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Three for the price of one: developing study, elearning and information literacy skills in an online module. Martin & Clarke


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Presented at LILAC 2007

Published in: Education
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Three for the price of one: developing study, elearning and information literacy skills in an online module. Martin & Clarke

  1. 1. Lindsey Martin Lorna Clarke Three for the price of one: developing study, e-learning and information literacy skills in an online module LILAC March 2007
  2. 2. Overview • The local context • Background to the module • Module content • Student profiles • Tutor experience • Student experience • Hands on exploration • Plenary
  3. 3. • Part of the university’s summer enrichment programme • Validated within Faculty of Arts & Sciences • 10 weeks and 15 credits with assessment • Delivered completely online • Cohort 1: June to August 2006 • Cohort 2: February to April 2007 Background to Spring Board
  4. 4. By the end of the module the learner will be able to: • Reflect upon and identify the status of their current academic and study skills and perform a needs analysis • Describe and explain a range of strategies they have developed in order to further support their individual learning • Demonstrate detailed understanding of academic conventions Spring Board: Learning Outcomes
  5. 5. The rationale • Bringing together 3 skill sets described as Academic Literacies • Information literacy • E-literacy/e-learning • Academic study skills • Not a ‘deficit’ model where a problem has to be fixed • Social constructivist approach building on existing knowledge • Virtual environment designed to feel ‘real’ to novice e- learners – companionable and human • Supported by online tutor presence
  6. 6. Spring Board Contents
  7. 7. • Managed by the Academic Registry • Joining instructions sent by post • A follow-up letter was sent to non-joiners • Arts & Sciences, Education students • 185 students signed up for the module • Mostly female • Split between level 1 and level 2 students • A few graduates also signed up Recruiting the first student cohort
  8. 8. • Lead tutor with experience of e-tutoring • The rest had no prior experience – experiential learning supported by lead tutor • Policy of not directing student discussion ‘guide on the side’ • Students assigned to tutor groups as a support mechanism • Created a private tutor support discussion area for sharing of ideas and information • Lead tutor also ensured marking of coursework was developmental – marking criteria, moderation events, discussion around appropriate feedback to students The online tutor experience
  9. 9. • Data drawn from a variety of qualitative and quantitative sources • WebCT usage statistics • Three online surveys • Discussion forum contributions by students • Work produced for assessment • “Friendly, approachable tutors who always gave help. Feeling part of a learning community - even though I only knew a couple of the other students before the start of the course. Hopefully, my grades will improve further!” • “BEST THINGS: the support and friendly attitude of other learners and the tutors. The wealth of information made available. Being able to work at my own pace. Knowing i have really learned things that are going to improve my future study.” The student experience
  10. 10. Levels of engagement Spring Board usage statistics June to August 2006 Highly engaged 45% Limited engagement 41% Acceptable level of engagement 14%
  11. 11. 120 students have continued to use the module Since Spring Board finished Number of students online by month: September 10 October 21 November 21 December 9 January 13 February 14 March 32 Level of engagement by number of hits per student since September: 0 - 9 27 10 - 14 7 15 – 20 7 21 – 100 26 101 - 242 16 Note: 37 students were not counted as despite their use of the module since September, their overall use remains under 100 hits
  12. 12. • Go to • WebCT username is: guestlilac • WebCT password is: guestlilac Hands On: 30 minutes
  13. 13. Plenary
  14. 14. • Lindsey Martin • Lorna Clarke Contacts