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The lingua electric: 21st century literacy in 400 seconds (pecha kucha). Cordes


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Presented at LILAC 2010

Published in: Education
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The lingua electric: 21st century literacy in 400 seconds (pecha kucha). Cordes

  1. 1. by Sean Cordes
  2. 2. visivo simbolico significado ausdrücklich vISuaL Visual, Symbolic, Express, Meaning
  3. 3. How does it make us feel?What does literacy look like? Closure Continuation Figure and Ground Similarity vISuaL
  4. 4. From the Frightening vISuaL
  5. 5. To the FamiliarvISuaL
  6. 6. What does it mean!Look, think, think again! vISuaL
  7. 7. accesso évaluez uso entdecken Sie generi Seek and employ! iNforMaTIon Access, Evaluate, Use, Discover, Learn
  8. 8. …informing the nature of ourselves. Locate, access, evaluate, use Social, cultural, philosophical Analyze, synthesize, reflect Knowing the nature of information is…. Find it, use it or lose it! iNforMaTIon
  9. 9. Multimodal Text ConstructioniNforMaTIon
  10. 10. iNforMaTIon ModesModes Design ElementsDesign Elements Multimodal Text De-Construction
  11. 11. medios potere notizie étudiez piense Master the message! Media, Power, News, Study, Think
  12. 12. Digital Technology Analog Technology Mind Maps
  13. 13. Videos
  14. 14. coltura entienda ausdrücklich collabori CULTURAL CULTURAL We are the (info) world Culture, Understand, Express, Collaborate
  15. 15. CULTURAL CULTURAL Facts, Quiz, and 3 Part PBS Documentary Face Transformer
  16. 16. The Whole is Greater than the Sum CULTURAL CULTURAL
  17. 17. Friður Fridden Der Frieden La Paix Mír Peace Alaáfía Ashtee Fois Scots Fred Iri'niKagiso Heiwa Achukma Béke Hau Írq