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The producers: rethinking roles to create an in-library production team. Emma Lawler & Fiona Jones (teachmeet abstract)


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Presented at LILAC 2015

Published in: Education
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The producers: rethinking roles to create an in-library production team. Emma Lawler & Fiona Jones (teachmeet abstract)

  1. 1. The Producers: rethinking roles to create an in-library production team Emma Lawler, Macquarie University, Fiona Jones, Macquarie University, In 2013, Macquarie University Library created an Information Literacy (IL) Support and Development team. One of the major outputs of this team is the creation of new IL content in-house. This ‘production team’ learnt on-the-job with each new assignment, taking advantage of opportunities to be trained by experts on campus and developing production skills and the sophistication of tools used and products created. The multimedia and video content created is part of a larger collection of activities and tools designed to support the research, teaching and learning needs of our large and diverse client base. Training in the use of multimedia technologies and software was crucial to the success of this approach. Building on existing internal partnerships with the University’s Learning and Teaching Centre allowed us to draw on internal expertise for staff training. Our partners provided guidance in educational design, video production and equipment such as cameras and lighting. Also fundamental was dedicating time to ‘create’. It was essential to allow the team, more familiar with service roles, to experiment and gradually improve their production skills. Balancing the time needed with frontline service commitments was a challenge that required support from Library management and our colleagues. Producing video and multimedia content is a far cry from traditional process-driven library roles. We hope to inspire delegates to apply creative and collaborative approaches to IL in their own context by sharing our experience and how we learnt to be open to constructive criticism, became increasingly collaborative and confident in learning and applying new ideas and skills.