allowed for different voices and perspectives
  14. 14. What do users think?• “Found Info skills very useful – great idea to put it all together” D. Patel UEL student• “It makes me feel like you care about my education” UEL Student• “I have had another look at your Info skills pages and they are very impressive” K. Virdee, Academic Liaison Librarian• “p.s. I only discovered the eBook thanks to the InfoSkills website - very useful!” An e-mail from a student support officer, at one of our collaborative partnership institutions.• ‘UEL’s new information literacy site looks good. Does what it says on the tin.’ Tweet• “Some of the questions on plagiarism [quiz] for example really got the students talking and debating - particularly self-plagiarism” Module leader for VT1013 Study Skills• Library staff have been using the site and there has been some good feedback from students in information skills sessions. Lecturers have also been using the site and noting the resource in course materials.
  15. 15. What do users think:
  16. 16. Source: Usage statistics from Google analytics collated by UEL LLS
  17. 17. Impact:• The usage figures seem to be consistently high with peak around assignment time.• Info skills has been integrated by many of the skills module leaders at UEL.• Business, Health and Bioscience, Psychology, Arts and Digital Industries and Architecture, Computing and Engineering all use Info skills in the level one skills module.
  18. 18. Looking to the future:• The site has been running since Sept 2011• The usage statistics are strong, however need continued marketing to promote use.• Develop more multimedia content- currently the subject team are working to produce quizzes• Continuing collaboration with UEL Connect• Conduct further evaluation- possibly looking into the wider use of Info skills- more focused on academics use• Study skills branding at UEL: next project Write it right….
  19. 19. Demo:• Catherine Johnson is now going to demonstrate our Info skills site to you:
  20. 20. Questions Please post your feedback here: Audit the online information literacy provision you already have/use at your institution.2. Looking at Info Skills ( ), what aspects, if any, would you consider using or adapting?3. What other aspects of information literacy could benefit from online provision?4. Can this type of online information literacy tool ever be replacement for the traditional face-to-face subject librarian support/teaching?
  21. 21. Info skills @ UELThank you!Ella Mitchell: Johnson: Travers: