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The never ending journey: improving student support and understanding - DaCosta & Varela


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Presented at LILAC 2019

Published in: Education
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The never ending journey: improving student support and understanding - DaCosta & Varela

  1. 1. Sensitivity: Internal The never ending journey: improving student support and understanding
  2. 2. Sensitivity: Internal Your presenters Jacqui DaCosta Library Academic Services Manager Michael Varela UG student (Year 2) – BSc (Hons) Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  3. 3. Sensitivity: Internal Library Learner Journey Project 2018 Aim: • To map the learner journey to better understand the needs and preferences of students • To inform and support changes to services to ensure that the student experience matches needs at key transition points Focus: • Induction / Transition • Final Year • Postgraduate Research Students
  4. 4. Sensitivity: Internal On-Campus Internship Scheme (OCIS) • Launched November 2017 • Provides ‘free’ intern for up to 120 hours • Customer Service • Research • Projects / Events / Marketing • Successful with 4 Library bids • Michael employed in the Research category • Both new to this!
  5. 5. Sensitivity: Internal My Contribution • Conducted a literature review of ethnography methods either used by different Universities or for specific projects that would help shape methods to be used for info gathering • Developed an annotated bibliography for each study that was reviewed • Presented findings via PowerPoint to library senior management team • Drew a final conclusion as to which methods would best suit our project • Developed interview questions with library management team
  6. 6. Sensitivity: Internal What I did during the project • Interviewed students ranging from undergraduate, to PhD students at place of research, to online students in Egypt • Conducted online interviews via Blackboard Collaborate • Brought Excel skills which were developed from previous work experience and studies • Analysed data from interviews which led to the creation of graphs, charts, and word clouds • Conducted practice interviews with supervisor and a fellow student intern • To put students at ease, it was decided to adapt interviews into a semi-structured format that focused more on conversation
  7. 7. Sensitivity: Internal What did I learn from librarians? • How to use Library Plus (EDS) and search for specific topics using the advanced search function which enhanced my digital literacy skills • I was taught what an annotated bibliography was and how to properly write one in clear and precise detail • How to use Blackboard Collaborate (web conferencing software) • How to create word clouds based on data from interviews that would reflect the most common answers to specific questions
  8. 8. Sensitivity: Internal What were the benefits of working on this project? • Helped shape the Library’s future enhancements • Increased the understanding of the library staff • Shortlisted for Intern of the Year • Met the Senior Management Team and gained a better understanding of their roles • Enhanced my public speaking skills by presenting my findings to the management team • Promoted the University’s facilities and services to my fellow students • Had the opportunity to meet students from many different countries and programmes of study
  9. 9. Sensitivity: Internal Four interns and a placement student: what else did we do? • Touchstone tours • User experience testing • Reading Lists Online • Citing and referencing • Benchmarking on peer university libraries’ services to PGR students • Student poll on awareness of Enhance Your Learning Toolkit • Reviews of online support materials, the Library’s social media, the accessibility of online resources
  10. 10. Sensitivity: Internal What were the benefits of working with the students? • Recognising our misplaced assumptions • User experience testing • Increased our understanding of what really matters to the students • Getting out and talking (GOAT) • Implementing the Derby co-creation philosophy • Saving us time! • Respect for the dedication of our students
  11. 11. Sensitivity: Internal Photo:
  12. 12. Sensitivity: Internal Jacqui DaCosta Library Academic Services Manager University of Derby Email: Telephone: 01332 592028 Michael Varela UG Student University of Derby
  13. 13. Sensitivity: Internal Some results from the research (if there’s time)
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